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#432360 Getting St Pod To Light Up

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 06:35 AM

Like Stoney says, there's a stack of feeds coming out of the dimmer switch going off to the demister switches and also the radio, heater panel, 12V power socket possibly the hazard button too. Pretty straight forward then to connect to the gauge pod.
The harder job would be to get the gauge pod to light up full while the lights are off then working off the dimmer once you put the lights on - same as the cluster does. Spent a fair amount of time looking into this but not tried out any of the possible solutions just yet.

Ive wired my gauges up to illuminate on ignition then automatically dim by 50% when parking lights are active looks factory,
See my guide fitting auto dimmer relay to gauges or DRL's
Link: http://www.fordowner...-gauges-or-drl/

I don't have a dimmer wheel on my headlight switch, would anyone be able to do this for me I'm ok wireing simple things but I wouldn't know where to start or what to do, which wire will I need to connect to rear heated screen switch and where on the pod, would I only need to run one wire

Automotive electrician will do it but charge you atleast £50
Log on to ebay,
See Dave at AutoStar electronics,
He's my number one supplier for automotive cables,
Get yourself a roll of PVC tape:
Some 10 amp cable:

#432354 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 01:49 AM

Lenny, reading through your great thread..
Ive just brought and fitted the exact same pioneer unit you have and love it! Couldnt see how you need another cage as the pioneer one fits fine but tight squeeze and gentle push, the unit will go in.
Maybe you have diff fascia to me as i have the connects2 one.
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Hi David,
Thanks for taking the time to have a read through my thread and glad to hear from a fellow focus owner with the same choice of headunit as myself :)

The aftermarket Double Din conversion kit i purchased was supplied by the fantastic people at Dynamic Sounds in London
see its contents in my guide here:

I highly recommend this particular aftermarket conversion kit however there's no indication of manufacturer on the Fascia panel itself;
it could be from AutoLeads i reckon as the matching cage is manufactured by them.

The Pioneer AVH-X8600BT cage wont slide in because the plastic lip on the Fascia is too big,
The plastic frame supplied from pioneer wont fit neither as the gap between the Fascia and headunit is only half the width of it,
As result AutoLeads supply a small frame as part of the there cage kit.
Overall this is good as there's less black frame between Fascia and Screen.


I thought sure the Pioneer headunit cage would have fitted.
Sadly i failed to trial fit it prior to bending out the AutoLeads DFPK-103 resulting in the install being put on hold for five days.

I was absolutely gutted then to see the pioneer cage was a little too large,
I then considered trimming down the inner plastic opening on the Fascia panel but the lip on the Pioneer cage is also too big so wouldn't work in any case,

Thankfully Dynamic Sounds also supply the AutoLeads DFPK-103 on its own see link:
http://www.dynamicso...k-103 Autoleads
Fantastic to be capable of purchasing outside of the full conversion kit but still a very costly School Boy error on my behalf at £28.11 inc. Shipping for the replacement :o



Thankfully i will finally complete installation today upon delivery of the replacement cage,
To date I've had around three minutes of use with the headunit will be nice to finally navigate through some of the features.

Have you got any plans to install a sub to your sound system?
If you are;
I've created a guide here due for completion in May 2015 on installing a 10" Sub with custom built enclosure and amplifier mounting panel see link: http://www.fordowner...-2011/?p=430698

#432044 New Black Headlights Fitted =)

Posted by Lenny on 27 November 2014 - 12:52 PM

G4 seems to be their code...I figured this as well...I was also thinking about ordering just some of the "blue" bulbs that you can find there, but then I realised it's not gonna be blue - like xenon, but blue - like blue and the whole angel eye ring is gonna be lit up blue...aaand that's just not good :D

Very true one blue light attracts another ;)

#431957 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 27 November 2014 - 06:01 AM

£400 and I'm 40kg too heavy lol

Isn't there an XL model for adults,
And i hope they come down in price a bit across the years lol didn't realise they were 400 its alot for one toy.

#431898 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 26 November 2014 - 11:00 PM

Gotta get Tadhg one of these in Argos when he's a little older :lol:
He will be drifting like a Boss!!

#431306 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 25 November 2014 - 10:33 AM

Hi Lenny
Can i ask what this plug under the headlamp is

Not sure mate,
Either loom for self leveling Xenon headlights or for the headlight washer jets, perhaps both.
Cant think what else it could be to be honest.

#431121 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 24 November 2014 - 08:55 PM

DVR system arrived today,
Updated images on page 54 see link if desired: http://www.fordowner...-54#entry430468

I'm raging now about the Customs regarding import tax fee on the DVR kit,
They Purely picked me out at random;
Irish import law states any parcel imported from outside of the EU which is declared as a gift or at a value under 50 euro it is exempt from import taxation.

The package contains no invoice and the declension form states value of contents 40.00 USD
And declared as a Gift...


The customs sent letter requesting receipt of purchase,
Then taxed me based on that. Thieving Ba!!!


In other news,
I brought a 2GB memory Stick to work today and download Firmware update for the pioneer headunit via Desktop computer as i don't have a laptop or Desktop computer at home,
Took 28 minutes of my lunch break to download and transfer the zip. File to the memory key.

Turns out the Firmware on the AVH-X8600BT has gone from out of the box version 1.03 to newly updated 1.07 Version.
Says the update sorts out some glitches in the software and additional support for iPhone 5
I've not encountered any software glitches personally but good to have it up to date,


Looks like windows basic programming screen during update:


It was good to find out the headunit only accepts software updates via USB1 so I've connected the Apple device plug to USB2 which will gurantee ease of updates in the future through the port in the centre console



I had to hold the headunit in my hand while it updated because I've currently no cage to fit the dash,

Replacement cage is in the post though,
Looking forward to its arrival as i cant permanently fit the headunit until it does :)

Also measured up the interior width of the centre console arm rest storage pocket and this phone storage unit wont fit:



However I've found this smaller one that holds only the phone and fits perfectly :)



Plan is to fit it to the back of the centre arm rest storage box to hold the iPhone while its connected to the headunit preventing it from falling around.

Much like the original ford design fitted to ST3 and RS models:


I would have purchased and fitted the Genuine Ford part to hol( th3 MP3 player or Apple Device however after reading this thread:
I've discovered that the Genuine Ford part is somewhat outdated because the armrest wont close if an iPhone is fitted in the pocket :rolleyes:
Fitting the Universal pocket seems the better option as it can be positioned lower down inside the unit eliminating any fouling issues aswell as being alot more cost effective while retaining a more/less stock feature of fords original design.
Taking it and making it better is what it's all about :)

#430894 Fiesta Mk6 5 Door Custom Sub

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 07:55 PM

That's a smart idea!! Might have to consider it

Kieran mate I've made my mind up overnight defo on the list now

#430881 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 07:18 PM

Hang in there buddy :lol: 1 week old today


#430828 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 05:00 PM

2 minutes. I'm impressed Lenny.
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Thanks Phil :lol: with the lights off of course

#430799 2014 Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 03:35 PM

how do these work lenny?
can they be used on any 12v system to keep an eye on battery level?

Seems they can be used to monitor battery level on any motor,
He also does them in a 6 volt version
And a similar unit to warn of freezing conditions outside ideal for retro ford Owners,

From my understanding its a simpe positive and negative feed,
Splice them in to an ignition live feed such as the heater control unit,

It then displays one of the three led's depending on the voltage level its recieving,
I understand it to be a combination of three led's and relays inside
Green only works at 11.5v or higher,
Theres an auto off relay on yellow which stops yellow illuminating while green is active
Then as theres no enough power to light green,
Yellow becomes active.

Quite a clever little unit and fits a range of locations will work on any car,
Seller is advertising the same unit in various ways to help sell them,
The core operation is the same on all 12v
Just ensure your purchasing one for 12v supply

#430744 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 11:27 AM

Cage for sale along with owner il even throw in his blue overalls!!!

Both pairs?
After i cooked you a sausage & smoky bacon bap for breakfast with a cup of tea two sugars...
In me blue overalls :rolleyes:

#430718 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 09:41 AM

No plans to fit a leisure battery then? Lol

Ugh extra weight aswell as Botheration of fitting a sealed externally vented battery box to prevent contaminating the cabin with gasses,
Aswell as having to install a split charging system to altanator and battery.
Talking around 250GBP excluding the second battery.
Not happening too much cost for such a small advantage in my case.

#430716 My Focus 1.6 Tdci Zetec (2010)

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 09:29 AM

Cheers Lenny, be careful calling a Land Rover a Jeep lol.....some people can get quite defensive lol
I'll try that next time, think it's a poor design though....I used long nose pliers to twist and pull. :)

:lol: i apologise for any fluctuations caused to your Morale :lol: I'm not really in to off road vehicles,
I grew up on a farm an my first engine to drive was an International Model 400 i don't even like going to the beach lol

#430701 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 23 November 2014 - 03:30 AM

Have had this item in my watch list for the past week thought id give it a mention on here too,

Its basically three led's in one,
And monitors the voltage of your car battery,
Its remains green until voltage drops below 12.0V

then it turns yellow until voltage drops below 11.5V
Then it turns red for anything lower.


Link: http://www.ebay.co.u...sd=191393771437
I had considered purchasing one and fitting to the ST gauge pod bottom centre between the two gauges,

Since ill be fitting two amps to th3 car in spring, there will be a heavy drain on the battery; if listening to the stereo with the engine off,

So having this warning indicator visible on the dash would in theory give early warning of battery drain, leaving enough time to start the engine saving the occupants from becoming immobilised due to a drained battery.