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#518734 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Today, 06:48 AM

I guess the 12 month warrenty is reassuring!
Hmm not its a debate weather then extra 20-30bhp is worth £700 or not . Which I'm not sure it is in some ways?

It would be if you had the 90bhp model,
That turbo along with 110 injectors and intercooler would provide almost double the car.

An st intercooler that's been used. http://pages.ebay.co...3456403&alt=web
Or do you think it's worth going for a new one or maybe even an airtec stage 1 intercooler?

If I was buying I'd go for stage 1 Airtec

#518700 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:39 PM

#518699 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Ok so in some ways they aren't to be trusted?
I've read some good reviews about him. Seemed to think he did but obviously not if that is the case

It would depend on who had built the hybrid turbo
in terms of the quality of materials used wheather it will last a test of time,
It's pushing beyond manufacturer's specifications but if it's been built correctly then it's as good as or perhaps better than stock.
I reckon if a supplier is offering a 12 months unconditional Warrenty then it must be well built.
Unconditional Warrenty means you could be using it for track racing every day of the week for 12 months under Warrenty :)
Also in my opinion if it's rated to 170bhp I'd have it mapped to 160 just to give it a little more tolerance

#518694 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:21 PM

I will definately be looking into one of them now I have to change mine to see that sort of power. Are hybrids reliable? Heard a lot about then blowing up etc?

I've no experience with Hybrid turbo's myself so I cant really comment only to say;
I remember Clarkson test drove a Lancia Strata once and said it wasn't an original it's a kit car,
It doesn't go through the quality testing a production car does, it's been built in some blokes garden shed across a series of winter months and I'm now hoping he's remembered to bleed the brakes.

I personally share Clarkons view when it comes to hybrid turbo's
any bloke can do it but you need to find one whom knows exactly what there doing.
I know NB Styling has a military background so in my opinion most likely fella to be skilled at what he does.

All said with regards hybrid turbo.
had that guy in London mapped your focus for 170bhp from stock it would have blown your existing turbo out through the bonnet.
Does he know what he's at?

#518684 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 08:45 PM

Ok, so from what that website I posted the link of, it would only be max 150bhp?

yep unless you were to fit a hybrid turbo which is the same GT1544V turbo casing but inside has a bigger modified cartridge I.e. bigger compressor wheel to catch more flow of waste gasses to maximize boost a hybrid turbo will be rated above standard manufacturers specifications however it is not the creation of the main manufacturer Garret don't stand by it in terms of warranty but some modifiers offer 12 months Warrenty such as this seller.
See link: http://www.nbstyling...k/store/?pID=59

#518680 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 08:40 PM

That was my plan to kit a k&n57s
Great, you can pick them up for around £50 which is good news.
Is there any difference between the GT1544 and GT1544V? just looking at the GT1544 is says 100-150bhp spec on the websitehttp://www.turbobyga...ocharger#GT1544

the V I imagine is variable vain turbo meaning the fan type propellers expand under centrifugal force as speed increases basically it acts like a small turbo spooling up quicker at low rpm then expanding to a bigger turbo when speeds increase
in effect the Very would be the same as the non V variant with reduced lag and a slightly increased demand for oil

#518671 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 08:00 PM

Need an opinion. I know I'd need to change the clutch for this but mapper in London recons with an uprated intercooler, dpf delete and removing the inside and a cold air pipe with induction kit, that the car could be mapped to around 170bhp with 238ft/lb torque without having to change any internal components.
What's propels points of view?

I'd fit a K&N57s rather than an open mushroom,
It will give more performance as a stand alone upgrades.

Intercooler upgrades;
ST stock size is said to be a straight swap upgrade.

Now your turbo,
I believe it's a Garret GT1544V maybe look at side of it to confirm,
Then Google the turbo to find it's manufacturers recommend operating levels.
This will show the maximum Bhp and boost your turbo is rated for before it pops.
As tested by Garret themselves.
prior to paying someone to remap it, if the turbo can handle it then go for it no worries.

The increased performance also increases heat a lot of heat,
I recommend heat wrapping the dpf chamber and fitting an oil cooler radiator to help reduce excessive temperatures which would deteriorate the life of the turbo

#518655 Is The Gearbox In The Fiesta 1.0 Ecboost 125 The Same As The Focus Version?

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 06:54 PM

Can the 6speed be installed In to the fiesta?

spend 2k and get yourself a 1.6 Toyota Levin BZR from 2000
Six speed short shift LSD Gearbox
Twin-Cam Yamaha tuned velocity stacked induction engine
175bhp stock
and leave the poor fiesta alone..

#518363 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 01 September 2015 - 08:40 PM

up in puff of smoke :D but what a glorious way to go

Sent it up to Paul Walker in the Skyline

#518335 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 01 September 2015 - 08:05 PM

If you've still got the green cotton filter Lenny I'll take it off your hands? Pm me your PayPal address and I'll send you what you want for it

very sorry to say;
I got itchy with a few match sticks a couple of weeks ago and well it's gone like woof

#518330 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by Lenny on 01 September 2015 - 08:00 PM

On a serious note Lenny , the article was a good read and your guides and advice have helped out a lot of people on here including myself. wish you all the best with any new projects you take on.  :)

Thanks very much ☺
whenever I pick up a new project I'll be sure to let y'all know about it, will be atlest 12 months though provided I don't lose my job or anything crazy :lol:

#518325 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 01 September 2015 - 07:55 PM

Hi Lenny, it's been a while but had a look at your Focus project and it looks really good what you have done.

Cheers mate I appreciate the feedback,
It's all done now, gotta get brakes fitted soon then some ST bumpers early next year that it.

Saving like a squirrel for 12 months to obtain the next project :)

#517958 Fiesta 2008 Duratec 1.4 Diesel - Smoking When Warm

Posted by Lenny on 31 August 2015 - 07:36 PM

If you bought it from a garage take it back and get a refund.

Drive it back and imagine your Samuel L Jackson in pulp fiction when your talking to them

#517950 Fiesta 2008 Duratec 1.4 Diesel - Smoking When Warm

Posted by Lenny on 31 August 2015 - 07:21 PM

Turbo cartridge looks like its had more hits than Elvis

#517932 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by Lenny on 31 August 2015 - 06:44 PM

I appreciate the faith you have invested in me :lol: