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Today, 01:24 PM

Hi everyone. I'm new to the group, I have a 1.6 tdci focus and I'm looking at doing some upgrades to it, performance and other things. Anyone got any suggestions on any performance upgrades? Really want an st but can't afford the insurance and upkeep for it as I'm only 21. Was looking at getting this tuning box for it;http://www.bhpplus.c... CR-1&plug=CR-1
Want to change the alloys on it, maybe looking at 17 or 18 inch?
I want to get an exhaust for it. Was looking at this one maybe;http://www.piperexha...roducts_id=4321
I want one that makes a nice noise. But I wasn't sure if there's anything else I need to change on the exhaust to get it to make a nice noise? I don't want black smoke coming out though.
Going to order a k&n filter for it as well.
Maybe looking at lowering it, any recommendations on what springs? Do I also need to change the shocks or are the stock ones ok on lowered springs?
Has anyone ever put a dump valve on a diesel? Would/wouldn't recommend it?
Anything else people would recommend?

I recommend piper exhausts as i have a duplex myself on the 1.6TDCi
First modification would be to blank the egr valve see my guide in list.

Second is to fit a K&N57s induction kit,

Then get it remapped,
Keep away from tuning box's the over fuel the engine.

You can fit 110bhp injectors and fit a hybrid turbo from TRW will bring it up to 150bhp but cost overall 2,000 including labour and will soon entail a kevlar clutch upgrade at 270 excluding labour.

I recommend eibach lowering springs, ive fitted them and available through ford dealership drop it 35mm and improves handling,
Perfect on stock shocks.

Ive fitted 18x8 ST rims but they contribute to "unsprung mass"
17" are a good medium.

You may also like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page:

Or if your using the forum App follow this link:

And heres my build thread:

Any questions happy to advise, link and recommend.

In Topic: Jinjoh's Mk2.5

Today, 10:30 AM

I will soon be in need of 2 new front tyres and have been looking around and found some Bridgestone potenza s001's.
ATM I have Falken ziex all round,
Would it make a difference if I was to just change the from two to Bridgestone? Or just a cosmetic difference???

It would make a noticable difference in road noise levels and lateral grip by just changing two,
However for safety reasons; new tyres or tyres with the most thread always go on the rear of the car as its front wheel drive,
Otherwise there is risk of the rear skidding out on corners due to too much front grip and less in rear ive experienced this in a previous motor myself.

Your existing rear tyres should go on front and your new tyres on rear for optimum safety.

In Topic: My Focus 1.6 Tdci Zetec (2010) - Remapped

Today, 10:22 AM

It is a nice clean motor mate,
Your putting the going on me now for a project lol

In Topic: Guide For Focus Mk2/mk2.5 C-Max/kuga ~Elm 327 Cable And Ff2 Program

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Pm'd. Thanks

no prob

In Topic: Guide For Focus Mk2/mk2.5 C-Max/kuga ~Elm 327 Cable And Ff2 Program

Yesterday, 06:51 PM

Might be a bit late but did you get any takers on the 'extra case' Lenny?

No takers yet mate,
So PM me your address ill ship it next week.