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#392476 Interior Light.....

Posted by Lenny on Today, 09:01 PM

It was £17 and pennies...couldn't believe it...what a chuffing ripoff!! :)
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#392460 Interior Light.....

Posted by Lenny on Today, 08:41 PM

I got it for £32 plus postage from eBay. It's got a tiny scratch on the switch and was a bit grotty, but has cleaned up ok....and a damn sight cheaper than new. What do you think the plastic surround cost me new from Ford?
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good deal you got there,
As for the surround im guessing £25 upwards mate if i had a laptop i could tell you as i have a copy of Ecat on hard drive shows all parts and prices,
Easy for sourcing part numbers for parts that aren't fitted to my vehicle as standard,
Because when you go in to ford they ask for your VIN when they enter your VIN it only displays parts for your specific model leaving it difficult to purchase higher speced models parts,
so i had my own copy of Ecat resulting in me going in requesting specific part numbers no more "computer says No" :lol:
You got a great deal there though mate,
I recommend AutoStar on ebay.co.uk top supplier of automotive cables and connectors,
Theres a link on the forum here somewhere to download Ecat aswell if interested in a copy for yourself.

#392452 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2013

Posted by Lenny on Today, 08:21 PM

Lenny, can you imagine going to the Halford check out till and saying "Will ya scan my Ford discount card...it's at the back of my neck!" :P
The Bacardi Bat? Really? WHY?!!! lol

if Halfords in Dundalk Co.Louth was the only halfords store left in Ireland there so ignorent id get the Barcode tatooed on the rear of my testicular sack,
Let them scan that huh :lol:

Regarding the bat i dunno man,
I drank alot of Bacardi in those days and figured if my speech became severely impared due to the excessive consumption, i could just point to the tattoo on my arm and thumbs up to the bar man :lol:

#392416 How Do I Know If Overboost Is Working?

Posted by Lenny on Today, 07:50 PM

This is starting to sound like the new rules of Formula one Racing

#392405 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2013

Posted by Lenny on Today, 07:37 PM

Weirdly enough, in my younger days, I had the thought of getting a barcode tattoo at the back of my neck :P

good job you held off on the idea because now you'll have one that functions aswell as looking good man :lol: im just havin a laugh, dont mean any harm, tattoo thing popped in to my head because there for life just like the halfords discount, id almost get it done myself though, ive currently three tattoos but when i was 17 i wanted the Bacardi bat tattoo on my arm.

#392400 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2013

Posted by Lenny on Today, 07:27 PM

Awesome about the card being for life. Well worth it, just for the sticker :P
Yea, just watched Lend us a ride Mighty Car Mods and it's quite fun. Different definitely but still fun to watch. 5 more episodes over the coming weeks. Roll on the next one :)

ill refund you the £10 subscription fee if you get a tattoo of your unique halfords discount Barcode :lol:

#392368 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2013

Posted by Lenny on Today, 06:11 PM

Nice Lenny. Waiting to get paid then gonna get mine! Btw, how long does the card last for? Or is it a once off?
Also, found my NCT report and under the heading Smoke, mine was 0.890/m. Just to remember that I didn't take off the tuning box when I got the NCT done but just brought down the dials to the recommended settings. Your reading is not that far off mine.

the discount card is for life mate :)
Wow i thought my emissions wouls have been lower after dpf removal but as you've said still not far off,
And a long way from the limit.

#392329 Hyrule's Build Thread

Posted by Lenny on Today, 04:16 PM

I'd stick one on if I was you.
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+1 would be rude no to.

Also silicone seal around the bolt holes and two clip holes on the exterior of the boot lid prior to fitting and bolting down the ST spoiler,
It is a common problem for the foam surrounding the bolt holes to deteriorate over time causing the boot to leak,
If you use silicone around the holes while you have it off,
This common issue will never get the opportunity to affect you,
Ive done mine as preventative maintenance too.

#392278 Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Posted by Lenny on Today, 02:49 PM

Perhaps she was a council estate tart,
And he was they eh shall we say TV repair man,
She sought revenge on his upper class expertise

Lmao. I can picture that in my head now. Lol.
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what was going through hers at the time though?

Just trying to find the "route cause" thats all lmao things they be doing while driving :rolleyes:
gotta love the shop name too "on the run" im sure they were :lol: jayz us

#392249 Any Suggestions For Modifications To A White Fiesta?

Posted by Lenny on Today, 02:04 PM

Hi All,
I have a Ford Fiesta Edge (2011) in White. I'm wanting to make some changes to the interior and exterior but don't have a clue what would be possible. Any suggestions would be nice.

Rite :)

First tint the rear windows,
Then purchase some black vinyl that looks like tint, wrap the rear boot section as saw in below image:


On the bulbs,
Silvatec Indicator bulbs
Cree led Reverse bulb
Cree led front and rear fog bulbs
Cree T10 parking bulbs,
Osram NightBreaker high beam
Osram Cool blue low beam,
T10 canbus compatible 6000k reg bulbs.

Spray front upper grill gloss black or remove and debadge bumper dent smooth.

Purchase asian grill spray gloss black,

Paint rear diffuser gloss black,

Paint rear brake drums with hammerite smooth silver,

Front calipers blue,

Colour code rear view mirror,


Remove internal dash parts have them hydro dipped carbon i.e stereo face plate. Heater surround panel

Front and rear footwell lighting with illuminated ignition ring,

Triple light interior unit with additional ambient lighting,

Additional boot light aswell as bulb upgrade to 6000k led.

After that the obvious
Eibach lowering springs,
Gloss black 15" alloys no bigger
ZetecS rear spoiler
Twin pipe exhaust muffler,
Green Cotton Performance induction filter,

I'm open to discussion on anything you may also like to add, I've a lot of experience in modifications

#392196 Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Posted by Lenny on Today, 11:22 AM

#392157 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2013

Posted by Lenny on Today, 08:52 AM

Recieved mine today thanks guys! :)


#392076 Ford Focus St Honeycomb Grill

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 10:20 PM

They do look good gloss black Lenny.
That focus of yours looks very tidy mate a lot of work but worth it in the end.
What paint did you use to get that finish?
Did you paint the black area's around the mirrors or just the front grills and fog surrounds?

thanks mate was a fun time doing it, love to do it all again as im lost now its complete,
Didnt get the mirror surrounds done or the door pillars had planned to get them hydro dipped carbon but never happend,
As for the grills and fog surrounds i left them in to the body shop along with the bonnet lip, engine cover, battery box lid and fuse box lid, and headlights.
He says he sprayed them Gloss taxi black,
I personally cant spray paint much, i dont have the patience :rolleyes:

#392044 Fiestagirl's Mk7 Titanium

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Nice. Another good reason now for me to get the card. Next on the to do list: card, then Hammerite Red+Black. Then wait for a sunny day :)

ensure the hammerite is "smooth finish" and not "hammerd finish" theres a difference in the outcomes,
Ive found Woodie's DIY to be €3.75 cheaper than halfords for a tin of hammerite, both stores are generally found close to each other in Retail parks,
Also when signing up for premium membership remind them your address is in ireland so as they put an extra stamp or two on your welcome pack,

Ny halfords card didnt arrive because wasnt enough postage paid to carry it all the way across the irish sea :(
Ive scanned the east coast beaches hoping it would wash up a shore but no sign of the beight orange card,
However steve has come up trumps and is posting me out one this week with sufficient poatage paid,
Looking forward to receiving next week :)

#392036 Stolen Ford Focus Rs

Posted by Lenny on Yesterday, 09:13 PM

Hi Marco,
I've looked at some for sale (again, a complete long shot as I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to publicly sell the car?) and have seen some that 'could' be it. Problem is, most of them, if not all of them are probably legit sales.
The only unique characteristics it had was white and black Ford badges, although I suspect they would have been removed right away.
Good news is that the insurance have now paid me out so I can go look at something else. I'm thinking of a mk2 Focus ST. Same engine, slightly 'worse' performance but less desirable by thieves I would have thought. Installing a Viper security system on it straight away. 
Any comments, good or bad with regards to the mk2 ST would be great!

Stick a TDCi badge on the boot and the thieves will leave it alone thinking its a replica,