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#507884 Boot Stuck Closed

Posted by Lenny on 01 August 2015 - 05:06 AM

Hang on a second,
I went back through archive of images to when i done the second boot light install,
Notice theres two grommets on the lower boot panel:


If you pop these out using a flat head screwdriver,
They should reveal Torx head bolts which retain the lower boot latch bar.


Granted the lower latch wont come up completely when you remove the two torx bolts,
The boot will lift up about one or two inches,

But if you then remove these two plastic plugs loosen then by prying with flat head screwdriver then pull panel to remove completly:


That panel unclips by gently pulling it towards the back seat and upwards in the air.

This should then allow the boot to fully open.

You can then remove panels and check the outer boot handle.

The above images were taken from the following Guides:
De-Wiper Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5:
Additional Boot light install:
Focus Mk2.5 Reverse Camera Install:

#507812 Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Posted by Lenny on 31 July 2015 - 07:04 PM

#507705 Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

Posted by Lenny on 31 July 2015 - 01:47 PM

#507679 Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

Posted by Lenny on 31 July 2015 - 12:50 PM

Sales and Logistics admin at the remarketing side of a company that runs a scheme leasing cars to disability benifit recipiants. Cant say the name due to a online policy they have :P

We could have alot of fun guessing the company name lol
"Rental Deals For Those On Wheels"

How does it work then, if they dont keep up repayments?
I mean in normal circumstances they break your legs but in these situations like it wouldnt really matter...

#507678 Focus Tdci Upgrades

Posted by Lenny on 31 July 2015 - 12:46 PM

Thanks mate.
Perfect timing for it then haha.
Have you fitted your k&n57s-4000 yet? If so have you noticed any different between that and just the standard k&n air filter replacement?

The Wife will hopfully fit it for me tomorrow,
Im still not driving but i can give a passenger's review for now when fitted,
Im expecting an increase from what others say about it and the side port should result in zero restriction.

#507519 Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

Posted by Lenny on 30 July 2015 - 06:48 PM

I'm a Pharmaceutical manufacturing and production Operator in the human health division.

basically I'm a highly over paid scoop monkey :lol:

#507415 Speaker Recommendation

Posted by Lenny on 30 July 2015 - 09:59 AM

Ah thanks. I've seen a few on eBay, always worth getting rid of stuff on there for a few quid, but I can imagine it is a bit of a hassle too for something almost worthless.
I don't quite get your clothes peg method - would a clothes peg even provide enough grip? Plus if they're on the inside, how do I get them out after the speaker is mounted and blocking the hole?

Push the bolt through to the inside the the door,
Opposite way from the way you done the front,

Could use blu-tak either,
Just to hold the bolt in place while you slide on the speaker,
Then secure down with one nut on each.

Head of bolt is inside the door pointing out at you

#507355 Mk6 Fiesta Flame 1.4 Build Log (Was Fiesta Mk6 5 Door Custom Sub)

Posted by Lenny on 30 July 2015 - 12:39 AM

I'm thinking yellow!
Arrived home at 23:30 tonight and decided it would be a good time to level the headlights off ready for Sunday as the passenger side sits lower than the drivers side.
I grabbed the tools, switched the ignition on and turned on the headlights.
5 minutes later I had adjusted both headlights, they're both now slightly higher and level.
I then went to start the engine to "top up' the battery. Flat as a !Removed!!
In the end I had to grab the card for the trusty Renault and pull it from behind the car to level with and jump start it. Took it for a good blast around some country roads (careful on the corners after last time ;) ) and recharged the battery. The headlights are truly amazing now, if I do say so myself. I'm VERY satisfied with the projector install. The battery on the other hand.. not so much!
Also. I spoke to Mitch from inspired automotive yesterday and I've arranged for a set of Inspired Automotive centre caps to be delivered on Friday! I was also expecting a large "teaminspired" windscreen vinyl too but he's having to get some more printed after UltimateDubs! So that's to come in the near future.
Thanks to yunii for sourcing me a mk3 mondeo auto dimming rear view mirror. Cost me £18 with p&p and should be with me for the 4th August.. which I'm pleased to say, I'm not at work till 4pm so I should have time to install! (It's only 2 wires... 3 once I can be motivated to extend the 12v reverse switched from the headunit).

Cant go wrong with a Bosch S4 battery if your looking to change for somthing that can handle accessories such as your mono amp,
Just so happens to be the same colour as your fiesta aswell :)
Not sure which code of Bosch S4 you would require but it will be listed on there website.
Also ensure your cable between the earth terminal and the body of the car is 4AWG or bigger for optimum efficiency.

#507349 Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 11:04 PM

Myself and lenny were also lucky enough yo discover the vast array of connectors and cables that Pioneer headunits have to offer!
Especially when you're running the RCAs for front, rear & sub it's crazy

Ive added two amps a DVB-TV tuner, playstation 2 and 10" roof monitor to mine just adds to the headache of fitting it all in but its capable of playing a movie in the back while doing another task in the front tis awesome.
I have the Pioneer self calibrating microphone if you would like a loan of it PM me address details,
It customises the headunits equaliser settings to optimise audio output from your headunit within your specific vehicle,
Plugs in to the front,
Mount on headrest
Evacuate vehicle for 5 minutes while it calibrates itself.
Link: http://www.fordowner...-2015/?p=434325
The AVH-X8600BT is an awesome headunit excellent purchase mate.
Log on to pioneer website aswell.
There's a software update available for free,
Link: http://www.pioneer.e...600BT/page.html
Download it to memory key and plug in to SLOT:01 to update the firmware From
Version: 1.030000
Version: 1.070400

#507341 Speaker Recommendation

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 10:47 PM

Small update. (I say that now, but turns out this is kind of a long post! Sorry!)
I've determined the rear driver side speaker problem was in fact the speaker. So as a temporary workaround, I came up with a bizarre, but somewhat working solution that wouldn't involve un-riveting. I de-coned one of the no longer used factory front speakers, as well as the non-functional rear speaker, and then in a very rudimentary way, spliced the functional front cone onto the still riveted rear coneless basket.
Problem: front voice coil is much thicker than rear voice coil, so it doesn't really slot into the rear speaker's magnet properly. Plus the rear speaker I guess is coaxial so there's probably some other stuff going on in there preventing the front coil from slotting in. However, at least I'm getting some sound for now.
So my ultimate idea (sticking to my plan of keeping the rear speakers factory, since they seem pretty awesome at bass, which is all I want from the rear) is to get a replacement factory speaker for the rear door, drill out the existing one, and then swap them out. However since I am really not inclined to take the inner door panel off, there isn't any way for me to mount the replacement factory speaker back on (without using rivets)... or is there?
I came up with an idea in my head. Once I have access to the rear speaker hole after drilling out the dud speaker, I will run a bolt through the back of the inner panel, in towards the car. Then with one nut and washer, secure the bolt onto the inner panel. Do the same for the other two nuts and bolts until I have three secured bolt ends sticking out into the car. This should provide a mounting point for the factory speaker, then just use a second nut for each bolt on top of the speaker bracket. And as for a gap created by the first nut between the speaker mount and door panel, I plan to fill that with two or three layers or draught excluder foam to create a nice tight seal (before actually bolting the speaker on, so it's a nice tight squeeze).
I know it's definitely not an elegant solution, but I can't see any faults with it... can you guys?

Cant see any problem with this plan mate,
Id use cloths pegs to grip the bolts in place,
Then only one nut to secure the speaker down,
Grip bolt wilt a pliers and tighten nut with a spanner
Resulting in zero gap.

Im genuinly gutted now i binned a full set of factory speakers last March as i never thought they would be of use to anyone,
I could have sent em over to you.

#507311 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 09:27 PM

Picked these up in my local Tesco Store for fitting inside the oil catch tank:


nbstyling.co.uk also stock a full range of Hybrid :o
Yes a full range of ybrid Turbos! Even for the 1.4TDCi engine, Roll That Coal Baby!!
With a Hybrid turbo and a few other turbo supporting mods such as 2.5" exhaust you can take your 1.6TDCi up to 170Bhp :lol:

This however would need 110 injectors, a kevlar clutch and rear brake discs for sure,
Sadly not just a case of fitting a turbo and remapping if your seeking to do things properly.

Final item purchased and to arrive this month was from eBay seller "BlueChargeDirect"
Supplied me with a 3 Metre Gold RCA Audio to 3.5mm Jack cable,
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370895027076


This cable will be added to the Xtrons 10.1" HD roof mounted monitor Guide i completed last April link: http://www.fordowner...focus-mk2-mk25/

This cable will plug in to the 3.5mm jack at the rear of the Pioneer AVH-8600BT Headunit carrying audio from the Headunit out from 3.5mm connection to RCA inputs on the rear 10.1" Monitor.

This cable will allow the rear monitor to receive the audio from a video source playing in the pioneer headunit.
The rear monitor can then transmit the audio out via iR signal to the rear seat passengers wearing compatable wireless headphones,
Such as these: http://xtrons.co.uk/...ccessories.html
Meaning the Pioneer headunit can play a DVD, TV or PlayStation 2 to the monitor in the back with sound via headphones for the rear passengers while also playing the radio, Bluetooth steaming, CD or MP3 playback to the passengers in the front via the car speakers all at the same time without the use of the rear monitors built in DVD drive aswell.
Again this cable is another item that will be a while before i can actually fit to the car but i will eventually get it fitted when capable.

"Respect to the Man in the Nightline van"
ParcelMotel saved me over 25 pounds on shipping the above items across from the UK to Republic Of Ireland this month,
see www.parcelmotel.com for more info and to sign up :)

In other news this month;


I've had an upcoming feature Interview via email with Ben from Connects2
Connects2 are the Market Leader in Europe for the supply of car Audio Interfaces including Canbus systems.
Connects2 also provide custom fit high quality reverse cameras aswell as many other high quality items,
I've used a lot of there products in process of this build thread
Tweet: @Connects2

Ben is the Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinator at Connects2 Ltd and the Star of many C2 YouTube Product video's
I met Ben via Twitter in January when i was sourcing suppliers for some parts in the build thread including the reverse camera and 1.0 Fared Capacitor,

Connects2 very kindly later asked me to feature an interview;
This is my second ever motor related media interview and i must say it was quite enjoyable the questions i was asked brought back some fantastic memories :)

Final bit of news then was having read Kieran's (GingerFlame) build thread earlier in the month
where he sustained a sidewall puncture to one of his tyre link to discussion:

This discussion remind me to check the condition of my own front tyres,
I've had the rear Avon ZV5 replaced back in February of this year as saw on page 73 of this build and there's still plenty of thread on them,
However the fronts have been fitted since August 2014 and they were almost down to the rubber bridge in the threads,


So back to my local Tyre Specialist with eh deep pockets two Avon ZV5 225/40ZR18 92W please,
Special order from Avon in the UK 135 euro each fitted,
Going for 18's isn't so appealing when your replacing the tyres yo!
I wouldn't fit anything other than Avon there awesome tyres and my local tyre specialist is top man for quality service two great company's i will remain tied to for life :)
Old picture of tyre fitting here as currently unable to drive,
I wasnt there for fitting this time around but pictures help keep things interesting.


New tyres fitted to rear and rears put on front as it should be done,
Fronts should last until January, generally get around 10-12 Months out of a pair.


Overall July has been quite an expensive month in maintenance costs due to wear & tare aswell as the exchange rate being at an all time low between Sterling and euro, (1.00 euro = 0.60 pence )

However as you can see above; General Maintenance can be fun when you replace worn out parts with upgraded aftermarket items.

Money can also be saved by purchasing wipers and fitting yourself rather than leaving it to the garage to supply and fit.

Next Month:
The Focus is going to an independent Garage to have the aftermarket brake discs & pads fitted,

Its then going in to a ford garage to have:
fuel filter changed,
Pollen filter changed,
Oil & filter changed,
Cant see Ford being capable of catching me for anything else at this point in service since its all been done prior to leaving it in :lol:
And you may question at this point:
"Lenny why are you going to two Garages for Service"

Well i believe a Genuine Ford Fuel filter gives best flow and MPG,
The pollen filter is also prone to leaks if not done properly so ill leave it to Ford to replace.

Thanks for reading, next update will be a review the service at Ford Dealership.
Comments Welcome :)

#507310 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 09:26 PM

#507307 Eve, It's Time For A Face Lift (mk2 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0)

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 09:13 PM

Some more pics...
attachicon.gif15 07 29 - Wrap 1.JPG
attachicon.gif15 07 29 - Wrap 2.JPG
attachicon.gif15 07 29 - Wrap 3.JPG
attachicon.gif15 07 29 - Wrap 4.JPG
attachicon.gif15 07 29 - Wrap 5.JPG
It's going to take a while to get used to the blueness! The finish is good, but it looks a little too civilised at the moment... black wheels should hopefully go some way to sorting that out.
It's quite dusty as it's been parked outside on an industrial estate all day so needs a clean. I was also advised that I should give it a wax. I guess it's time to head to Halfords with my new discount card to exploit their 3 for 2 offer on cleaning products!

Wow the wrap looks awesome mate,
Looks just like paint even on the front lower grill and everything looks perfect.

#507289 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 08:01 PM

The time has come around again for the car to have a full service done on it,

As result; this update is mainly the replacing of worn out service items,
as parts need replacing I'm upgrading to premium aftermarket alternatives where possible; this way you get the most value from the existing stock parts prior to upgrading resulting in most value for money.

First item to arrive this month was from eBay seller: "ClickAMotorPart" supplied me with a set of COMLINE 278mm Drilled & Grooved Front Brake Discs complete with some Mintex front brake pads:





These Sport Brakes are the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the current OE braking performance to greatly improve response without fitting bigger brakes which cost alot more and contributing to "Un Sprung Mass"
The sports discs offer less brake fade during heavy breaking thanks to there combination of grooves and holes allowing the gasses and heat to channel away faster and easier allowing for longer stopping performance.

Please Note:
The discs vary in size on the 1.6TDCi Focus,
the link here is for 278MM BRAKE DISCS (NOT 300MM)
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300847032462

Check sellers store for the 300MM size Disc if required these are 278MM Discs featured,

In order to find out "what size are my discs"
Remove the wheel and measure the disc at longest point from tip to tip as saw below:


Prior to having these fitted by a professional mechanic;
I've purchased a spray can of Hammerite Smooth Finish Silver paint, roll of masking tape and some Halfords Paint Preparation wipes to clean the surface of the disc prior to applying paint,


I masked up the main surface of the discs aswell as the hub face area and spray painted the spacer sections of the discs to prevent rust and keep them silver for a lot longer when fitted.
I've masked up the hub face area because when fitting the Discs; copper grease is applied to the hub face in order to prevent the alloy wheel from bonding to the hub when the disc becomes hot.

Painting at a table is one of the few jobs i can do at present due to fracture,
Its nice to be doing somthing a bit productive again and somewhat preventative maintenance ;)

All brake discs have a film of oil applied to them to protect from rusting when in storage,
Since I'm not fitting them yet I've masked up the disc area that i don't want to paint; prior to using the Halfords pain preparation wipes to ensure i don't remove the protective oil from an area that wont be protected prior to fitment on the car.

Here's the area before prep wipes,
Quite oily,
i also used some cotton buds to remove oil from the ring crevice


Left for 20 minutes to dry and here it is ready for paint:


Spray painted left again for drying,



Both back in there box's now ready for fitting :)



Now the Mintex pads (Part Number: MDB2634)
That came with the cross drilled & Grooved discs are slightly better than stock pads,
However having spoken to two local mechanics whom have had this type of setup themselves on there own cars;

They both advised me that these acquired Mintex pads would wear out quite quickly when fitted with these discs,
They both recommended i purchase some EBC GreenStuff pads (Part number: DP21524)
Which would be a much better match for the upgrade discs providing a 15% increase in braking performance over stock with lower carbon deposit on the rims,

I searched eBay and Google with the EBC GreenStuff part number "DP21524" and found them available cheapest purchasing directly from EBC brake shop.com
Link: http://www.ebcbrakes...4_p23484186.htm
Some eBay sellers advertise cheaper but charge more for shipping making them more expensive in the end :rolleyes:

The EBC shop is straight from factory with free UK shipping and here they are ready for fitting along with the discs with thanks to ParcelMotel:








Next item to arrive this month was from eBay seller "mrsilicone"
Supplied me with a set of Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines in my colour of choice "ow yes" Canary Yellow :)
Fitment is for All Ford Focus MKII inc. C-Max same lines for rear discs and rear drums on the Mk2 & Mk2.5
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351373191753



While in the process of upgrading the brake discs and pads to uprated aftermarket replacements;
I figured the factory fitted rubber brake lines are the only remaining weak spot in any stock automotive braking system that should be addressed while the other associated parts are being swapped out at the same time.

The standard braking system consists of a brake fluid resivour that feeds fluid to a brake master cylinder,
The Cylinder is controlled by of course the brake pedal and in todays motors an ESP module aswell,
The brake master cylinder feeds the brake fluid through the esp control module via hard steel pipes continuing then via individual pipes to each wheel arch of the car,
These pipes are completely solid mandrel bent non flexible lines capable of handling high pressure and heat inside without any expansion or deterioration in performance,
As standard a flexible rubber brake line then bridges the gap between each of these hard pipe's and the brake drum or brake caliper on each hub,
Due to moving parts it is impossible to have a complete hard pipe system.

Standard factory fit brake lines are simply rubber hoses which serve there purpose quite well in carrying brake fluid to the pistons inside the caliper; but the integrity of the rubber can weaken and expand like a baloon under heavy or brisk repetitive braking especially when the brake fluid and brakes discs heat up;
This expansion within the hose reduces the amount of end pressure that finally pushes the brake pads on to the brake discs thus reducing braking performance on say for example the 4th close cut bend of a brisk country road, with standard brake lines the stopping performance wouldnt be quite as powerful as once was on first or second bend.


Braided brake lines are a Teflon hose inside woven strands of stainless steel which eliminates any room for hose expansion what so ever forcing all pressure to be applied where its supposed to be and needed most: inside the pistons behind the brake pads pressing them against the disc.


The coloured sleeve is fitted over the braided hose to give it some aesthetic pleasure aswell as protect the stainless Steel strands from scuffing off any other metal part on the hub.

So why choose yellow?
Well i had a choice of carbon print, blue, lime green, red, black, white, orange, pink, yellow or glow in the dark green.
If this was my mother-in-laws car; id have chosen the glow in the dark lines for sure :lol:
Save any guess work when snipping in the dark they would be glowing ;)
Here's a link to the Glow in the Dark version for all Mk2 Focus & C-Max Models exc. ST & RS models
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351373190769

I personally chose yellow because they will be a nice math next to PowerFlex bushes when the time comes for existing bushes to be changed out or Some WhiteLine rear Drop links.

The yellow brake lines wont really be visible from the kerb side; only when tyre removed or car is on a ramp,
However the difference will be felt in braking efficiency much like a remap for the brake pedal; more power for less effort on the pedal.



Next item to arrive was from eBay seller "ProdigyMotorSport"
Supplied me with the mighty K&N 57S 4000 Performance Induction Kit,
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151572141725



Guaranteed Performance Increase,
To make sure of this; K&N include two stickers amounting to +5bhp each!!




I have been against K&N in the past as saw in my guide here: http://www.fordowner...-fitting-guide/
At the time of fitting & creating the guide; Green Cotton Performance was the leading product and still are in terms of a straight swap upgrade which does improve performance & MPG for under 60 pounds.
I'm now at a stage where my Green Induction filter needs a clean or replacement,

Rather than purchase a cleaning kit i figured id purchase a replacement filter altogether.
On researching today's market i found K&N have created what they call the 57s-4000 which consists of a larger than stock induction filter, 
Its so much larger; K&N have manufactured and supplied a bigger induction hosing lid to case the mother :)



The filter itself also has a top side port consists of an inverted cone style filter inside the cylinderfilter set inside the main cylinder and capped inside which draws more cold air in through the side of the box,



The blue arrow in the image below shows the black blanking cap which is at the top of the inside cone,


The pink inverted cone filter saw in the images above; is a separate filter from the main cylinder, it does not symbolise the depth of the main cylinder these are two separate filters on the cylinder
As you can see in image below which has been taken from inside the filter you can clearly see the inverted side induction filter entering at the top.


This side port can also be closed off using supplied plug for winter months when its better to have more restricted flow of cold air in diesel engines because diesel wax's in freezing conditions.


Now fitted to the focus replacing the stock lid.



I will post a personal review on the performance increase gained by this filter at a later date when I'm capable of driving again myself.
However "VickiW" has driven it and says it feels like the increase gained from blanking the EGR Valve and myself can hear a nice induction woosh :lol:

Thanks to Vicki for fitting the filter to the focus under my instruction.

Next service item to arrive was from eBay seller "ultimatecareparts"
Supplied me with a pair of Michelin Stealth Hybrid Wiper blades,
In sizes 19" and 22"
Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400536365770


I normally religiously fit Bosch Aero wiper blades and have done prior to the last two service intervals (cheaper than Ford and last longer),
Bosch Blades have been excellent quality however I've made the mistake of purchasing these Michelin Stealth Hybrid Wiper Blades this time around as i thought they looked nice and they have Received "Auto Express Product of The Year Award 2014"


Sadly guys;
I dont recommend these Michelin Stealth Hybrid blades for the focus now atall, :(
They come with dozens of model specific clips to fit various wiper arm styles,
The adaptor which fits the focus is too thin thus allowing for a bit of movement in the blade and you can see a section of the support bolt is exposed,

Nothing Stealth about them atall the fitment couldn't look any more aftermarket to be fair :lol:
This set of Michelin Blades are now in my Recycle wheelie bin where i hope they will be taken and reformed in to somthing half decent to be honest :/

With regards to fitting wipers in general most people probably leave this job to the Dealership or Garage to change the wipers as part of the service,
However you can save yourself up to 35.00 euro by purchasing and fitting them yourself prior to having the car serviced at a dealership or garage cut out the middle man,
See my Guide Changing Wiper Blades Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
Link: http://www.fordowner...focus-mk2-mk25/

I strongly recommend Bosch wiper blades as always.
Purchased a set from Micksgarage.ie and replaced the front wipers no messing around with Bosch.



I'll be having the fuel filter changed by Ford as part of a service in the coming weeks,
I wanted to make the most value out of the upcoming fuel filter change by sourcing a cleaning product that would flush all dirt and contaminates through from the fuel tank and lines to the existing fuel filter prior to having it changed.

I spoke to a few mechanics via Twitter asking them what product is best for the job without stripping oil from the engine like RedEx does,
They recommended i use this Fuel additive from XADO Ireland said to be "The Business"
link: http://www.xadoirela...&products_id=26





It looks like two bottles but its actually one bottle and a screw on spout,
I must say the stuff looks quality and to my surprise; the bottle is made from aluminium :o not the usual plastic construction,
Would make a great sugar dispenser when empty lol spout and everything.
Ill have it put in the tank just before filling up with 50ltrs of Diesel then have the filter changed as part of service in coming weeks.

Next service item was purchased locally at Halfords
Supplied me with a 1ltr bottle of Comma DOT4 Synthetic clutch&brake fluid
Link: http://www.halfords....3&storeId=11101



Saved 15% (02.10) off RRP.
Thanks to the forum members discount card :)


Next item to arrive was from CrudePerformance.co.uk supplied a 25mm Custom Built Oil Catch Tank Kit for the 1.6TDCi Engine,


This 25mm Oil Catch Tank kit
Link: http://www.nbstyling...k/store/?pID=23
Prevents oil vapours from the crank case recirculating and condensing in the induction chamber,
I recommend fitting one of these just as much as fitting an EGR blanking plate because they both prevent contamination to the induction air being drawn in to the combustion chamber,

The oil catch tank wont directly increase driving performance like blanking the EGR Valve does; but it will play a significant part in prolonging turbo life aswell as improving intercooler efficiency by preventing any further oil from condensing and filling the intercooler which reduces its cooling performance.

Choice of piping colours: Red, Black or Blue.




This item will also help prolong turbo life by catching the engine oil and vapours being expelled from the rocker cover crank case,
Condensing them in the pot where they can be gathered and drained instead of recirculating in to the induction chamber,


The kit is well worth every penny spent,
The craftsmanship is perfect,
It also comes with fully illustrated fitting instructions for fitting to the 1.6TDCi Fiesta as saw in image below:


Sadly It will be a while before im able to fit this item myself but when i do;
ill be following this great detailed guide by Darren (DEE_82) whom has a guide on fitting to the Focus 1.6TDCi,
Link: http://www.fordowner...nstall-16-tdci/

Having watched the recent MightyCarMods Video (See Video Below)
ill also be fitting a clean scouring pads as saw in the picture below; inside the oil catch tank to assist in the condensing of oil vapours by creating a greater amount of contact surfaces within the container.

#507256 1.6 Tdci Dpf Delete

Posted by Lenny on 29 July 2015 - 06:33 PM

Ok well thanks very much for all the information ☺ highly appreciated! As I say mines not causing any problems yet cars currently on 66k so hopefully the ceramic dpf will last a long time yet. I'm currently working on an oil catch for the crankcase breather and a few other engine bits

Bought my 1.6TDCi breather tank from these guys, just as important as blanking the egr valve in my opinion: