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#536016 Speakers

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 11:19 PM

See i am stuck in the middle of the pair of you.One end is Chris penny pinching and at the other end Lenny is sitting there lighting his cigar with £20 notes as he watches his butler install his in car audio!!!!! You two will never see eye to eye haha


#536013 Speakers

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 11:13 PM

I went for two sets of JL Audio C3 650
Hooked up to a XD400/4V2 full range amp
next to a Connects2 CTPCAP-1 Custom RedBull can style 1.0 Fared Capacitor which feeds an XD300/1V2 mono amp powering a 10W0V3 10" sealed sub.
all powered from a Pioneer AVH8600BT headunit.
so I'm not the best when it comes to saving the penny's 😀

#536003 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 10:47 PM

Yeah I agree mate, much better with questions being answered in open forums, I've read a lot of forums where other people have asked questions which I needed answering to, just saves a lot of time & hassle.
Talking about kids when I do get the cat back exhaust I might get a pre-silencer, I got a 2 year old & she will never get to sleep with that noise rumbling through the inside of the car lol

I'd fit a pre-silencer then mate,
The only thing it reduces is cabin noise and well worth it.
I've also got two audio profiles set up in the car,
One for when I'm on my own and one for the kids in the car lol

#535995 First Ford And First Progress Thread

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 10:24 PM

attachicon.gif2015-10-29 20.27.46 (2).jpg
So this is the rear of the Alpine headunit the wires you see are all marked as follows swrc remote1, swrc remote2 and swrc ground

Nice headunit there mate,
Has three sets of pre-out RCA good for an external 5 channel amplifier or two amps one mono and 4 channel

SWRC means Sub Whoofer Remote Control
it's a power line which sends a small signal current to wake up the amplifier when you turn on the headunit you only need this when fitting external amplifier or amplifiers.

The kit will have two separate items.


1 cable which has a socket the same as the rear of factory headunit to plug in to the factory loom
On the other end of this cable is male iso plugs


You should currently have a loom with your Alpine headunit that plugs in to rear of the Alpine headunit and has female iso connection on the end.
This all plugs together

The second item in the kit;
Is the steering stalk adaptor.


This is a small black box, plug in the Ford loom plug in to the box,
Then on the other side is a connection to plug in to your Alpine headunit allowing the steering stalk to function.
that's all done.

I have alot of cables at the rear of my double din 13 RCA's 2 usb, 2 phono, and usual power cables which resulted in me using the Haynes manual to hard wire the pioneer loom to the factory loom using crimp spade connections this eliminates the iso sockets reducing bulk at the rear of the headunit.
but in fitting a single din should be fine.




#535990 Info On A Couple Of Mods

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 10:07 PM

#535989 Speakers

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 10:06 PM

6.5" front and rear,
Different adaptor on rear speakers but all 6.5"

#535985 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 09:51 PM

I think me and you are going to be talking a lot more when I read these guides!! lol
yeah mate an induction kit and remap are all part of the mods I got planned, such as a bigger intercooler, lowering springs, silicone hoses and a lot of little details. Im planning on it getting wrapped in Matte Black too!
 Having a thread will be nice to show everyone my creativity :) haha

no problem mate,
it's gonna look awesome
Happy to help and I prefer to respond to questions on the open forum like this where other readers can learn or share input as well,
But I'm also a parent of three kids I'm not generally on here as much as i used to be like 24/7 and since my build is more/less complete
so if your asking somthing on open forum or need my advice quickly to a question
Then email me a link to the thread and I'll give it my attention within 4 hours of receiving the link.
my e-mail is leonard.woods@live.ie

#535964 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 09:07 PM

If the manifold doesn't work without the cat back exhaust and the cat then I'm definitely going at it the right way lol
No I'm hardly on the motorway or high speeds roads mate, I live in Wales, mountains and sharp turns everywhere!! haha
Yeah I might just do that, be nice to get advice on other ST users.
I cant wait for your photos to come back online, looks like you got a fair few uploaded.... :D
So is it the cat or the manifold which will produce more bhp?

thanks I've created over 30 Guides in the process some would also be possible in your fiesta such as dual camera DVR system and rear footwell lighting, additional boot light, sparco tow strap as boot door interior grab handle etcetera.
Link: http://www.fordowner...-lennys-guides/

Alot of people download the guides which eats up data allowance on photobucket.

I reckon the sports cat will be most noticeable upgrade after the catback exhaust.

The manifold will give an increase but I can't see it giving as much gains as the 200 cell catalyst.

Also after fitting the manifold;
The demand will be on your induction filter to provide free flowing to the turbo so an induction upgrade would be the way forward after the exhaust.

Then an ecu remap
It's a magical journey mate

#535942 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 08:33 PM

As soon as I buy and install these mods I'll post them up on here so you can see the progression.
That quickspool manifold looks a fierce piece of kit!! haha
I think I'm going to go for the cat back system exhaust first and then save up for the 200cell cat and then go for the manifold.
Obviously its going to take some time to buy and install them, but that's all part of the fun!
What you think?

I think you're going the right way about it mate,
Upgrading the exhaust from the tail pipe towards the engine is the way id begin to do it too.

The manifold does look sweet,
It would need the exhaust and 200cell catalyst in place in order for it to achieve its potential.
I wouldn't be surprised if some people were to fit the manifold to a standard cat back system then give the manifold bad reviews.
but that wouldn't be true as it's free flowing to the point of the next stock item.

I'd also like to mention;
If you do alot of motorway driving or on roads at continuous speeds,
Then you may consider the pre-silencer in the exhaust,
A pre-silencer is free flowing inside it doesn't restrict any flow; it reduces noise from around that area of the exhaust which corresponds with the centre console inside the vehicle.
reducing the constant bore noise that will drive you insane on long journeys.
The rear end will still sound sporty as normal but inside the cabin will be more muffled like it is at present.

Finally then if your starting to document progress then perhaps start a build thread in the relevant section of the forum.
Here's mine:

Five years of progress,
Images should return on Sunday 1st November, photobucket have stopped displaying because of people downloading my images to excess of 10GB within the month of October 😀
so photobucket want me to pay money to display again before month end.
I used to pay like $5 dollars per month but not anymore

#535917 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 07:40 PM

I cant thank you enough mate, you have been more than helpful and have really explained it all so that I can understand (being a newbie that's a hard task haha)
Thank you for finding the links, I now have something to look for and to compare.
I plan on having the car for a while, maybe even life! If you look after a car then the car will look after you :)
Again, thank you, you've really helped!

ah no problem atall thanks,
I've got my Ford five years now and I'm almost finished working on it,
I'm too keeping it for life, responds well to the mods 👍

#535898 First Ford And First Progress Thread

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 07:01 PM

So the fitting kit for my stereo has been ordered and should be here tomorrow. Can anybody send me a link to the correct patch lead o that ill be able to keep the steering wheel controls. Ive looked at a few but obviously want to ensure its the correct one....Thanks

here's the kit mate,
Just select "Alpine" in list before purchase
link: https://www.dynamics...ol-adaptor.html

#535892 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 06:51 PM

If you're fiesta model is an ST 180
Then here is a miltec 200cell high flow catalyst on puma speed website.
link: http://www.pumaspeed...16028.jsp&pic=2

The above cat along with the cat back exhaust would make a full turbo back systems.

You could then complete it with a manifold upgrade at later date but neither are essential however they do increase performance.
Link to manifold:

All depends on how long you plan to keep the car really and how much you want to spend etcetera.
If keeping car for life then do all three upgrades as funds allow as you will benefit greatly a full exhaust upgrade will compliment any other modification you do.

But if selling in two or three years then just fit the cat back looks good and sounds good 👍

#535885 Exhaust Modification

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 06:31 PM

Ahh right ok
Well I was thinking of installing this system..

or am I better off getting one with a cat already on it?
sorry if I'm repeating myself, I just want to make sure I get it right.

no problem mate,
I understand it's alot of money and you want to be sure your getting optimum value for what you want.
I've been in your position before few times ☺

The picture with puma speed logo on it is a cat back
doesn't have cat with the kit.

The second image has an additional box
it looks more like a pre-silencer rather than a high flow cat worth checking its a cat prior to purchase,

Id personally only purchase a catalyst brand new because if a second hand one has been damaged in any way you won't know until it fails MOT on emissions.

#535845 Info On A Couple Of Mods

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 04:37 PM

Hmm, I like a few of those ideas. Wont wrap the mirrors, I like them matching.
Definitely like the idea of cleaning up those rusty ole drums. And the spacers... Well I never even paid attention to them before. But looking now I can see how they'd look nice silver.
Il look into bulbs, I want brighter front lights, but don't know what to go for yet (haven't looked into it yet) although my track record of buying bulbs ain't great so far as I ordered LED's for courtesy light just to realise I ordered bulbs about 20mm too short :S

For some more ideas you may like to view my list of guides here: http://www.fordowner...-lennys-guides/

Images should return on Sunday 1st November

Also my build thread here:

I recommend Osram NightBreaker Plus
in H7 low beam and in H1 high beam
then some Cree T10 led parking bulbs
and Cree H11 led in front fogs.

Rear I recommend silvatec offset pin indicator bulbs,
Cree BA15s led reverse bulb,
Cree BA15s red led fog light
Also fit a LHD reverse light unit.

#535816 Info On A Couple Of Mods

Posted by Lenny on 29 October 2015 - 04:12 PM

If you're looking for something to do to the focus that doesn't cost alot but is quite effective;

You could purchase some Hammerite smooth finish silver paint in a tin,
Mask up the brake discs and paint the spacer section between brake discs and alloy wheel,
Also cleans up the rear drums if fitted.

Some caliper paint looks great too.
If go for mountune yellow on your colour of focus.

A LHD reverse light with red bulb cleans up the rear,
Can also modify to dual reverse light.

Carbon wrap wing mirror covers,

Silvatec indicator bulbs look chrome but flash Amber

Cree H11 front fog bulbs look like 6000k HID straight swap