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In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Today, 10:40 AM

Sounds good to me aswell, nice and easy place to get to. Only 1 hour 15 mins from me according to Google maps

+1 same distance for me from co.Wexford 1hr 19min
Ill have VickiW and the kids in full attendance too :lol: all prepared to step aside for the pictures aswell

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Today, 10:28 AM

So I have a suggestion: 
1. Meet up in Airside Retail Park, Swords. Time to be confirmed
2. Plenty of space to park the cars and I am hoping we will not attact much attention since it's a big car park. 
3. Get some food, beverages and have some craic
4. Drive down to the Coast Road, Malahide. There is a parking space off the beach. Should have spaces for all the cars. I have never been there and only checked it out on Google Maps. It's 15-20 mins away from the retail park and I am hoping we can get some pictures with a decent backdrop. 
Airside park is, according to Google Maps, nearly equal distance for most of us. Londonderry would be the furthest at 3hr away. 
Thoughts guys?


Across the car park of Airside retail park, there is the Airside FORD dealership :P


And a Halfords :P
Looks promising :)


Cool. This is shapping up gradually.
Any thoughts about the meeting place? 

Sounds good mate,
I think RS owners club Ireland host a meet every year in airside ford aswell usually around June,
So it must be a good location

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Today, 10:25 AM

1. Hassen
2. Lenny
3. Mackers91(Chris)
4. jgriff (John)
5.KPG (Kiefer)

Two spaces left for exclusive free Qualifying Gift on arrival

In Topic: Sporty Look Without The Bodykit?

Today, 09:35 AM

Exactly Lenny!
And Am going for rear end like Nathan n Willy! looks good ! first thing tho changing those grills soon as I get paid! Already changed the inside to all led mostly blue also getting the eibach lowering springs like Ford use do you think they would be covered with warranty because Ford use them?

They will be if ford fit them mate,
Cheapest place maybe Fordpartsuk.com to supply thats where i bought mine,
You will need eibach adjustable rear camber bolts aswell cost under 30 quid then laser tracking alignment after its been lowerd all in around 250 pounds for parts and labour ready to drive.
Gloss black paint on the grills makes it stand out from the rest too,
And perhaps a rubber universal front splitter from ebay,

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Today, 09:24 AM

That's the only thing that's stopping me really, I've only recently done a round trip to dublin and back home via Belfast. The road to dublin is sooo boring. I'll have a think though I may still be up for it.

If you turn off the M1 around Ardee co. Louth and travel straight through Ardee up the N2 that takes you through a more scenic route through slain and bypassing ashbourne still a great road and no drogheda toll,
Still brings you on to the M50 aswell,
More scenic thats the way i go, when traveling up to monaghan