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#508538 Focus Titanium Mk2.5 Build Diary Has Started...

Posted by Lenny on 03 August 2015 - 01:18 PM

Cheers Lenny. I took around over 100 pics .cant load all on here can i?
Btw how are you.

Maybe create a photobucket profile dedicated to the pictures.
Then add link to that profile,

Im not as bad as once was now mate,
Doing Physio therapy and back to specialist in September,
Tis more mentally impacting now rather than physical pain,
Looking forward to getting back to riding, driving modding and back to work all the things i once took for granted.

#508531 Focus Titanium Mk2.5 Build Diary Has Started...

Posted by Lenny on 03 August 2015 - 12:59 PM

Awesome pictures Yunni mate,
I can feel the atmosphere from viewing the pictures,
Ill be there next year for sure :)

#508466 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 03 August 2015 - 08:59 AM

take it you will be colour coding the k&n in the future lenny find it hard to believe you could not buy cleaning kit for the green cotton filter and have it posted over by road

I think ill leave it black mate,
If i did have it colour coded id be spraying the K&N logo black again, would leave much silver,
I cant spray paint to save my life neither so would mean leaving it with body shop,
Probably could purchase a cleaning kit via ParcelMotel in Antrim but to be honest i didnt try too hard to import a cleaning kit,
The guys at Pri-Racing whom sent me the Green Cotton Performance filter tried to include a cleaning kit along with the filter,
But airport customs sent it back to Pri-Racing refusing to ship it with can inside,
So i just recieved the filter and i didnt try purchasing elsewhere,
Halfords sell the K&N cleaning kits but i havent priced them,
I just went for the 57s kit.

#508410 Eve, It's Time For A Face Lift (mk2 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0)

Posted by Lenny on 02 August 2015 - 10:27 PM

Thanks Lenny.
I've made a couple of additions to the list.
Already done - SatNav (TomTom Go 6000)
Wish list - Silvatec indicator bulbs, ST spoiler, new set of alloys

TomTom are the best brand of Satnav in my opinion,
Have a TomTom XL Live, bought back in 2010 its been awesome.
Silvatec bulbs are nice, only need to do sides and rear as i dont think doing the front eliminates the amber from the headlight.
Keep an eye on ebay for an ST Spoiler going cheap, seal around bolt holes when fitting,
Just be sure it comes with a brake light preferably clear rather than red lens,
And a washer jet extension hose attached

They should do but just to be sure :)
There is a graphite grey one selling in the buy&sell section just informing,

#508339 Focus Mk2.5 Titanium.

Posted by Lenny on 02 August 2015 - 07:53 PM

Cheers lenny. I'll take a look at those guides. What sort of benefits would I get with the samco hose?

The stock hose is ribbed which creates restriction in airflow but its cheap to manufacture and bends easily so ford didn't have to spend time creating a bespoke hose, by just fitting this ribbed bendable hose.
The performance hose is smooth as glass on the inside, it also has sweeping bends resulting in absolutely zero resistance in air flow,
If this hose was fitted along with a K&N E-9289 Induction Filter
Link: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e9ad7021b

You would have optimum non restrictive cold air induction while retaining the stock induction box.
It would result in smoother transition between gears as in the car holds a better momentum and 0-60 would be at its best possible unlock a few horses and optimise MPG,
Will also sound good on induction nice whoosh sound.
NGK iridium spark plugs would then be the icing on the cake for your engine all three items is the optimum performance its gonna get to be honest.

#508307 Focus Mk2.5 Titanium.

Posted by Lenny on 02 August 2015 - 06:30 PM

As much as the Mrs will allow. Lol.
No seriously I'm open to anything really. If it's something I have to save up for then I'll save for it.
It's a 1.6 petrol by the way.

Some ideas:

NGK Irridium spark plugs,
K&N57s-4000 induction kit,
Samco induction hose,
Thats about all can be done to engine unless upgrading to Piper cam shafts
Front tower strut brace
Braided brake lines with cross drilled and grooved discs
Team Hecko wind deflectors
ST Pod with ScanGaugeII installed
Dual reverse lighting
Sub and amp install
Speaker upgrade
10" rear flip down monitor

#508239 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 02 August 2015 - 03:42 PM

I have it packaged up as is if anyone wants it for the price of shipping,
Its never been cleaned because i cant find anywhere in Ireland that supplies the induction filter cleaning kits, and aviation regulations wont ship a cleaning kit from the UK,


Maybe you putting a whole in the air filter box impacted its life quicker too.


I agree,
Drilling the holes in the front of the stock airbox lid; did allow more contamination to enter speeding up the dirt level of the filter,
Although it did increase induction noise it didn't do much noticable difference in performance having done it.
Im gonna clean it up, stick a K&N +5bhp sticker on it and list on eBay,




Looks Good :)

I have to say since fitting mine a week or two after a bit of dust has built up its performing better than ever and sounds better too. You can really hear it woosh

That would be your MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) adjusting to the increased flow from the newly fitted filter mate,
After upgrading induction filter, people disconnect battery for 10 minutes to reset the ECU,
This causes the MAF sensor to adjust immediately however the MAF sensor will self adjust in a couple of weeks without disconnecting battery as you have now found.
I personally don't recommend disconnecting the battery to people because it leads in to a whole different discussion regarding the security code for the stereo headunit etc.

Glad your happy with the filter upgrade mate,
Other mods you may consider on your 1.6 petrol are:
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs,
Oil Catch Tank,
Silicone Induction hose replacement,
Engine bay earth kit.

#508189 Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

Posted by Lenny on 02 August 2015 - 11:07 AM

Ive added this post to the first page of this guide aswell to best share findings,

My Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter has now reached the end of its life,
Rather than immediately purchase i replacement from Green, i studied the market to see if anything better had been developed.

So to recap in terms of evolution across the past five years,
Started off here:


Moved on to Green Cotton Performance:


Now moved on to the K&N E-9289 filter.


My findings were that K&N have manufactured a kit called the 57s-4000
I've purchased mine from ProdigyMotorSport
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151572141725




This kit from K&N consists of a K&N E-9289 cylinder filter same diameter as stock filter but it has more pleates than standard making it larger in terms of induction space within the same area.


The filter also boasts a large side induction section which is a mushroom filter inset to the top of the cylinder drawing in cold air from behind the headlight.


Here is a picture taken inside the K&N E-9289 filter you can clearly see the inverted mushroom at the top of the filter.


Compared to the standard performance filter which is just a blank end:


And here the stock filter:


The side induction filter is in my opinion definitely the way forward; the design is simple and ingenious guaranteed cold air induction incorporated in to the stock enclosure.

The K&N57s kit also comes with a replacement air box lid its raised higher inside compared to the stock lid aswell as being a polished smooth surface:



The kit guarantees an increase in horsepower:


K&N have even supplied two +5bhp stickers to ensure an increase in performance is felt.


In competition now:
Green now also manufacture a filter with side induction:

The green filter with side induction doesn't come supplied with a larger induction lid or side cap its just the filter itself.
Link: http://www.fswerks.c...scape-2012-2013

K&N also provide the filter with side induction as a stand alone item without a larger lid or side cap if desired:

I have to say;
I've closely examined the build quality of the K&N filter and i cant see any excessive glue on the surface of the filter or any imperfections due to "mass production" as claimed by Green in the first page of this guide.

Having the K&N57s kit now fitted;


The exhaust tone has a bit more grunt to it,
The induction sounds great especially at around 3,000rpm in 3rd Gear onwards.
The performance is increased aswell I've not driven it myself but the wife says it feels like the increase from blanking the EGR valve.
In terms of MPG i was already getting 70MPG so it can only get better.

Overall my advise would be;
The Green Cotton Induction Filter linked and fitted on page 01
Is a great filter provides increased MPG, performance and is still the best filter on the market for under 100 pounds.

However if your willing to spend over 100 pounds on your induction system then the K&N57s-4000
Is the best on the Market today.

#508038 What Wipers????

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 06:15 PM

While on the subject of wipers and cleaning windows etc.

I've De-Wipered my rear window few months ago and i use this clay bar kit purchased in Halfords,

I've used it on the Windscreen aswell and the rain drops fly off like asteroids when driving.






#508003 Eve, It's Time For A Face Lift (mk2 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0)

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 04:53 PM

Nice list there mate keeping it tidy,
I recommend painting the spacer section on the brake discs aswell, it looks good in silver too.
ST spoiler would be nice when sealing around the bolt holes,
The ST spoiler gives nice shape to the car when viewing from the side aswell as the rear.
See my guide for amplifier panel, goes nicely with the custom sub enclosure.
Some silvatec indicator bulbs are a great mod aswell and last just as long as stock bulbs the rear ones are offset pin bulbs

#507995 What Wipers????

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 04:30 PM

EBay radio world £5.99 the pair

RadioWorld are Top supplier aswell ive not bought Wipers,
But i have bought many other items from them without any problems atall.

#507989 What Wipers????

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 04:12 PM

I need to replace my wiper blades as they smear like mad. I only had them replaced last year and got the proper Bosch ones but they did not seem to last long. I tried cleaning theme ect but they still judder and smear the window.
I saw these on eBay and was wondering as they are cheaper would they be worth getting or best to stick with the Bosch ones?
what wiper blade makes do you guys use and any tips for keeping them in top form?

I recommend Bosch, I purchase from micksgarage.ie free shipping,
See Guide and part numbers here link:
Also De-Wiper Guide:
Ive tried Michelin Stealth blades last month super s3xy but ugh disaster dont fit rite atall
They look pretty but dont like dancin.

#507984 Replace Ford Cd 6000

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 03:53 PM

Hi, I've recently bought a Fiesta, first car, the radio in it is a Ford 6000 CD (Picture here).  If I buy this one to replace it will it fit, will I need to buy anything extra to go with it and will I be able to install it myself?  I've got zero experience with this sort of thing.

Welcome to the forum and also the open road :)
Headunit upgrade is a great place to start,
You will need an "iSO Adaptor" and aerial adaptor these items take the ford sockets and turn them in to sockets which accept any yes any aftermarket headunit such as the one you have linked above,
Fellow member "GingerFlame" is most experienced with your model he will soon be online to recommend the best kit to convert your headunit to aftermarket,
In the meantime you may like to check out his build thread:

#507957 Focus Titanium Mk2.5 Build Diary Has Started...

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 01:20 PM

'Removed' it certainly does. I'll be honest i last remember seeing then thursday eve as was applying rain-x & remember clearly seeing them. Never thought they would get stolen.
Now need to find new asap

Team Hecko are manufactured in Poland,
The Sterling is very strong compared to the euro at present,
I suggest logging on to ebay germany and purchasing a set for much less than within the uk almost 1.70euro to the pound.
Again i too am gutted for you mate,
Maybe fit a dash cam system with motion detect,

#507949 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 12:47 PM

sorry to hear that mate.
I'm just debating weather to get just the standard one or get the 57s. Just not sure if the extra £70-£100 for the airbox section is worth it

Vicki fitted the K&N57s induction kit today mate,

Its the same circumference as the Green Cotton Performance filter,

However the K&N E-9289 filter has more pleates in it creating a larger area on the cylinder


The side induction filter is an inverted cone set inside the cylinder:


K&N say "Guaranteed Performance Increase"



They have provided two decals at +5bhp each to ensure optimum results :)


I've been in passenger seat and it does have a nice induction sound especially at 2500rpm in 3rd Gear onwards.

Vicki says it feels like the egr valve has been blanked again,
Well the egr is already blanked and remains that way,
She means the performance increase is much the same as the increase felt from blanking egr valve.

Full images install aswell as link to supplier are viewable on July's build thread update,
Link: http://www.fordowner...-2015/?p=507289 O

Already getting 68MPG from the Green Cotton Performance Induction filter,
But ill update regarding MPG etc.
At later date.