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Can Severe Misalignment Cause Rumbling?

27 August 2014 - 09:18 PM

The Focus has very bad wheel alignment - to the extent where a front N/S tyre that was replaced in June is now completely bald on the inner edge after only 2000 miles.


Since the tyre was replaced, a very low pitched rumble has started eminating from the same and it gets louder the faster you travel but disappears when you drop below around 40MPH.


Please bear in mind this noise was occuring when it went in for its MOT in July which it passed with no steering/suspension related fails or, thereafter, advisories.  Thus, to my mind, the noise cannot be anything other than very bad wheen alignment causing the treads to scuff the road severely (hence an almost ruined tyre after 2000 miles!).


The noise notwithstanding however, the alignment is definitely off and therefore it is going into the garage on Saturday for re-alignment which will solve that issue and HOPEFULLY the other one too.  If not, I will be confused.


Thanks in advance for any helpful advice to come.


P.S.  Forgot to mention, the steering doesn't "pull" in any direction however the steering wheel is squint, not sure if that makes any difference in determining the "type" of misalignment it has.

This Is Why You Should Get Your Alignment Checked!

12 June 2014 - 10:15 PM

A couple of weeks ago I decided to finally get rid of that old tyre I had in the spare tyre well of the Focus as it was in no condition to be used (it had previously been fitted to the front N/S before being removed as it failed the MOT because of tread wear), and decided to take some pictures of it to show as an extreme example of what happens when your alignment is out!


Please see below - it is a miracle that the tyre didn't blow out and also that the MOT expired when it did as I would never have looked closely enough to see that wear otherwise (I know, that was my negligence).


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Emotional Attachment To A Vehicle

10 June 2014 - 08:31 PM

I was just wondering how many people out there get as emotionally attached to vehicles as I do?


Don't get me wrong, if a car is wholly unreliable and all-in-all a terrible purchase I will have no regrets in getting rid of it, but if a car starts every morning and requires minimal repairs for a long period of time, it will gain my respect and I will become emotionally attached to it. 


This happened with our old Ford Fiesta (as seen in my avatar and signature - I cannot bring myself to remove it and doubt I ever will) and when push came to shove and we had no choice but to sell it last year when the MOT failed on over £400 worth of repairs, I felt a great sense of loss for a long time.  Even to this day I still have fond memories of that car and swear that I will buy it back someday when I am in a financial situation to do so and, of course, if I can track it down.


I hope I am not alone here, but fear I may be!! 



Speedometer Dropping To Zero

10 June 2014 - 08:12 PM

For the past couple of weeks the Focus (2000 1.8 LX petrol with 174,000 miles) has had an occasional (once every few trips) fault whereby the speedometer will drop to zero (all other guages and the odometer remain functional however) and the car will lose acceleration, accompanied by a slight loss in radio sound. 


When it is in one of these "episodes" it is still driveable however if you disengage the clutch to come to a stop et cetera, the engine will attempt to idle for less than a second then cut out.  Fortunately the only time this scenario has happened was when approaching a roundabout, and coming to a complete stop was not necessary so simply letting the clutch out restarted the engine.


Usually the speedometer will stay at zero for 30-50 seconds and once it picks up again the engine will get a resurgence of power and the radio will regain its full sound.


I am almost certain this is the speed sensor on the gearbox (despite reading that when that is at fault the odo blanks out - which isn't happening) and it will need replaced, probably by a mechanic rather than myself, but will the problem get worse quickly (if at all)?


Secondly, if it isn't the above, what could it be?



Replacing O/s Headlamp Unit

10 June 2014 - 07:19 PM

The Focus is now ready to pass an MOT with the exception of the O/S headlamp unit which as it turns out is actually broken internally which caused it to fail (I assumed it was an incorrectly seated bulb or alignment). 


After checking myself, the bulb housing is indeed moving around all over the place so obviously some part of the housing has broken apart.


I've managed to source a replacement unit from a scrap yard for £25 but money is very tight and I was wondering how difficult it is to replace (and how to do it), as if I can do it myself instead of spending £50 on labour for a garage to do it that would be much better.


I did look on YouTube and on the American versions of the MK1 Focus it is really easy, just two bolts and a screw - but after taking a look under the bonnet of our car it seems that not all of the bolts are accessable without removing the front bumper. 


It is a 2000 (W Reg) Ford Focus 1.8 LX.