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Focus Mp3 Holder Do They Exist??

19 November 2014 - 08:46 PM

Hi all,
Not sure if ive imagined it or if it was real

The focus mk2.5 titanium spec that had USB

Was the USB port inside the centre console arm rest and wasnt there a plastic pouch inside to hold an Mp3 player,

If anyone has this can they please upload a picture thanks very much :)

Ebay Sand Timer Clock Icon Scam?

17 November 2014 - 05:39 AM

Hi all,
Ive been an ebay member since 2007 i use it quite qlot buying and also selling,
Recently sold a ford related item for very little money 9 GBP to be exact.

I only accept PayPal and has worked quite well over the years until now;
Instead of the paid icon appearing on the sold item it displays a sand timer,

Basically its saying the buyer has sent payment via checque through PayPal and they are awaiting its clearance,
However when i check my PayPal account it says the transaction link is invalid,

The item sold three weeks ago,
Still got sand timer icon and no payment,
So i tried to cancel payment but ebay say i owe the buyer a refund although payment was never received???

Sounds like a loop hole in the system to me,
Buyer keeps contacting to request "when will you be sending this item"

Since I've no Paypal record of Payment, this means ive also got no address to send it to weather i recieved payment or not.

I've attempted to explain to the buyer but all i get is the same response over and over:
"when will you be sending this item "

Reported to eBay
And they are automatically processing an unpaid dispute,
Im not frustrated about it as its only 9 quid boot light but its confusing to see how i owe the buyer a refund when i never actually got paid and eBay are invoicing me for a sold item that never sold.


Happy Birthday Vickiw!!

14 November 2014 - 08:08 PM

Happy 33rd Birthday to VickiW :)

Guide: Fitting Custom Amp & Sub Enclosure Mk2 Mk2.5 Focus 2005-2011

09 November 2014 - 11:07 AM

Started out with a plan to install one of these custom fit 10"sub enclosures



See link:

There worth every penny very well built and perfect fit,

Only problem was where to fit the AMP to drive the 10" sub within the enclosure,

I've created two ideas both of similar design,

I will now explain:

After fitting the custom sub enclosure i measured the gap between the enclosure and back of rear seat:



Measures 35mm free space :)

I then measured the gap between the wheel arch and the back of rear seat when closed,


Measures 15mm :)

So i then purchased a sheet of 9mm MDF


Folded down the rear seats and measured the length between the wheel arches


Measures 1045mm :)

I then cut the sheet to the correct width to fit inside the arches 1045mm


An additional cut out is required along the bottom to allow the seat bracket sit in to the MDF panel


Next i cut two slips measuring 25mm wide and 405mm long,

The height of the main sheet has also been cut down to 405mm so as not to obstruct the seat retaining brackets


These fit in between the wheel arches and the back of the rear seat as saw in images aswell as providing mounting surface for the 1045mm sheet:



Now since there's 35mm depth available
I added an extra slip of 9mm mdf around the three sides of the 1045mm sheet,
Resulting in a triple layer edge and internal cavity of 18mm between the back of rear seat and the main sheet of MDF






The internal cavity is purposly designed to house the relevant cables required for the amp or amps,

The plan is to surface mount the amp inside the boot on the 9mm sheet,

Drill corresponding holes for cables to pass through the sheet in to the amp at required locations this minimising the visibility of cables,

Once completely marked out and drilled,
The sheet will be wrapped in carpet matching that of the boot interior resulting in a professional finish with no visible cables.

I chose the full width panel as my install involves installing two amps here's my specific plan:


An alternative option for those fitting just one amp is a single seat panel with 9mm cavity which mounts directly on to the back of the single flip down rear seat as saw here:




Ive taken the time to create two single mdf panels with a 9mm cavity
One full span MDF panel with a 18mm cavity

All three of these are open to offers aswell as covering shipping if desired to purchase may save you purchasing a saw and measuring tape etc.

There fully bonded ready for carpet and mounting of amp.

Overall thanks for viewing and hope this helps

Guide: Fitting Aftermarket Headunit Mk2.5 Focus 2008-2011

09 November 2014 - 08:21 AM

There are various types of aftermarket adaptor kits available on the market,
Some are not that great and look quite bad when installed such as the kits in these two images:



In my opinion neither of those installs look like an upgrade,
If they were the only kits available on the market id be sticking with the stock headunit.

However Dynamic Sounds UK have came up trumps with this complete Mk2 & Mk2.5 Double Din Aftermarket Headunit fitting kit
The silver dash plate supplied in this kit is not identical to a standard Mk2 dash panel,
Although it looks similar in picture its got the exact double din aftermarket sized cut out square in the centre for a seamless finish no additional frame,
See link: http://www.dynamicso...ocus double din

The kit also comes with a patch lead of your choice allowing the factory steering stalk control to operate seamlessly with your aftermarket headunit.

If your aftermarket headunit supports a reverse camera then you may also like this one from Dynamic Sounds replaces the boot handle incorporating the camera in to the handle.
See link: http://www.dynamicso...iew-camera.html

Now at this point id like to mention;
If you're like me and live in Ireland, your probably facing a hefty shipping charge to purchase these items from the UK,
Not anymore :)
Log on to Parcel Motel see link:
Sign up for free,
They give you an address in Antrim to have your parcels delivered to resulting in you getting free shipping from uk to Antrim,
You only pay 3-15EUR shipping from Antrim to your local parcel collection point depending on parcel size,

Id like to point out just how much stock items can be removed (if fitted) as you wont need them again.
Particularly if you have factory fitted Bluetooth module and voice control,

Remove stock face plate and unscrew the 4 Philips head M6 screws holding the headunit in place.



Lift out headunit and unplug the aerial aswell as the ISO cable.


If you have factory fitted Bluetooth you can remove the glovebox to access the module, they sell for around 80GBP on eBay ;)
Helps recuperate the money spent on the bare essentials for aftermarket install.




The Bluetooth module loom cant be removed its part of the main loom when factory fitted, however if your a member whom loves all the stock extras seeking to retrofit stock Bluetooth,
your going to need to purchase the Bluetooth loom available as aftermarket part from ford,
ford didn't fit to all models,

The stock microphone also sells on eBay for 15GBP
Remove interior light surround spread clips and lift it out:



If you had factory fitted Bluetooth then you have voice control button on the steering stalk:

They sell for 15-20GBP on eBay and you can pick up one without the voice button for 1-10GBP won't ever need the voice button again no point carrying it.
Picked this one up on eBay auction for 2 GBP Win/Win


Now that's all the stock components removed and discussed
Back to aftermarket fitting:

With stereo removed i plugged in the ISO conversion loom aerial adaptor and steering stalk patch lead that came supplied with the kit:


The iso conversion loom that comes with the kit is fantastic, each cable has been printed on the cables to say what exactly it does, ideal for splicing in to cables.

Now for the replacement dash panel fitting,

Removed the two black side strips that the stock headunit screwed in to,
They pull out


Remove white clip aswell


Supplied with the kit is: two M6 bolts four washers and two serrated nuts,

Fitted the bolts with attached washer facing toward the rear of the car,



Next part is to fit the fascia plate with bolts going through fascia plate tightening the dash surround to the main skeleton of the dash.

Once the fascia plate has been bolted tight,

The double din aftermarket sized stereo cage needs to be fitted,

Here's whats in the box but no instructions :lol: i was completely like WTF!!
This part is universal not model specific although it comes with the kit,



The best video I've found that explains the building of the double din cage is below where a guy is fitting an aftermarket double din headunit to his Audi A4 most of the video is irrelevant to for but the building of the cage is 100%
See video:
Minutes 03:50 - 05:15 explains the double din aftermarket cage perfectly.