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In Topic: Ford Focus Mk3, Sub, Amp & Speakers Upgrade

Today, 11:13 AM


Not sure if you seen this post below as I posted it at the same time as your last reply.

Sorry mate was working early yesterday morning and had a very rough week with some new life experiences,
Not my usual self since monday,

Ive checked the list above and you have all 100% correct,
I would add a pair of latex gloves for use when fitting because the oils in human skin can damage the surfaces on all these bulbs imparing light quality,
All of the bulb confuguration is identical to the mk2.5 aswell which is good to know too

In Topic: Dohboys St220 Wagon

Today, 10:54 AM

Looks sweet mate,
Saw some nice ford racing centre console clocks on ebay straight swap clock as in time display clock,
A pioneer double din would look rote at home up front perhaps 15" flip down for rear passengers

In Topic: Introducing Titan.. Reverse Park Camera Added!!

Today, 08:20 AM

Next mod is finally out of the way..
Its taken a few days of faffing about in the dark and a lot of swearing but I finally have a reverse parking camera in the mondeo. Has really been doing my nut in not having one and will make reversing into a space so much easier so this is why its probably gonna be the most practical mod I'll do
I'll take a photo of the actual camera tomorrow but this is what I've come up with for the monitor
Didnt want an external monitor visible anywhere in the car and didnt fancy the idea of a clip on rear view mirror monitor either so tonight now all the wiring was finally in place I set about butchering the sunglasses holder with a junior hacksaw and a stanley kinfe
This was the result
I think it is pretty nifty and is discreetly hidden away until it is required and then I simply give it a gentle push and it rotates to reveal the screen
The picture quality is quite good too considering this is the night vision
Excellent series of mods done on the Mondeo mate,
My most favourite has to be this hidden screen looks awsome.
Really pleased with it now it is finally complete and the monitor also has a second video input so something I may do in future is fit a front facing camera somewhere and run the video feed for that to it also
Comments welcome

Some fantastic mods done on the mondeo Charlie,
My favourite to date has to be the flip down reverse monitor custom mounted inside existing panel.
Bang tidy indeed :)

I remember you had a DVR dash cam fitted in the focus,
If considering fitting to the mondeo, ive created a guide on fitting a stealthy dual cam system see link:

In Topic: Go To Place For Car Audio?

Yesterday, 11:34 PM

What sub and amps have you got ? I do like bass but not massive amounts and i prefer punchy rather than drowning. Not really a "basshead" either and not sure if a 12" sub would be too much.

I went for
JX300/1V2 300watt Mono Amp
And a
10WOV3 300watt 10" sub

See link:

Then fitted it to a 10" focus custom sub enclosure,

I'm not in to over powering bass neither 300w is sufficient in a sealed not ported enclosure,

Ported will be louder

Sealed will be tighter and shake.

In Topic: Go To Place For Car Audio?

Yesterday, 11:12 PM

Yea they have a shop about an hour away from me so i might make a visit, also checked the ebay you mentioned and its about the same on there now. £185

Ive just traced back through my Paypal transaxtions and can confirm i paid 360GBP for two sets of C3-650s from fastcaraudio via text message :lol: