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#500391 Universal Water Temp Gauge Fitting - Tdci

Posted by Lenny on Today, 08:41 AM

Has anyone fitted one of the eBay universal water temp gauges to a 1.4 TDCI (2010) ? Can you give me some advice on fitting .... sensor fitting mainly.
For some reason my wife's car doesn't have a gauge and in this weather the fan has been going crazy, so I'd like to keep an eye on temps.

Ive fitted aftermarket gauges to a car i had before,
You need to meassure the size of the top radiator hose,
The top hose is the return line from the engine it will be most accurate,

When you know the size,
You then need to purchase an aluminium inline sensor adaptor,


This is a straight section with two jubilee clips,
It has a tapped hole in its side to screw the temp sensor from the gauge in to.

Locate the centre section of the top hose and cut the hose in two spaces to make way for the male-male adaptor,


Secure it in place using the two jubilee clips,

On the sensor probe there is two wires,

Run this to female spade connector and a ring terminal earthing it to the body,

Run this to the sensor feed on the gauge.


Most aftermarket gauges have a very bright illumination at night which can be quite distracting,

Should you encounter this problem;
See my guide to fitting an auto dimmer to the gauge
Link: http://www.fordowner...-gauges-or-drl/

#500316 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Definitely will be looking at a breakers or a private sale one. Don't really want to pay that price. Would much rather buy a used one that I have to do a bit of work to tbh.

No pressure mate,
I'm useless at sanding and repairing etc.
But i admire those whom can because you save a lot in the long run.

#500301 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 07:03 PM

ok thanks.
Think i will try and find myself a ST bumper instead then.

You may prefer to purchase from a breakers but here's the one I'm watching,
Says more than 10 available brand new Genuine parts: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251740859987

I have fitted the egr blanking plate

How are you finding the car having blanked the EGR valve?
Have you upgrade the induction filter yet?
No pressure, just saying it improves performance and MPG,
Ive created a guide on fitting a Green Cotton Performance induction filter link: http://www.fordowner...-fitting-guide/

However I've got a K&N57s-4000 kit on the way as its bigger than stock filter with additional side vent.

#500294 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Haven't posted in a while. The project has properly begun. I have fitted the egr blanking plate and have just brought a focus st front bumper. I just need to get it resprayed.
I'm looking for a back bumper now before i get a exhaust so it looks better. I was Just wondering what is the difference between the st bumper and the standard bumper with an added zetec s diffuser. I know the diffusers are different but can't work out if anything else is different at all?

The ST bumper is fatter more pronounced in its shape larger curve making it fatter,
Has side louvres on the wheel arch sections
The diffuser section clips in to the ST bumper and it sits lower than the ZetecS diffuser

The ZetecS diffuser sticks on to a standard bumper see guide:

If not stuck on with Tiger Seal it will separate at a later date like mine,
At which point you will like me wish you had just fitted an ST bumper in the first place,
Ill be changing to ST front and rear in October.

Despite me providing the bodyshop with two yes two tubes of grey Tiger Seal,
They used double sided foam tape to bond the diffuser and front lip on to the car and give me back the tiger seal when collecting the car saying they used there own stuff :rolleyes:

See seperation:



#500291 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 06:20 PM

No changes need to the axle mate, and the handbrake is much easier than it sounds, although the whole feeler gauge thing didn't really work so well, just ended up doing it the old fashion way of trial and errorThe handbrake cable looks and sounds complicated but it really isn't, I tackled it it two parts, I pulled off the heat shield to get a good look at everything as part of an exploratory mission, I went through the motions of doing everything without doing it, just to check for seized bolts and socket sizes, it was just as well I did as ford must have used different bolts at one point, the guide had sizes in that didn't match mine.Ive not really noticed a massive difference on the foot brake, its moved the bias forward from 70 30 to about 60 40 which is a good thing, she was way to far forward before, slightly better in the rain too plus no more sticking drums in the morning after a shower. The big difference is the hand brake, she will happily drag her back wheels behind her when applied fully, so no more uneasy feeling when parking on a hill!As for the parts, with your 278s on the front your looking at 265s on the rear, if you had 300s on the front then your looking at the 280s on the rear, the estate version of our focus uses 300 280 so when buying second hand callipers you will also need to source slightly different carriers, the 280 carrier is quite a bit bigger, the calliper its self is actually the same regardless which of the two you use.After teaching myself how, I did the math for putting 280s on the rear rather than find 265 carriers, turns out that it will still have a front bias but not by much, it was something like 55 45 so I opted for buying 265 carriers new. Although the pads and pistons were the same size, the 15mm increase on the discs would apply more torque to the wheels.Anyhow, in short you both should get some discs on your rears :)

Whats your address Darren,
I feel the need to drop over with a van and a sack for over your head,
Will be darkness and noise for a bit then Next thing you would see is my focus up on a ramp with the rear wheels off,

I wouldnt have the tools to undertake a job like this myself but i will be stalking you Heavily when i have the funds to invest in the parts,

#500231 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 01:07 PM

Get a pair for the back ;). For future conversion.

:lol: ssshhh!! You'll get me killed,
I'm going to be forking out at least 600 euro this month on maintenance costs update on my build thread to be saw at the end of the month,
Also I'm not sure what size i would require as I've not got rear callipers etc.
If I'm upgrading rear to discs it will most likely be spring 2016,
There's a lot of science to be considered aswell because rear brakes can be bigger than the front brakes,
If they are then the rear will brake harder than the front simulating a handbrake pull :lol:

My front discs are 278mm
The rear callipers you linked from an ST focus are for 300mm discs; too big compared to my fronts would cause my rear to swing.

Gotta find out what rear discs other models have fitted then fit those could prove a bit more difficult to source from breakers.


The induction filter looks great :)

As a bit of preventative maintenance on your 1.6 Petrol,
I recommend you seal the inside area of the windscreen washer jets on the inside of the bonnet,
A common problem with the 1.6 petrol focus from 2005-2011
Is the engine spark plug rail is positioned below the washer jet holes,
Transition from hot to cold deteriorates the rubber seals on the jets allowing rain water to seap through on to the top of the engine and inside the spark plug seals not good.

Prevent this by using some bathroom silicone to seal around the windscreen washer jets on the underside of the bonnet.
Save you money in the long run.

#500168 Dohboys St220 Wagon

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 08:32 AM

Did my blackeye conversion and fitted halos yesterday. Very happy with finish.
attachicon.gifImageUploadedByFord OC1435909447.530405.jpg
attachicon.gifImageUploadedByFord OC1435909462.219954.jpg
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Looks very tidy indeed,
Some silvatec indicator bulbs would finish them off in my opinin.

#500053 K&n 57s-4000

Posted by Lenny on 02 July 2015 - 07:33 PM

Thanks for the offer. I have a modified ELM cable that I could use. I may give it a go sometime in the future, great guide btw.

Thanks i recommend blanking for sure,
Ive done alot of guides based on but not tied to the Mk2.5 Focus,
You may like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page:
If your using the forum App follow this link:

#499953 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 02 July 2015 - 12:39 PM

Any of focus owners got any exhaust things going? If possible pictures and sound and estimated price


Ive got a Piper Performance 2.5" T304 Stainless Steel cat back duplex
Available for 400.00 GBP from Zen Sport
There also available from piper website however 50 GBP more expensive go figure :rolleyes:






Additional parts required are:
Two Focus ST exhaust brackets
Two rubber exhaust hangers.
Both available from ford for under 30 pounds


The duplex is a pipe exiting on both sides of the car,
If fitting a duplex to your focus; your probably best off fitting an ST bumper or ZetecS rear diffuser to complete the look,

There are cheaper aftermarket exhaust systems on the market,
Any local exhaust repair garage can build your dreams for under 2-300
But piper are originally an aeroplane manufacturer they have used wind tunnel technology to perfect the split in the duplex exhaust,
T304 is aircraft grade stainless steel,
This means equal clouds of steam exit from both sides of the car on frosty mornings as saw in image below -1°C outside car engine running at 900RPM tick over idle.



#499948 Modifications

Posted by Lenny on 02 July 2015 - 12:21 PM

Don't do that gear thingy, you'll only drop something down there like a coin or a chip and it'll be a barsteward to ever get out!

Reminds me of the Levin BZR i had a while back,
I removed centre console and found half a sausage from a garage Deli,
Was rock solid but strangely it didn't look over a day old lol
I also found a bullet in the boot compartment of that car and a Robert Miles CD in the glovebox along with an invitation to a wedding in Japan,

Tis mad what ya may find behind panels in the car.


#499869 Jinjoh's Mk2.5

Posted by Lenny on 02 July 2015 - 08:11 AM

So a little update, the car is all booked in for a few minor repairs and after a long hard look I have finally found the colour I wanted for the alloys! It took a while but I've got there in the end!
The car goes in to the garage the week before ford fair and fingers crossed all is okay with it when I get it back!
I won't tell you guys what the colour is I have chosen for the alloys just yet, as I know you guys like the waiting to find out game haha :).

Hummm ya Tease!


Looking forward to results mate,

#499866 K&n 57s-4000

Posted by Lenny on 02 July 2015 - 07:54 AM

I believe the kit lids can be a bit tricky to fit Lenny so i hope your wife has a bit of patience! One review i read stated they removed the whole box so they could get the lid to sit properly. Hopefully yours will be a good easy fit. :)

My instructions will have the neighbours watching lol
"pull it out vicki"
"Push it in vicki"
"form a tight seal around it vicki"

The airbox is secured to the chassis via two M8 bolts,
Removing the box to get the lid on would mean these don't get fitted again, because the lid would be on,

I've done a guide on induction filter upgrade before though,
She can follow that:

Well, i took a little detour on the way to work this morning to try the filter out and i was mightily impressed! The pick up was so much quicker and just felt like that was how the car should have been from the factory. The induction noise was a bit lacking even with the bung removed which was disappointing as i am still a bit of a boy racer but i am really happy with the way the car drives now. All in all £54 well spent! :)

Sounds great!
Looking forward to having mine fitted too,

#499799 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 01 July 2015 - 08:48 PM

You have no idea how much I would love to have discs on the back instead of the drums. Looking at the information about it it seems quite costly though!

Im in the same boat as yourself mate,
Ive got rear drums too and would like discs,
Downside of the 18" rims i suppose, shows them up more.

#499798 Major Clean Up!!

Posted by Lenny on 01 July 2015 - 08:44 PM

Thank you both!! Thats great
This is after a vacuum...
Loads better

Looks good,
Now's a good time to run in any cables such as power for a sub, rca's for an amp or cable for rear footwell lighting,
While you have the car stripped.

#499704 Modifications

Posted by Lenny on 01 July 2015 - 02:36 PM

Any pics of that one?
Your welcome, slowly but surely on road to recovery.

Took a bit longer than normal to respond as i had to explain to Vicki, what i wanted photographed lol but here it is mate