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#489483 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 11:13 PM

I was planning on becoming a member for the 15% discount. Makes it even better now i know it's life time :lol:
Take it you've done it few times then haha. I don't have any on at the moment. Literally just the standard nuts and that's it

Ah i done it once without realising what i had done,
But then i was feeling like Mike Brewer trading up :lol: lmao
End up with a free power washer and six person tent with roof box :)

Nah i got up to 45% off once baring in mind that 45% off in Halfords leaves it around the same price as is available everywhere else RRP. :lol:

#489481 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 11:01 PM

Yeah it does get alot higher. I will probably go buy some in the next couple of days. I know halfords have some for around £35 for the locking wheel nuts. Gonna look around and see if I can find anywhere cheaper for the McGard ones.
Cheers mate. Just looked at then and they look decent. Better than having to spend £90 on a new set of black ones

Perhaps try DemonTweaks for price aswell,
If you spend i think its 10 pounds on the forum here to become a premium member you will recieve a lifetime 15% Discount card for Halfords
Never expires and is all the time reusable,


Get 30% off if you buy an item using the card,
Then exchange the item without reciept for another item and produce the discount card again :lol:
Although 35 aint bad for locknut set,
Can always sell your existing lock set on ebay to recouperate.

#489476 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 10:41 PM

Haha, I have a 18" socket somewhere in one of these tool boxes haha.
Yeah true. And I guess if people don't know that then it looks good to them

No prob,
I probably should say im not a fan of ford service departments having spent two seperate days studying there ethic i tipped them money to purchase some cowboy hats and bid them my last farewell.

I suppose not many would know and they are somewhat still a deterant or draw back to thieves as they would still need a key, but when you have snowflake 18's the interest gets higher as there not just any Ford zetec or titanium alloy its worth investing in aftermarket at that point.

Also ive edit a previous post there to link a supplier of black 19mm nut caps on ebay.

#489464 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 10:18 PM

Even the wrench has started to break and round off inside of it. It's annoying because most wrenches you get are the 17, 19, 21 and 23.
Definately worth protecting them then. Bit ridiculous that there's only 4 different ones. Pretty pointless having them on if it's like that. I'll have a look around for some McGuard ones then. Cheers mate

No prob.
I have a 18mm socket here,
Donated to me from my local tyre place when i had ford nuts,
If desired i can donate it to you next week,
You just need a socket wrench
Have it weld on to your brace
As i know how much of a pain it is.

Ford only care about show room appearances,
Ow look it has anti theft nuts,
There like "look what your getting for the price"
Although there mass produced replica after replica which helps ford on servicing they don't need to search for lock nuts just try there four types then fleece you on changing brake discs & pads

#489455 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Cheers mate.
That's the exact experience I had with 1 today when changing the wheels. One got stuck in the socket and the nut came out but not the cover.
Was looking at getting some lock wheel nuts. Are they worth it?
The socket ford supply with the car is !Removed! !Removed!. I had to buy a 4 way wrench because when changing the breaks in January the one nut decided to slip and I rounded it off. The bet £10 I spent on getting a 4 way wrench haha.
Think I'd be more tempted to get steel ones. Less likely to round off or get stuck on

Same happend my ford wrench too,
The once 19mm nut became a capless 18mm and rounded the brace,
Had to buy a blue draper cross wrench.

Id recommend the McGard lock nuts mate,
No two McGard kits are identical,
But with ford lock nut kits theres only 4 different versions,
I bought my ST rims from ford dealer with tyre and nuts they cost me 475euro per corner,
Took me four months to get all four so i went for McGard to best protect.
McGard also sell a nice little pouch to hold the lock nut key has an elastic sleeve attaches pouch to the wheel brace.


#489447 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:42 PM

Yeah think I will go black. Will get that done in a couple of months.
Will look at the Forliatec caliper paint. Want to do a good job with it.
Want to get some black wheel nuts but don't want to spend £90 on the ones from montune. But even looking at other places they seem to be that price

There's two types of hammerite:
Smooth finish
Hammered finish
Ensure you get the smooth mate.


The existing nuts ford supply are cheese coated in a sexy thin layer of aluminium mate,

There 19mm nuts though,
So you could purchase a set of 19mm black plastic nut caps on ebay link: http://www.ebay.co.u...t-/291282662606

I had a bad experience with stock nuts,
Caps came off making them 18mn and wrecked the ford supplied wheel brace,



I spent 98 quid on some McGard solid one piece steel nuts and lock nut set but id say cross that bridge if you come to it mate,
Don't change em unless they start giving you gyp.


#489435 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 08:58 PM

Put the wheels on. Transformed the car already. Can't wait to lower it now!!
Can you spray paint the back break drums and the paint will stay on? Want to get a cover for the front ones!! Look a rusty colour!

Looks excellent mate,
Get yourself a tin of hammerite smooth finish paint
In either silver or black, cheaper to buy it in B&Q compared to Halfords,
Paint on with brush to rear drum brakes,
I've also painted the spacer section on my front discs,






As for the callipers,
Foliatec calipers paint kit is the business,
Or quicker job is to mask up the area and spray paint them.

Take caution not to remove the copper greece that is on the face of the hubs; when painting,
The copper greece prevents the alloy bonding to the hub so ensure not to remove or paint over it as you can see it in my images above.

When lowered the car will sit level nose lifts up and rear drops levelling the window sill as saw below




#489334 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 03:26 PM

Good point, will be doing that in the next month then ;)

Did think that's all it would do but thought I'd check.

Cheers mate. Gonna look at lowering soon, insurance company are a pain in the !Removed! because they are very picky with performance upgrades for me. Want to get stuff done but some things they won't let me which is annoying. Will definately get all this done before the next insurance renewal so it can go on the next insurance quote.

No pressure,
Its important to take time out to enjoy the process aswell,
Don't tell insurance about EGR blanking neither as it may be an environmental issue but a very cheap modification that you will notice instantly.

Took me five years to build my focus, there's many other interior modifications that can be done using led's or audio upgrade overall take your time, do it your way and enjoy it.

Any future questions I'm happy to assist anytime I'm not trying to sell you anything or pressure you in to doing things I'm only here for information and i recommend from experience.

#489288 Mk6 Fiesta Flame 1.4 Build Log (Was Fiesta Mk6 5 Door Custom Sub)

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 12:40 PM

Up bright and early this morning and got a lift 27miles to a not so local breakers yard. Removed a shock and spring and headed home! An hour later, it's swapped and the tracking is now better than it was before the broken spring! So I'll leave it a few weeks till I can afford alignment.
As for the ABS light. I found a break in the wiring for the front left sensor. I stripped the two cores and soldered them. Then insulated with heatshrink! Got back in the car, ignition on.. ABS Light didn't go out :(
Tried to clear it using my phone and it wasn't having it! So I held in my tears and set off to the girlfriends..
And behold.. as soon as my wheels started to turn, the light went out!!!!!! Bargain fix!!!! Happy as pie! :)

It is an amazing feeling performing the fixes yourself saving alot paying a mechanic to source the problem then source the part then more expence in labour costs, your doing really well mate top respect.

#489284 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 12:15 PM

Ok so as long as all I say if I've changed the exhaust to a steel one rather than a performance one then it should be fine with the insurance. ;)

Just say:
Ive had the exhaust pipe changed to stainless steel for preventative maintenance its not a performance back box no i didn't fit a performance muffler........ ;)
Just changed what was there to stainless steel.

With putting the 18" rims on it won't make a difference when it isn't lowered will it? I brought them with tires on them, 2 or them have about 7mm of tread and the other 2 have around 3-4mm of tread. Will it effect the tread if I fitted them today without putting the steering rack limiter?

Tyres with most thread or newest tyres should go on the rear wheels to prevent risk of slipping on corners,
Fitting now shouldn't effect arches mate its only when lowered that the arch surrounds the wheel more,
Its not the thread depth that causes problems when lowered; its the rims are 8" wide track style rims, most road tyres are 7.5" max,
The limiter kit prevents full steering lock to prevent the side of the tyre rubbing the inner arch panel.

I would aim for lowering soon though,
As it will reduce centre gravity on the new rims,
Reduce arch gap and ensure you haven't any negative camber wearing your tyres,
I also recommend AVON ZV5 tyres when time comes.

#489265 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 11:44 AM

Also since your interested in car modification i reckon you would like the many videos from Mightycarmods on youtube,
Most of the videos are complete comedy and i highly recomend viewing great shows :)

Moogs explanation of an ECU remap:

Electric SuperCharger:

#489257 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 11:25 AM

You've definitely just giving me a whole plan of what I want to do now!! Thanks mate!
One question about the exhaust, my insurance doesn't allow me to add an exhaust that has power gains, would having a straight through exhaust add performance to the car? Because I've queried with them and they said that I am allowed to add a backbox etc as long as it isn't a performance gain.

As this is open internet I've gotta tell the truth mate,
A straight pipe will increase performance because the gasses flow faster,
This will spin your turbo quicker,
It wont give noticeable gains, anything below 10bhp you wont really notice when driving,

Now in my opinion your fitting a pipe,
Its not a performance exhaust, it doesnt say performance anywhere its just a pipe.

But truth be known, its better than a performance exhaust because its non restrictive,
And being mandrel bent there wouldn't even be any welds to restrict flow ;)

So technically its just a normal pipe, no performance printed on it anywhere and no performance back box fitted its just a pipe :)
Who'd have thought just a 2.5" pipe could give performace Doesnt say that anywhere knaw mean :)

The noticable increase would be when the dpf is internally gutted,
Now i wouldnt tell anyone that had been done, and assuming your the second or third owner of the vehicle you don't ever need to admit having it done and nobody can point the finger.
The chamber would be present and all will appear stock when done,
Emissions will be lower,
Maintenance bills wont exist,
Performance will be increased,
But it cant be proven by anything when the dpf has been cut on the factory welds it all looks completely factory,
With all said choice is yours,
I've got my dpf gutted, performance induction filter fitted, ECU remapped, egr blanked and 2.5" cat back and passed MOT


I found a great deal on some dark Grey st rims that I found today which I went and picked up. They are 18" but they look great. When fitted to the car tomorrow I will upload a photo

sounds great and well done there quite sought after on the market.

Since you will be rolling 18x8 now instead of 16x6.5
Your tyres are considerably wider,
This becomes a little problem when it comes to fitting the lowering springs you will need to purchase a steering rack limiter kit from ford RRP 15.00 - 20.00


Consists of two polyurethane rings that fit inside the CV ball joints to prevent the tyre from rubbing the inner wheel arch,
When the steering is on full lock.

I've got the kit fitted to mine aswell, no problems parking but on small roundabouts you will need to swing wide rolling those rims,
Also experience reduced take off speed due to the rim being heavier and wider, this is known as "unsprung mass" a term given to describe the weight of all items carried outside of the sprung chassis.

Id go for lowering and camber alignment next, to get the most wear out of the tyres,
Keep your 16" fitted until you need new tyres then fit the 18" get your moneys worth.

#489028 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on 24 May 2015 - 09:36 AM

I wasn't going to get a whole exhaust just the last section of it. Unless that will be a waste of time doing it?
With getting the car remapped, i am going to get the dpf and the egr mapped as well. is it worth getting the vehicle speed limiter done as well or is this just a waste of time?

If like me,
You were to do the exhaust first; you wont really notice much difference in performance on the day.
However having the exhaust done will enhance performance from the remap etc.

The existing stock exhaust setup is 2.5" downpipe from turbo to DPF & Catalyst chamber,
Then its flanged
From flange then its a 2.5" flexi downpipe then flanged again.
From this then its a 1.75" straight pipe from the "flexi downpipe" flange to a muffler and tip.

Bottom of DPF Chamber:



Standard Exhaust from flange to tip:

See the above image there,
Have that hole pipe & muffler removed and replaced with a 2.5" mandrel bent pipe either in mild steel or T304 Stainless choice is yours,
Don't fit 2" and don't fit 3"
Has to be 2.5" for optimum free flow,
The next benefit would be blanking the egr valve this has many positives see guide:

Stainless Steel Blanking plate for 1.4 & 1.6TDCi::

Following this id fit the K&N57s induction kit available from ebay sellers.


The same K&N57s fits RS focus and 1.6TDCi model as there same airbox base so shop around for seller as some sell RS cheaper than TDCi.

Your now at stage 1
Id then look for a place to gutt out the dpf chamber and refit it:


Put chamber back in and remap the ECU bringing you to stage 2

Then you may consider an ST intercooler which is a direct swap and offers a taller cooling pendulum helping boost.

Now stage 2

After this id look at helping to get all the power to the road,
So new shoes and lowering it on eibach pro springs,


Eibach pro springs are a straight swap but they are model specific,
Stronger set applies to the diesel focus models much same cost 160-200 and available from ford dealership aswell as ebay.

When lowering the car you will also need some adjustable rear camber bolts RRP 25.00



These allow the rear camber to be correctly aligned after lowering through the use of laser tracking equipment at your local tyre shop will prevent excessive inner wear of the rear tyres due to negative camber as saw here:



Id then upgrade brake discs and pads when the time comes that they need changing upgrade to some grooved mintex discs with green stuff pads.

A thicker rear sway bar will also help it turn in harder best fitted after lowering.
Braided brake lines would also help response if desired.

I personally haven't bothered with removing the speed limit its fast enough as is, and boost cuts off around 3,000rpm its naturally aspirated after that so in my opinion if its over 20 quid i wouldn't bother.

I may have covered more than asked there mate but its all very addictive and therapeutic process,
I'm finished mine after five years of pure fun,
Its great doing each mod and experiencing the differences

#488815 Jinjoh's Mk2.5

Posted by Lenny on 23 May 2015 - 04:48 PM

Thanks for that Lenny, it looks like it might be a few months off yet till I get some,
I had some wearing on the passenger side tyre on the inside,
When I took it in to the garage he told me the tracking was out by about 30mm. I then asked how long the tyres would last until they needed changing and he said just to keep my eye on it, so I might get 2 new ones on before ford fair and do like you said and swap the fronts with the backs :)

Id strogly recommend laser tracking alignment if you havent had it done already to correct the tracking mate otherwise tyres wont last as long as they should.

#488814 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on 23 May 2015 - 04:42 PM

I don't like silencers. I enjoy a loud sounding car. Think I will get that pipe in the next month then.

If your not fitting a silencer then theres no ties to piper performance,
Any local exhaust repair garage will mandrel bend a 2.5" pipe to replace the existing setup from flexi pipe to tip.