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#286214 Guide: Fitting Egr Blanking Plate 1.6Tdci Engine

Posted by Lenny on 30 August 2013 - 07:48 PM

Having made a right hash of trying to fit mine (Fiesta), I look at what I was doing and if there was an easier way of achieving the same thing. The main issue was the lower bottom bolt, with limited clearance and a snowballs chance in hell to refit if it fell out, maked life very difficult for myself and my fat fingered friends.
So it occurred to me while I had the EGR pipe in my hands is that since us Fiesta peeps are blanking the left hand side of the vent pipe (picture below 9D477A), why not blank both the EGR exit and inlet entrance with a plate and remove the pipe altogether and the need for an awkward contortionist act. All it needs is someone who has an A in metal work to shape the plates and make a buck or too.
Granted there are those have had no issues fitting the plate in the normal way but my life would have so much easier this way.
Your thoughts?
I hate you EGR pipe!!

Ive got the job of implementing 5's in the workplace starting with the consumable stores,
I was told "anything we don't use chuck it out"
So I got consent to remove some 3mm high grade Stainless steel oval plates
A total of 45 plates
They measure
75mm longest point of oval
48mm at the widest point of oval
3mm thick
Ideal for egr blanking if shaped


#286191 Lenny Purchase A New Whip? Or Get Serious!!

Posted by Lenny on 30 August 2013 - 06:31 PM

Eh yeah lenny go do it but levin is uglier than your sister ....my dream wud be old golf 1990..square box one dunno proper name.. nearly vintage insurance too...but honey I also have a itch a really big one ......I want a son...so while you go research ur bit I'll be out doing my own into men that can produce boy sperm and I tink mine mite be tad more fun babes ppmsl

I did look at mk1 golf gti but there fetching 8000 euro princess,y
I'm surprised you agree with my decision on another motor, but I won't be consenting to scratching your itch lol
I've given you two pretty girls and the house is now full,
So ensure you find a fella with a spare bedroom for the love child ;)

#286189 Been Pimping 2 Volkswagen Beetles

Posted by Lenny on 30 August 2013 - 06:17 PM

So its a bit like Bonny and Clyde, one has the ideas the other does it, Now we only need to find out who's Bonny and who's Clyde  :P
seriously it made me laugh so thank you both. :)  

Its mild compared to the ideas she used to get on forest walks lol which has led to four of us going on forest walks
She's the instigator and I'm the firestarter

#286158 Lenny Purchase A New Whip? Or Get Serious!!

Posted by Lenny on 30 August 2013 - 05:03 PM

FFS 28 and too old, Lenny if you have a scratch you have to itch it, otherwise it will be they forever and believe me eventually you will give in and scratch that itch, personally i find it Fug Ugly but its not mine and with a few mods should look sweet. :P 
This was my itch last year 1.4 8v polo 6n2 and damaged, ended up the only 6 speed lupo Gti powered 6n2 we could find home or abroad, only sold it as the tuning options were limited when I wanted to either turbo it or super charge it.
So my advice is DO IT

That's one sweet polo mate,
I like how you facelift it and looks proper sleeper, best of kit on the inside of it
Regarding the levin it does sit quite high but bomex make a body kit for it with flared skirts and lips to make it look like a drift car,
But for the cost o wouldn't import the kit,
I'd sooner buy one with it fitted,
My budget would be 2-3000 euro then park in in the drive way until I get tax insurance etc.
Lowering, exhaust and alloys is all I'd really do to it on appearance.

What put me thinking was
It will cost me 2500 to bring the focus to stage 2
Turbo, intercooler upgrade and remap to get it around 140 bhp and perhaps unreliable

As it is now its reliable
And we need a reliable car in the family,

So I then thought of buying a project with that money instead,
Give Vicki the focus and mess around with a low cost car, if it packs up
Call Vicki to collect me
No biggie

#286148 Lenny Purchase A New Whip? Or Get Serious!!

Posted by Lenny on 30 August 2013 - 04:25 PM

Hi all,
Well back in 2010 I was caught in a divide between purchasing a ford focus or a Toyota Corolla Levin BZR,
I joined foc and AE111 forum,
As you can see I bought the focus,

I now have space in the drive way for another car,
My focus is in the final stages of completion and my hands are becoming idle,
I still love the Toyota Levin,
And its quite an unusual setup inside which makes it fun to work on,
They finished making them in 2000 so I'd be purchasing from 1997-2000
They are a Japanese import never actually sold in Europe from dealers
The engine is a 20 valve twin can 1.6 petrol with velocity stacks as standard.
There are two models of engine BZG and BZR both engines are 1.6N/A petrol
The BZR is a 6 speed fwd with 187bhp as standard.
Their are two models Trueno and Levin
Both are identical except for the front bumper and both released at the same time, in Japanese Trueno means thunder and Levin means lightening

They were released in 5 colours
Electric blue
Charcoal grey
Dark green,

Both models are 2 door coupé but due to their full name "Toyota corolla Levin" some insurance company's view it as a corolla which leaves the insurance cheap.

I've not saved the money up yet,
But id like a blue one I've saw this one

The focus would then be driven daily by Vicki and the Levin would be my car for work,

But what do you guys reckon,
Should I purchase a Levin
Should I get serious and purchase something more erm domestically pleasant.

If I purchased the blue Levin I'd lower it and fit a set of white 17" volk rays TE37's aswell as a 3" cat back exhaust.

But what do you guys think?

I'm 28
Father of two
Should I purchase something more common and subtle?
Am I too old?

#286008 My Focus Zetec Mk2.5 Project

Posted by Lenny on 29 August 2013 - 09:28 PM

Cmon how could you resist starting one on the best Ford enthusiast website ;)
Looking good fella :) any link to the aerial you bought?

Found it

#285990 Been Pimping 2 Volkswagen Beetles

Posted by Lenny on 29 August 2013 - 08:57 PM

PMSL Lenny your a legend mate, I have no idea where all these Irish jokes come from, you are all obviously completely sane  :afro:  :afro:

There not Irish jokes lol there just me pal lol I'm 100% locked on I've been crazy and back,
I take pleasure in lifting the minds of other people, Ireland is suffering hard with unemployment at present, thankfully I'm unaffected but I've been there in 2011,
Lots of families in dispear and as result any place that is free to go at the weekends such as the forest is filled with family's entertaing the kids and to get out of the house which is being hit with bills in the post like stealth bombs mon-fri

I figured by fitting a fairy door to the bottom of one of the trees highly visible on the walk way,
Wouldn't it be a great way of attempting to lift the mind of both parent and child spinning a story about the fairys in the forest,
And hopefully have the child wanting to go back to the forest again next week on the off chance they might see a real fairy costs nothing and consumes the mind with excitement.
Instead of wining " I hate the forest its just a bunch of trees why can't we go to the cinema"
My thoughts of that example may never become a reality but I'm sure it will lift the minds of some local people but if not,
We had fun putting it there lol

#285956 Been Pimping 2 Volkswagen Beetles

Posted by Lenny on 29 August 2013 - 07:56 PM

Wheres the pics Lenny  :)

Since you asked George,
lol here it is with a stack of fire wood outside and a worn trail to the door.
I painted the screw black so it would look like a sight glass in the door

. IMG_20130829_204241_zps2fe4f833.jpg


#285815 Elm 327

Posted by Lenny on 28 August 2013 - 09:34 PM

Derek , Pm me your Email address i will send them to you.


Yes no problem , PM me your Email


Give me a few minutes i will upload them to mediafire


Ok here it is i have placed them on mediafire.


No problem i will add the link to the ELM Thread so the drivers are there as well.


Done , added to the first page.

Jesus preee as we say in the 32 county's "You're a !Removed! great Lad"
. IMG_20130828_222105_zpsa2e8a6fa.jpg

#285797 Focus Titanium Mk2.5 Build Diary Has Started...

Posted by Lenny on 28 August 2013 - 08:59 PM

Yunii that was a sweet ride , i can see why you miss it.

+1 mate a lot of work gone in to it.

#285574 Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

Posted by Lenny on 28 August 2013 - 05:42 AM

The dealer should fit the rack limiter as part of fitting the 18s hopefully.
If you opt for them, it might be worth checking that's what they'll do.

I'd mention it to ensure they do because the steering limiter kit only costs around 10-15 pounds
16" tyres are 6.5" wide
18" tyres are 8" wide on the focus anyways,
I'll respond more about remap later as I've to go to work now, I've had the steering limiter kit fitted along with my 18s

#285520 My Mk2 Focus Estate

Posted by Lenny on 27 August 2013 - 08:00 PM

LOL, Ill wave next time Lenny, it would of looked a lot better if it was the right blooming colour, but it looks better by the naked eye hopefully this weekend get it all polished up and shiny weather permitting, not too hot or cold or wet :wacko:  

Speaking of the naked eye, could always be worse ;)
. funny-ebay-advertisement-stupid-naked-pe

On a serious note though mate I think the carlooks great,

#285509 My Mk2 Focus Estate

Posted by Lenny on 27 August 2013 - 07:32 PM

Once again mate,
You have done a fantastic job, looks like it never happend,
Nice shine off the paint work too,

Would ya not wave at the camera ?

#285503 Boost Gauge Fitting Mk2.5 Focus 1.6Tdci

Posted by Lenny on 27 August 2013 - 07:11 PM

Yeah I'm hoping so but who knows... If you haven't drank for that long you should have a decent beer fund lol. I dont drink at all so more money for me :) do you not have the dpf done at all then? I would think you'd see some decent power gains perhaps another 10bhp. I'm hoping to probs see around 140 but still to keep the car safe. Don't want to blow the turbo or injectors. What sort of mpg do you get? My car is still climbing sice I blanked the egr off. 66mpg. And when it was blanked I was reading 62.7 and I do the same journey. So all good :)
Thanks mate for your help. Oh crap I need to buy those crimps I've forgotten them lol

No dpf work done yet mate,
My exhaust is standar from the flexi pipe to the manifold,
Hope to get the flexi changed to 2.5" after christmas to make it a straight through 2.5" from turbo to tip
Ive been driving as economically as possible lately using the boost gauge for gear changes,
The more I can drive with less boost the more economical I become,
Driving at 62MPH using 2psi boost Currently getting 74.6MPG that's the best I can do,
Takes me an exta 5 minutes to get to work instead of a motorway run but its fun having 125bhp under the bonnet and 74.6Mpg in the tank lol
I'm expecting 10-15bhp increase from dpf internal delete with a reduction in spool time on the turbo due to increased free flow on the exhaust.
The say MPG will increase too but it has to burn something lol
So we will see what happens

#285487 Been Pimping 2 Volkswagen Beetles

Posted by Lenny on 27 August 2013 - 06:31 PM

Nope george I'm looking for younger model lol

Dirt Bird..... try the fiesta section of the forum,