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Yesterday, 05:50 PM

You started running calibration yet?
After you posted the videos on how to set up with a multimeter, I am now tempted to do the same as I have had my system for a while and never did a proper calibration. Only did it by ear. Will await eagerly to hear how your tests turn out.

Not yet mate,
I was on nights this week,
Got up at 17:00 yesterday, went to work for 23:00 finished at 07:00 went to parcel motel collected delivery of the CD's
Home had shower & shave then mistakenly took Vicki to Dundrum for a shopping spree,
I'm just home now and awake for 25 hours lol
Three cans of Monster id be cheaper drinking petrol lol

Bottom line mate ill get at the calibration tomorrow,

From my understanding of what the JL Audio manual;
The CD calibration with multi metre ensures the amplifiers are taking in the correct lowest base levels of audio,
Result being any amplification the amp then gives will be of purpose,

With this done,
The next stage would be equaliser adjustment/calibration followed by fade adjustment and sound levelling,

I could be wrong mate,
I'm a complete amateur at this stuff but that's my understanding of what it says in the JL Audio manuals,

I think this method can also be used to set the optimum watt output to the speakers to ensure there not being fed more than they can handle,
Again though I'm not 100% but ill get to know soon,

In Topic: "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Yesterday, 06:37 AM

Special thanks to Adrian at Microphonics on ebay.co.uk supplied me with an Audio Test CD containing various sine-wave tones
I required a 1 kHz test tone recorded at 0 dB to calibrate the JL Audio XD400/4 full range amp,
Link: http://www.ebay.co.u...m/290992900278

Not only that;
When i contacted Adrian through eBay to ask if he knew where i could get my hands on a 50Hz Sine Wave tone Recorded at 0db on CD to calibrate the JL Audio XD300/1 Mono amplifier he was also able to supply it on a separate CD
Top man indeed as its almost impossible to find.


Note: never insert a cd with 50Hz at 0db in to a full range speaker as ive been told it will blow instantly,
This is why its normally only available at -20db,
However it is OK to use on a sub or mono amp setup as long as the full range are disconnected.

In Topic: Mk6 Fiesta Flame 1.4 Build Log (Was Fiesta Mk6 5 Door Custom Sub)

Yesterday, 12:55 AM

Doesn't help living near the sea with a bright blue car :(
I'm going to transfer the rear sub frame and mounts from the old car. This means my painted drums, polybushes, and axle spacers will be added to the new car! I'll do this at the same time as the coilovers. Not sure when I'll get them fitted! The other fiesta had done over 120k and the shocks were just starting to show signs of death

Coilovers will look sweet and handling will be great,

In Topic: Mightycarmods Build Thread: Gramps 11 Second Car

17 April 2015 - 02:31 AM

What paint job were they thinking of doing to old Gramps?

See Episode 11 & 12 they discuss the paint and choose the colour,

In Topic: Mightycarmods Build Thread: Gramps 11 Second Car

16 April 2015 - 04:17 PM