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In Topic: Ford Focus Mk 2.5 - 2015 Upgrades

Today, 12:30 PM

Lenny, sorry if I came across as someone who knows about these things!!
I'm a complete newbie and amateur when it comes to these things!
My focus is a 1.8 petrol.
What 7 inch screen did you go for? I'm thinking of buying something similar as the my sony gen2 is without bluetooth.
What do you think of something like this.....http://www.ebay.co.u...f13=80&ff14=108

No problem mate,
The S4 is a good upgrade for economy driving in petrol engines,
NGK iridium spark plugs would also go nicely,
Since your new ill say mate people don't like having there threads hijacked :)
Ill happily discuss aftermarket headunit install with you on this thread: http://www.fordowner...ocus-2008-2011/

Reverse camera fitting on this thread: http://www.fordowner...ocus-2008-2011/

And 10" sub installation on this thread: http://www.fordowner...ocus-2005-2011/

Just copy & paste your question over to that thread.
I recommend anything from pioneer, start at 250 with parrot bluetooth built in.
I've personally got the pioneer AVH-86000BT but I'm in the process of a 2.5k audio build since September.

In Topic: Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Today, 10:59 AM

Even Honda drivers hate vauxhall

In Topic: "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Today, 10:39 AM

Nice one Lenny. Did they say when they can get it back to you?

no i didn't ask but i don't need it until May, I'm guessing five days via Royal mail, DMB don't charge much for shipping to Ireland as its only a hard backed envelope,  

It's on the inner wing so won't get hot, back in the day lol.....we used cut the coke, beer cans etc and wrap them round. :)
Dave done my number plates, top job he does. :)

Excellent i didn't know that mate,
I just googled "RedBull can print" and the graphic came up, unfortunately its not in English think its German but it will do,
There was one in English but the silver sections were more white than proper silver,
If you can find a can print then Dave can print it :lol: see what i did there.... Can print it.

Asked the maintenance guys in work yesterday if they could bend these aluminium strips when they arrive,
They said they don't have the facility's to get identical bends on both strips,

They could blow torch it and bend, but may not bend accurately,
They recommend i consult there outsourced engineering contractor whom manufactures bespoke applications and ask if they can bend it,
They also advised that aluminium can be quite brittle when bending,

So ill enquire with the company when the strips arrive.

Ultimately the amp will be mounted in the desired position at 45 degrees,
It may not be these aluminium strips that's holding it there i may have to chose an alternative material.

In Topic: My Focus 1.6 Tdci Zetec (2010) - Remapped

Today, 10:07 AM

Nice.....but do you want me to get castrated lol :o

Ooh Suit you Sir, Suit you :lol:
Just tell her it takes time for the remap to fully take effect,
Then fit the hybrid turbo while shes in work lol

In Topic: My Focus 1.6 Tdci Zetec (2010) - Remapped

Today, 09:57 AM

Don't want to be a devil on your shoulder now mate but eh check these guys out: