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Fiesta Mk 7 Bluetooth Problem

14 June 2010 - 06:36 PM

Hi all,

Newbie here with a 2 week old Fiesta Zetec '10 plate. Absolutely love the car :D but have come across a problem with the Bluetooth. All was working fine until today. The phone is bonded, can access phone book etc, no problem.

Can voice control up until it says "Dialling", but then it wont actually dial & will then just displays the message "Voice Control Not Accessible" & go back to CD playing.

Will show an incoming call via car bluetooth, up until you try to dial out & then after that it wont accept calls either!

I haven't changed anything or done anything different so not sure why it's now decided not to dial! :(

Anyone experienced this or have any ideas please before I contact my dealer? :unsure:

Thank you.

zetec bevvie