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#374402 What Can I Do To Make My 1.6Tdci Fiesta A Tad Quicker.

Posted by Lenny on 14 June 2014 - 12:49 AM

Hi new to this site have been looking down eBay on performance websites etc and not to sure what I can do to make my 1.6tdci zetec abit quicker like engine mods etc. Cheers

2.5" Cat back exhaust,
Blank the EGR http://www.fordowner...-16tdci-engine/
Internal remove DPF
ECU Remap
Upgrade Induction Filter http://www.fordowner...-fitting-guide/
ECU Remap
All that will take you from Stock 88bhp (90bhp) to 125bhp

After that you could upgrade to 110bhp focus 1.6TDCi fuel Injectors
Aswell as the focus 110bhp Garrett turbo

With those fitted on top of the above list you will reach 140-150bhp
Perhaps benefit from an ST focus intercooler at that point
And an upgrade stage 2 clutch.

#374374 How Many Tool Boxes Does Mr.average Need???

Posted by Lenny on 13 June 2014 - 09:20 PM

Lenny you have ....red fake snap on box...black carry box ...car cleaning case. ....drill case. ...dremell case & extra heads dremel case. ...cardboard box with !Removed! in it that fell out off other boxes. ....& its been months since ye used any of them & even tho they are all in one spot ye still scream victoria when your doing anything!!!

if i havnt used the tools in a couple of months yeah
And im screamin victoria any time im doin anythin,
But im not using the tools,
Well then what am i doing?

#374259 How Many Tool Boxes Does Mr.average Need???

Posted by Lenny on 13 June 2014 - 06:29 PM

Nope to handbags too ...I do like to collect pictures of men that pee me off. ..hunt them down & slowly tourture them SEAN

:o does this mean your gonna !REMOVED! off for a few days ? :)

#374093 Hey There!

Posted by Lenny on 13 June 2014 - 04:22 AM

Welcome to the forum Hollie,
ford have always been better than Vauxhall :)
your surname aint willoughby by any chance is it?
She could use a Mondeo estate soon too :lol:

#373842 Mk7 Fiesta Body Kit

Posted by Lenny on 12 June 2014 - 04:25 AM

Hi guys, iv got a 2010 mk7 fiesta in frozen white... At the minute shes looking a bit standard, have done tints, deflectors, lights etc but i want to maybe get a body kit.
No idea where to look or what im looking for, dont like the asian front grill though. Any ideas/suggestions/tips would be really appreciated!!
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the only kit guranteed to fit snug is the genuine ford ZetecS body kit,
It can be purchased piece by piece from ford or from breakers on ebay.co.uk
Tiger Seal is also highly recommended body kit adhesive,

Another place that does body kits is european-parts in germany,

Or PumaSpeed in the UK have an exclusive wide body kit.

#373733 "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

Posted by Lenny on 11 June 2014 - 07:37 PM

I didnt need your guide! !!!

did too,
I saw it in the browser history of the computer :P

#373725 Help To Understand Focus Modifications...

Posted by Lenny on 11 June 2014 - 07:20 PM

fuel boost gauge
once it reads empty, tap it and it auto re-fils 

must be based on WW2 aircraft gauges then :lol:

#373694 Help To Understand Focus Modifications...

Posted by Lenny on 11 June 2014 - 06:10 PM

Thats what I initially thought it was a turbo or supercharger, whats this electric supercharger then I've never heard of it?
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if it was turbo it couldnt have a 4-2-1 manifold

#373682 Help To Understand Focus Modifications...

Posted by Lenny on 11 June 2014 - 06:00 PM

#373630 What Discount Suppliers? (Please Read)

Posted by Lenny on 11 June 2014 - 03:36 PM

They are on the list now Lenny ;)

thanks mate,
Id just like to add:
To purchase a Green Cotton performance induction filter for your ford and feel the difference for yourself log on to http://www.priracing....php/144/1/ford
and get 10% Discount off your Green Cotton Performance filter by using the code FORDOWNERSCLUB10
you can also get 20% Discount off any Richbrook branded stock by entering Discount Code: RICHBROOK20

#373305 1.6 Tdci -2007 - Dpf Removed And Remapped!

Posted by Lenny on 10 June 2014 - 01:14 PM

Can ya imagine Jeremy kyle show dpf style, :lol:

Husband buys wife a car from ebay auction
Cars in the wife's name,
While wife is at work,
Husband takes car for egr blanking and dpf internal removal but tells wife he's gone to get it valeted

Across the following weeks Wife notices increased mpg, less turbo lag and increased engine response which helps feed husbands gambling addiction due to spending less on fuel and blown turbos,

Has he gotten the dpf removed? Or has the previous owner whom sold it on ebay?
Lets take a lye detector test to find out shall we... Because the MOT Crew cant tell the difference when testing the car :lol:


#373304 1.6 Tdci -2007 - Dpf Removed And Remapped!

Posted by Lenny on 10 June 2014 - 01:04 PM

Hello all.
A bit confused with all this now. Isn't it now illegal to remove the DPF? Or if the job is good enough, the fun police remain none the wiser?

i cant see how they will sucessfully police it especially with second hand car ownership,
Which owner got the dpf removed,
Im sure jeremy kyle would love that case on his show :lol:
And shop around, the guys gutting the chamber cut the factory welds and refit the chamber its impossible to tell,

#372800 My Ford Focus Mk2 Tdci

Posted by Lenny on 09 June 2014 - 08:25 AM

Car looks great, ST spoiler would look good

#372678 Dpf

Posted by Lenny on 08 June 2014 - 08:26 PM

For sure sir...will keep you updated as to how things go.


#372673 Dpf

Posted by Lenny on 08 June 2014 - 08:08 PM

for sure Lenny.... induction kit next after remap ....... then a new exhaust.....only down side to doing all these mods is what ever i spend on car.... the wife gets in new clothes...lol

ow Jesus man that will be a serious wardrobe :lol: