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Gauging Interest Zetecs Focus Mk2.5 Parts

29 October 2014 - 05:58 PM

Hi all.
As title says; gauging interest in genuine ford mk2.5 front lip sprayed in Moondust Silver complete with attached TripleRcomposites front splitter in glosa black,

These parts are extremely rare in Ireland,
I imported them personally from the uk,

I would like to see them sell within the country but money is money,
Looking around 140GBP exc. Shipping via tracked courier
Payment via PayPal,

Opinions welcome,

Gloss black fog surrounds with drl's also going soon,
Again extremely rare find in Ireland preferably see them also selling within the country but money is money,
The modules are attached to the rear of the battery box out of sight so preferably meet buyer and exchange battery boxs,
Looking 45 GBP for the gloss black drl fog surrounds.

Heres some pictures








Mk3 Focus Sony Sub? This Guy Loves It!! Explicit Content

27 October 2014 - 10:14 AM

Found A Good Shop Online Lightinthebox

27 October 2014 - 07:34 AM

Hi all,
Im sure we have all heard of aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba,
Which for those whom dont know are all Chinese auction websites linking English speaking customers directly with Chinese manufacturers,
Its where eBay sellers buy all there stuff prior to uping the price and selling to us,
All of these sites have become safe thanks to the creation of PayPal.

Now I've come across an even better website called lightinthebox.com
I mentioned it to Vicki and she says lots of people on Facebook are praising it saying they saved loads of money and the items arrive 100% I'm not on Facebook personally so i didn't know.

I've found a few great deals which i will link separately to this thread but for this thread here's a link to the site: http://lightinthebox...ption=0&q=ford

Here's ford VCM module with Software for 132.50GBP :o that's cheaper then getting ford to use there's twice :)

Stealth fit reverse camera 10.50GBP http://lightinthebox...12_p575925.html

Other type for 15.08


If your not over 5ft tall you can save a fortune on hotel expenses sleeping in the back of the car:


Bought myself one of these fake stereo face plates looks much like the old 6000CD ford fitted to transits in the ninety's pretty cool the volume works the suction cup:

Three times cheaper than eBay for that item,

Guide Fitting Custom Climate Control Knobs Mk2 & Mk2.5 Focus 2005 - 2011 Pdf.

17 October 2014 - 08:10 AM

This Guide is now available to download in PDF format see link:


Attached File  Guide Fitting Custom Climate Controls Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 2005-2011.pdf   895.79KB   36 downloads 

Guide: Fitting Mist Washer Jets To Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Pdf.

17 October 2014 - 08:04 AM

This Guide is now available to download in PDF format see link:


Attached File  Guide Fitting Ford Mist type jets to Mk2& Mk2.5 Focus 2005 - 2011.pdf   656.5KB   39 downloads