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#422953 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 26 October 2014 - 04:00 PM

#422946 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 26 October 2014 - 03:07 PM

What you mentioned about the capacitor attached to the amp drawing the most power makes sense. Now I need to go find where I put the capacitor :P
Don't think I will bother getting the whole thing rewired to 0AWG as it's a lot of work for a system that is already working well at present. 
Regarding shipping and Parcel Motel, I am just glad you got it sorted and got the item. One to strike off the memories and learn from the experience in my opinion.

A 1.5 farad should be easy enough found mate, i sure wouldn't like to hit my foot off it when going to the toilet at middle of the night thats for sure :lol:
I once had a vibe 1.5 farad, i bought it but never used it, ended up making a loss selling it too, cost a fortune on shipping post office thought it was a pipe bomb :lol:

I've not opened my 4AWG packs yet and i wouldn't bother changing to 0AWG neither mate,
I reckon two cables feeding independently is still better particularly when one is bass only,
The pulses in the lines would be completely different,

Regarding shipping and Parcel Motel, I am just glad you got it sorted and got the item. One to strike off the memories and learn from the experience in my opinion.
Radio World, and I honestly thing they must have miscalculated this, charged me £12 to ship the custom enclosure and 2 bulk packs of Silent Coat, which made the whole thing a very heavy parcel, about the same size as the cardboard box you got! At the time, I had emailed them and they said it was the same price to deliver to N.Ireland or Ireland. So, I got it delivered to my door and it was a steal :)


#422900 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 26 October 2014 - 11:32 AM

Great read through the recent posts. Finally the sub enclosure has reached you and good to see it fits perfect. I love mine and I reckon yours will look even tidier with what you are planning to do with your install.
Quick q: how could you install 1 capacitor for the 2 amplifiers if you have 2 dedicated red power lines supplying the 2 amplifiers. I have a 1.5Farad capacitor at home that I got before and never bothered to install it with the new amps. Would it make a significant difference to the install? Amps are: mono block 150W rms @4ohms and 4 channel 600W rms @4ohms for reference

Thanks mate,
Now two of us in Ireland with the custom sub enclosure,
The enclosure was an expensive purchase to get hold of in the end additional 75euro expences but thankfully its here now,
How much was shipping on yours?

Regarding your capacitor,
Id fit it to the amplifier thats drawing most current,
In your case the 4channel Rockford fosgate 4 channel.

In order to power both amps from the one 1.5 farad cap,
You would need to run a single 0AWG fused power feed from the battery to the capacitor,
Upgrade the battery to earth 12" long cable to 0AWG aswell,
Then fused 4AWG feeds from both outputs on the Capicitor to each amplifier,
Generally subs create most draw on power,
But they say anything under 500watts doesn't really need a capacitor atall,
So id fit it to filter the line feeding your 4channel amp as its over 500watts,
In effect it will leave more power in the cars battery for the subs amplifier to feed from,
No harm fitting a 1.5 farad its capable of up to 1500watts before the battery suffers heavy draw,
If running 1000watts from it, just means the battery will never suffer heavy draw when at full belt thats all,
You could always purchase an additional Stinger 1 farad Nitrous bottle style capacitor look sweet lol


Fyi: as long as anyone can, stay away from Tramadol. The side effects are not pleasant and dependency issues arise with long term use along with reduced efficacy.

+1 mate
Im off them since 14:00 friday,
Very tired slept from 17:00 yesterday to 06:00 today,
Irritating tickle at random parts of body aswell as dizzy spells and tingling tongue,
I asked vicki to walk on me yesterday to supplement the powerful blow to the mind those tramadol give ya :lol:
Nah im on Melfen now and tolerate the pain,
Only tip at the tramadol when its really bad or ive hurt it doing somthing i shouldn't.
Definitely staying off them for couple of weeks,

#422832 Mk2.5 Front Bumper?

Posted by Lenny on 26 October 2014 - 06:19 AM

Easier to put a mk2 st or cc coupe bumper on that way its just the bumper and the lower grill for the bumper

+1 they do look tidy:





#422831 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 26 October 2014 - 05:56 AM

Oh Clivey ...
Firstly you don't even live with him & I know ud secretly love to punch him
Secondly hormones make you do things you otherwise might hold back
Thirdly I'm pretty sure that occasion was around the same time he dragged a 8month preggers lady around ikea just so he could get the meatballs there & when I tried to look at the furniture he says "ahh not sure if ikea stuff would be up to fire safety standards" & it's nearly a 2hour drive to it

I don't remember it being a piece of furniture it was some design of electrical lamp that had potential for fire :rolleyes: we were on the browse for a triple sleeper bunk bed, (double bottom, single on top) which we continued to purchase elsewhere online Victoria, food is cheap in ikea so thought I'd treat you on the way home aswell as an ice-cream then ya go bad mouthing me on the forum jeezz  

He sounds like a right nightmare ;)
Give him a dig from me :P
(Sorry Lenny :D )

thanks for that clive lol i thought we was friends,

Remind me...which one of you is pregnant? ROFL

:lol: big bird


#422721 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 25 October 2014 - 03:25 PM

Tramadol does mess with you a bit, and I tend to stay off it as much as possible for the same reason, Congrats on the wedding and lasting all this time with a hormonal Victoria lol. 
have you just got the focus now, i still have mine well our lass still has my old one lol. good luck with the install, and taking that much interior out wont be good for the back man.
I am fine mate, Jeep has me skint. clutch went last saturday as thrust bearing seized and cut through pressure plate lol. going out playing in it tomorrow so ill try not to break it lol.
Heres a vid of 3 month ago you should go on my channel and have a look, i cant remember last one i sent you.

Cheers mate,
Still just got the focus now,
Figured id upgrade sound system to drown out her voice instead of a separate vehicle,
The install is last time ill be removing interior panels so im giving myself a week to do it,
In full health could do it in 3 days but im getting old now lol

Sounds like a lota lota thrust was behind those bearings mate,
5 star health and safety regulations there with the guy hanging off the passenger side,
Would ya not unlock the door and give the poor lad a lift?
haven't saw one since may/june i think it was

#422717 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 25 October 2014 - 03:13 PM

Woohoo I think I married someone else cus I got married August 22nd not 28th as Lenny mentioned above...must be a boy kicking ye into line!

See thats the tablets lol csnt even remember day i got married F.S :rolleyes:

#422710 Only One Reversing Light !

Posted by Lenny on 25 October 2014 - 03:00 PM

What's wrong with one reverse light? You're never going to see it unless someone else drives your car so why is it a big deal?


#422705 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 25 October 2014 - 02:50 PM

What yer up to now Lenny, Any crack since ive been off ?

Hi George :)
Good to hear from ya,

Attended RS Owners Club meet saw here: http://www.fordowner...oss-co-wexford/

Attended the first ever Foc Ireland meet as saw here:

Got married 28th August

Currently piecing together a sound system, and a few little extras since September,
Plan is to strip out the complete interior in march/April 2015 when the climate begins to promote life again outside,
Sound proof the body, lay all the cables and label em up,

Replace speakers and run new cables,
After that I'm looking to change the factory centre console switches to a custom fit aftermarket kit car style,
Fill and sand over exiting switches,
Drill and fit new ones followed by hydro dip carbon print for a seamless finish.

Latest update on the lumber spine,
Its not going to get better, they told me ill never do manual labour ever again,
Hence my piecing together of all parts with a view of fitting all in 5 days I'm not really able to do it but I'm doing it anyway, plenty of tramadol and horse on with it,
One last time install.

Speaking of tramadol they have my head astray aswell so trying to keep off em now and tolerate the pain a bit more.

Also as Vicki says baby due 14th November,
Done a cast of the bump there two weeks ago lol
The babies not even born and its kickin me lol

Vicki was spooning last week in the bed and i awoke to being kicked or punched at 2am :lol:

How are you?

#422667 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 25 October 2014 - 12:38 PM

The shocker continues,

Ok the Custom 10" sub enclosure was free shipping within the UK,
Had it sent to Parcel Motel in Antrim,
It arrived with them yesterday,
They then contacted to say delivery would cost 52 euro for this oversized item,

So i paid that yesterday and assumed it would arrive at the door on Tuesday morning instead of the local collection lockers,
No! :(
Got another message from Parcel Motel at 21:30 last night saying "your oversized delivery is now awaiting your collection at our depot in Finglas co. Dublin,
Alternatively you can arrage delivery to your personal address at an additional fee of 21.75 euro

:lol: no chance,
Had i known the payment of 52 was only going to bring it to there dublin depot id have driven up to Antrim depot myself,

Cost be 14 euro diesel to drive up to Finglas and back home again, they wanted 22 euro just to send the item one way.

Don't get me wrong; parcel Motel are a fantastic service and extremely cheap for small items,
But beware they will whip out a 14" strap on and ride you to death with it,
If you purchase somthing that doesn't fit in there lockers,

I left the house at 7am to collect the delivery,
While on route to Finglas depot i got a text from parcel motel informing me there was a delivery awaiting collection at the local drop off point so i collected that on the route home,

Amplifier for the FM aerial arrived from Liquid Ice,
Costing three times less than halfords Ireland,
Link to item:

Compared to halfords:

Overall with parcel Motel shipping i got it for 6.72 euro :)


Most car manufacturers now fit aerial amplifier's inside the headunit to boost AM/FM reception,
This boost is lost when changing to aftermarket,
Some people blame the aerial and go to lengths of installing a new one,
But there's nothing wrong with the aerial, it just needs an aftermarket inline signal booster,

Anyways i arrived at the depot 08:22am this morning.



Had the two kids with me, they thought the place was going to be full of minions :lol:

Sadly wasn't,
Just an interlock door system and a glass window. Felt like a gun shop lol,
I began to explain the reason for my existence to the guy behind the glass but mid flight conversation he shot me down yo :lol:
Pointing to the self service computer says "use dah"
So i entered my mobile number followed by collection pin number,
Screen then informed me to sit tight as a member of staff will present it to me in a moment.

Hearing a few bangs and Wallop's in the neighbouring Corroder i knew the parcel was coming close :)

Now when i saw it i was like WTF!!
Its oversized for sure,
RadioWorld have packaged it extremely well, and providing free shipping shir who cares how big it is,

This oversized packaging led to me being charged over 50 quid on delivery half way to home,

Check it out y'all size of the box :o



Way over packaged,
At this poin id also like to show you the fantastic job our next door neighbours have done in there front garden for Halloween looks brilliant :)


Anyways opened up the delivery when i finally got it home,
Its one box slid inside the other:

Gold plated binding plug connections on the rear




All looking fantastic until i saw this:


:o does that say Focus Mk1....

Quickly got vicki to give me a lift with it out to trial fit in the car,
Last thing i need now is to contemplate return shipping I'm already out around 70 euro on retrieval.

Got it in to the car and thank GOD the label is wrong,
This is the custom enclosure for the Mk2



This sub enclosure is more/less the final piece of the essential foundations giving full visual on the plan,

Every other item on the list now is just straight swap really,
The delivery today is key to completing the amplifier mounting board and final decision on routing of the cables,

I can trial fit it now and complete the creation of the MDF cavity sheet,
The existing plan of a 9mm cavity isn't enough depth to fit in the vibe FastPlug,


Thankfully i can now see exactly what space is available for a cavity so ill make the panel surrounded slips out of thicker MDF to fill this gap,



Ill also need to custom manufacture two z brackets,
To support the sub enclosure tight to the boot panels,
Creating two z shaped brackets from steel and painted black,

Hook them in under the boot plastic panel,


Then hook the other end to the face of the sub enclosure preventing it from sliding,

#422534 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 24 October 2014 - 10:58 PM

Had a lot of reading to catch up on and kudos on getting this whole debacle sorted! Can't wait to see it posted here. I remember how heavy my one was and like you said, taking the hit for postage is something we are well used to here in Ireland :P
I had to have a read through the Radio World shop feedback on Ebay and they are not great. They must either be in trouble financially or have very inept workers there. I hope they get themselves sorted as I had no issues dealing with them a few months back and charged me a reasonable fee for shipping it to Ireland. 
Spade connectors will come in handy and will make a tidy job of the speakers. 

Thanks mate,
The gold plated spade connectors seemed a good idea for connection, had spsre paypal funds so thought id try em out,
To my surprise parcel motel deliver to the collection points on Saturdays so ill have some updates tomorrow including the custom sub enclosure :)

Btw, that colour for that Focus looks Olive Green to me. Unusual and I never seen one that colour. Definitely an option. Also, saw a Lime Green Focus RS today around Tullamore and it was a beaut!

yes the RS green is lovely,
Although the ride height of the RS is quite high,
Theres two around here one green and one polar White,
Apparently there's a total of 19 RS focus mk2 registered in the republic and only three of those are green,
Six white, nine blue and one matt black 500 model,

#422370 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 24 October 2014 - 01:08 PM


Bit of a Shocker!
The third party collection company contacted me to confirm receipt of the delivery :)
However they charged me 52 to deliver it ouch!!
Still cheaper than the sellers price of 132 shipping to Ireland,
At least its turned up and on the way,
Seems you can save money on shipping most items, but when it comes to a 9.5kg MDF box seems you've just gotta take a hit on the shipping.
Unless your a UK resident of course,

#422300 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 24 October 2014 - 07:18 AM

Spotted an unusual colour of focus yesterday while parking in maternity unit at local hospital yesterday :rolleyes: haven't saw one on the forum this colour before,
I was going to start a new topic for it but might not be of much interest just an observation.


#422283 Only One Reversing Light !

Posted by Lenny on 24 October 2014 - 03:45 AM

I have a 10 year old Focus Ghia TDCi.  When I bought it, I was surprised to see that it had only one reversing light and only one rear fog lamp.  When did this cheepskate idea start? My old Rover 216 (which I drove for 22 years) had two of each, and so did most other cars of that vintage. I would have thought that a Ghia trim would have included a full set of lamps! Did no-one tell the cheese-paring manufacturers that you need two reversing lights when you back into a dark driveway?

Get the left hard drive reverse. Modify it to fit 2 bulbs and wire in reverse at both sides. Works a treat :)

Here's a guide to performing this on the Mk1/mk1.5 focus:

I recommend this guy for some 15amp cable and tape:
Purchase Qty: 2 to receive a 4 metre length.


LHD reverse unit:

Factory loom plug:
You can also ource this from breakers,
Snip loom plug with some loom from the reverse or fog side,
Its required to plug in to the additional bulb socket.

And if desired some cree reverse bulbs clive has linked you to the premium latest model, they may be a bit big for the mk1/1.5 housing when fitting a red fog aswell so heres the first model cree Q5 instead may fit better,

Also Cree RED rear fog:

In my opinion it would have been cheaper and more ascetically pleasant had ford just fitted clear lenses on both sides in all country's then changed the loom depending on the country to have the fog light on alternative sides as required,
Cheaper to make all clear lenses rather than having a machine making red lenses too.

#422133 Focus Mk 2.5 Sony Head Unit In A Mk 2 05 Plate Focus?

Posted by Lenny on 23 October 2014 - 06:42 PM

Hello, I'm new here and just have a few questions about the audio part of the car.
Just bought an 05 plate 1.4 LX Ford Focus (MK2) for my first car, and it comes with the CD6000 head unit (CDDJ not AUX), since AUX is all I need, I'd rather go with the more stock look instead of an aftermarket stereo, but the original head unit is very dull and it has no AUX option. 
First question, are there any AUX alternatives other than an FM transmitter for a quick temporary fix until I swap the head units over? I've looked on Ebay but can't seem to find any, some other cars have an option to trick the head unit in to thinking the source is the CD changer, but it has actually been changed to AUX, I need something like that.
Secondly, I want to buy the newer Sony head units which you see in MK 2.5 08 onwards Focus', the glossy black ones, will it be as simple as buying one on Ebay and sticking it in? Which additional wires will I have to buy? Has anyone done this, as I'm wondering if everything went fine and if the sound was still working (all speakers still working). Any help is appreciated. :)
Oh, and how do I go about sticking in a slim subwoofer for a little extra umph? Will they fit in the back of the Sony HU? Or is that simply not possible unless I buy an after market stereo? (As you can tell, I'm not an expert on car audio haha but I do have general automotive knowledge from over the years) 
Any help is appreciated as mentioned before. Thank you! :)

Dude I've just sold a mk2.5 sony head unit complete with silver stereo surround panel,

Would fit straight in to your dash,
Main dash is same 2005-2011

Aux port is a silver hole in top of glovebox,

Im removing my stock aux port too, so if ford are charging for loom and aux port seperate,
Then get in touch ill supply aux socket.
I cant supply loom as its linked in to my factory loom cant remove it.

As for the sub,

I recommend you purchase a custom built focus sub enclosure:

You will then need an RCA outputs adaptor to splice in to stock speaker feeds giving you RCA outputs to run to your mono amp,
See link:

You then need a mono amp

Im also selling custom built amplifier mounting boards to fit rear seat,
Ready for covering in carpet see here:

You will need a 8AWG amp installation kit recommend:
Im currently selling one brand new minus RCA cable,

And finally a 10" sub