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#491683 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 06:18 PM

Thought it was 15% off anything and 10% off bikes? :)

Atleast 10% everytime the college students behind the counter always over estimate it anyways lol
"everyone's a winner baby, that's the truth"

#491646 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 04:02 PM

Ahh even better I'll do that, any ideas what I could use the extra power supply for?

Ive just put a 12V socket on mine,
Here's the guide if others are interested:
You could use it to feed a voltage gauge or usb socket then fit a wifi router,
Router is great for streaming spotify via bluetooth to the headunit.
Or power a portable fridge, playstation 2 or electric blanket.

I wouldnt recommend powering an amplifier from it to be honest not even a Class D,
Best to run dedicated fused feeds from the battery for the amps.

#491638 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 03:38 PM

Free money!!!everyone loves a bargain. Thinking about using the spare 12v wire in the boot I see you discovered for some led strips round the sub for the extra show off factor ;)

Sounds good mate,
Id splice them in to the boot light power supply instead;
This way they will automaticlly switch on/off when the boot opens/closes and wont drain your battery.

#491635 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 03:28 PM

Not a bad deal could get them to price match than a further 15% off. Forgot to thank you for your previous response - awesome job on the build.

No prob mate theres alot of reading there lol cheers,
Ive mistakenly gotten 30% off before;
Purchased a Vibe 8AWG wiring kit using the discount card,
Went back next day without a reciept and exchanged it for a vibe 4AWG wiring kit and produced the discount card on purchase,
They give me money back out of the till

#491630 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 03:21 PM

If planning to spend at Halfords,
I recommend signing up to premium membership on the forum here to receive a 10% lifetime Halfords discount card,
Use it every time you go, helps alot
10% off all automotive
15% off all bike


#491530 Mk7 Fiesta Zetecs Sound System

Posted by Lenny on 01 June 2015 - 09:58 AM

ive blown one of my front speakers now I was in the future going to change all my audio but it's looking like I might have to do it now. But I'm stuck on what to do and what speakers to get and do I have to change my head unit aswell ,that's what people keep telling me but I don't want to cause I like my head unit. Any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated ✌️

Hi Katie,
It all depends on how much you want to spend really,
How long you plan to keep the car i.e is it worth a good investment or a quick fix.

You can upgrade speakers now;
And add an amplifier to them at a later date.

I recommend JL Audio C3 speakers if you plan on keeping the car a few years,
Pioneer if seeking a quick fix for reasonable sound,
Either way your fronts will be a 6.5" component fitment,

You will need aftermarket speaker adaptors to house your new speakers.

Cheapest uk supplier of JL Audio is www.soundevo.co.uk

So if changing front speakers the shopping list would be:

Replacement door card clips:

Front Speaker adaptors:

Dei Boom 6.5" speaker baffles:

Recommended JL Audio Speakers:

Then go to local DIY store purchase:
Eight M6 x 25 stainless steel bolts
Eight M6 Nylon lock nuts stainless steel

These are used to secure the aftermarket speaker brackets to the doors.

Regardless of 6.5" component speaker brand; the fitting method is the same using the brackets,
Alternatively Pioneer 6.5" components:

You can add an amplifier to these speakers at a later date such as a 5 channel which will also power a sub.

You don't need to change headunit to get RCA outputs simply purchase a Hi or low output RCA adaptor;
This takes a speaker output and converts it to RCA.

It is only when installing an amplifier that you will require additional cables and RCA convertors.
If purchasing i highly recommend Vibe 4AWG amplifier wiring kits.

Any further questions feel free to ask.

#491458 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 10:20 PM

Woops just saw this is an old thread lol
I got a tweet tonite from FordOwnersClub containing the first post of this thread and decided to reply :rolleyes:

#491457 Suggestions For Sub

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 10:13 PM

Anyone know of any decent and cheapish 10" subwoofer?

Highly recommend the JL Audio 10WøV3-4 sub
Cheapest uk supplier of JL Audio products is:






Theres also an optional protective grill availavle,
Clips in to sub no extra screws required:



I recommend wiring it up using some Vibe FlatBass 13SPK cable for optimum response solid copper strands inside.


You may like to view my sub panel guide here:

Stereo upgrade guide here:

And perhaps my build thread from around page 50 onwards ive upgrade full audio system, fully rewired with two amps and a 1.0 Fared RedBull capacitor all appears as ford have fitted,
Bi-wired front speakers with removable 4Ch amp panel ability to fold rear seats and power front speakers from headunits internal amp simply by unplugging the panel at rear of seats and lift it away.


Rear of the removable 4 Channel amplifier panel:





Also on a side note if you like subtle modification; my full list of guides can be viewed here: http://www.fordowner...er/14733-lenny/

Or if your logged on via the app click here: http://www.fordowner...-lennys-guides/

#491399 Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 08:05 PM

they could use vauxhalls in the army could come in handy when they are out of smoke grenades......
Sarge: "Private throw a smoke grenade to cover our advances"
Private:"Sarge we are all out of smoke grenades"
Sarge:"Crap can you hot wire a car Private"
Private" Yes Sir i can"
Sarge:"good see that corsa over there go break in and hotwire it"
Private:"Good idea we can drive it up they wont expect anything"
Sarge:"No you idiot that car wont get a mile just park it at the edge or the wall and rev the crap out of it should provide enough smoke" 

Very simple to hot wire a corsa as saw on TopGear
Take out hazard switch and re-insert uside down, push start lol
See video:

#491357 Topgear Patagonia Special On Dave Tonite

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 06:54 PM

TopGear Patagonia Special showing
@ 8pm tonite on Dave Sky Channel 111
Also on Dave Ja Vu sky channel 214
@9pm tonite


#491352 What Fits In A Focus??

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 06:47 PM

Haha, that's cool! :D

its great for streaming Spotify to your phone then via Bluetooth to the headunit,
The router supports up to 8 devices at once and plugs in to USB socket emitting the WiFi signal :)

My home wifi is also via sim card so i use this router in the house via 240V usb adaptor

Then when in the car i plug it in to the socket I've installed in the glovebox.

Its called a Huawei Buzzard i imported it unlocked from ebay uk via parcelmotel sorry to have gone off topic mate,

Some cars have twin turbo,
Mine has 4G :lol:

#491329 What Fits In A Focus??

Posted by Lenny on 31 May 2015 - 05:57 PM

4 Doors Fit More Whores :)

I've fit a whole single bed in to mine when transporting it for sale,
Also fitted a Toyota Levin BZR boot panel, windscreen and side skirts on a separate occasion.
Another time i fit a pregnant bird and two kids,
Most recent cargo is three kids, wife, buggy, 10" sub, weekly grocery shop and myself we be rollin like iraquis in a white Hilux with a shizzle load A bass!!

#491101 What Sub In A Modeo Is A Good Un

Posted by Lenny on 30 May 2015 - 07:09 PM

Wow Lenny your knowledge is worth of my tipping my hat to you. As for cabling I've read and heard many many reasons to use such a cable and such a cable. Ok I've been out of touch with what's happening and available in the car hifi world for near 20 years but for me QED 79 strand is all I've ever used or will do. Oxygen free and proven in the audiophile world years ago plus I've got loads of it left lol. Blimey bass baffle boards and the like? On the way back home I played an album by Senser called All Stacked Up. I set treble up 3 spots. Mid up 2 spots and bass 2 also. Blimey just standard unit had my cars mirror distorting my rear view and the amp was getting quite warm lol. Me thinks priority is lots and lots of sound deadening then listen again. Then bring out an old Rockport Fosgate punch 150 out of retirement and an Alpine 3554 too. Old skool champions. Got my thinking head on now which is rare lol. Time is what is needed. Thanks for the links. I'll read them probably Sunday.

Thank you sir,
I appreciate your feedback and its a pleasure to have communicated :)
I suggest purchasing a Haynes manual takes a lot of hassle out of removing panels etc. It shows where every nut and bolt is hidden,

Fellow members "Mr.Spock" "Hassan" and "GingerFlame" have installed a level of sound deadening in there cars with good reviews,
I personally didn't bother in the end due to weight concerns anywa;

Here are links to there build threads if desired to contact them regarding sound deadening materials or methods:




#491065 What Sub In A Modeo Is A Good Un

Posted by Lenny on 30 May 2015 - 05:50 PM

I've been reading up on the cleansweep after hearing about it on another forum. As with everything there's pro's and cons. As for the head unit. I'd rather keep it as I can't see a replacement looking any good especially at a strange angle (my car being the mk3 focus as yours). After a drive up to Leeds listening to The Race by Yellow I'm not going to bother with a cleansweep simply because the standard system coped remarkably well just lacking low bass but an external amp will improve things and suit aftermarket speakers better and a re wire (have to have good speaker wire)

Ow rite your focus is a Mk3 model, i understand your reasons for preferring to retain the stock headunit,

The Mk3 ST focus came with an optional factory fitted sub; one would assume this item to be a good item to fit but apparently its a pile of dirt here's an owners review

The crossovers that ford factory fit inside the tweeters don't detect a lot of high tone aswell.
I recommend JL Audio C3 speakers excellent upgrade from stock see video:

BoomMat speaker baffles also aid bass response.
Ive used and highly recommend Vibe 16SPK flatflex high definition audio cable
Vibe 13SPK flatBass hi definition solid core audio cable this one is designed specifically for sub install

Check out these videos for cable reference on speaker upgrade with the Mk3 Focus

#491004 What Sub In A Modeo Is A Good Un

Posted by Lenny on 30 May 2015 - 03:22 PM

Wow Lenny. Thanks for the reply. I've read one link and you remind me of myself from the 80's when I did installs lol. Personally I'm initially intend to introduce a sub and see from there. May upgrade the speakers but I'll have to get some kind of processor as the cars own amp will need re profiling. Thanks again pal. I've still got more of your reading to do.

I wasnt born until mid 80's lol

Cars were real fun in the 80's though Toyota Starlet KP60 which was rear wheel drive 1.3 Turbo later replaced with the EP82 Starlet GT another awsome car was the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Twin cam,
Even the Nissan Micra was supercharged back then yo!
See videos:

no remap's then it was a simple bleed valve on a turbo, cam shaft upgrade, fixed VTi cam conversions and piggy back ecu systems.
Not like today's rubbish with EGR, DPF, ESP and ABS all designed to restrict drivers control.

Anyways back on topic :)
JL Audio also manufacture sound processors, they call it a "clean sweep"
These are very good and do what they say on the box but in my opinion for a little more money and a lot more comfort;
You can remove and sell your existing headunit, Bluetooth module etc.
And fit a nice pioneer headunit such as the AVH-8600BT from DynamicSounds in London, which has all the existing factory features you would expect from a headunit aswell as a built in self calibrating digital sound processor,






Carplay: which will read your emails or text messages on command and respond to texts or emails using your voice aswell as guide your navigation on request.
Also reverse camera and DVD compatable.

Carplay video:

Well worth considering in my opinion.

The sub is a good start though mate,
I've purchased the 10" carpeted sub enclosure from RadioWorld they were cheapest supplier at the time,
Fits tidy in the boot and performs well.