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Not A Good Start To The Week...

Yesterday, 07:21 PM

Well yesterday I decided to give the Volvo a thorough clean and as everything smelled of dog I used quite a lot of warm water.  The result thereof was a puddle of water in the passenger's door pocket, which I forgot to mop up.  When going out later that evening, what did I put in said pocket?  My mobile phone.  What is not working today?  My mobile phone!


It's a Nokia 520 and I did take the battery out and let it sit last night to hopefully dry out, but even now although there is less visible water inside the screen it still doesn't display anything.  The phone powers on and vibrates, beeps et cetera, plus the back lights illuminate but nothing displays.


What do you reckon it will work again tomorrow? 


This has just been the final nail in the coffin after all the financial expenses of the past few days. 


If it doesn't start working again I will contact Three and see if they can give me an early upgrade (contract expires in December this year), although I doubt it.


So, has anybody else given their smartphone a "bath" and did it start working again? 

Meet Jez... The Focus's Replacement

26 June 2015 - 09:10 PM

It gives me no joy to post this - but the 2000 Focus has been replaced.  I love that car dearly and when it is eventually sold I will hand over the keys with a heavy heart - but that said, the MOT did expire and to get another one would have cost over £400 in repairs, so it had to go.


Its replacement's brand does begin with a "V", but don't worry, it isn't a Vauxhall.  I'd sooner be seen dead than in one of those.  It is a Volvo!  Or to be specific, a 1999 Volvo V40 1.8 Automatic.


The car has three months MOT, 132,000 miles and is in fantastic mechanical condition.  The bodywork is decent, except for the front bumper which was partially ripped off when the previous owner parked on a tall kerb and dismounted same at a rather bad angle.  It is still intact at one side and the other is held on with rope, but I am hoping that will be either fixed or replaced within the next day or two.  Other than that, there is NO body rust and the scratches here-and-there can be resolved with some wax and a couple of hours of elbow grease.

I have to say though, the best bit is the purchase price, which was £100!  Even if it needs a new front bumper and only lasts until the MOT expires, £100 for 3 months of motoring is pretty good in my books.

Anyway, I shall not ramble on and will leave you with some (rather poor quality) pictures of Jez, as I have named "him" given the registration number...

Well, She Failed...

25 June 2015 - 11:27 AM

The Focus went in for its MOT today and I did my usual thing of checking on the Gov website before the garage get a chance to call us with the news, so I can be prepared for what they will say!


Having done so a minute ago, it ain't good news.  I knew it would fail on a couple of things (one definitely being the front number plate and the other possibly being one of the rear tyres), but I certainly hadn't anticipated this.  That said, I'm not exactly surprised either - it is a 15 year old vehicle with 187,001 miles behind it.


Without further a-do I'll attach below a screen shot of the reasons for refusal (and advisories).


What do you think?  Worth repairing?

Removing Mk1 Focus Bonnet Lock

07 June 2015 - 12:16 PM

Hello guys,

You may remember I posted a thread a while back referring to the bonnet lock on our 2000 Focus becoming unresponsive.

Well, I tried drilling it out to use the screwdriver methood but just as I was getting close to succeding my drill bit snapped off inside the barrell and put a stop to that plan.

As the car has an oil leak and I haven't been able to check the oil level for over a month now I'm getting very worried and need to get that bonnet open ASAP, so I have decided that the best option is to unbolt the lock, lift the bonnet with the lock still attached and then release it and hopefully finish drilling the hole and be able to put the lock back on, thereafter using the screwdriver method to open in future.

As far as I can see, it is as simple as two bolts/screws holding the lock on that are accessable by jacking the car up and getting my arm up the front of the radiator, but before I try I am just looking for confirmation of this.


The Focus Now Has A Companion...

03 June 2015 - 05:31 PM

As some of you who have followed my posts for years will know, my mother used to own a 1997 Ford Fiesta Ghia 5dr 1.25 (as seen in my avatar) which I always thought would be mine when I got around to learning to drive.  Unfortunately that was not to be as in 2013 it failed its MOT for the 2nd year in a row on underbody corrosion and the overall cost to bring it back up to road worthiness would have been almost £500, and that was at a CHEAP garage we knew.  That car was sold for £150 and as the registration number no longer shows anything on the DVLA website I'm lead to believe it has since been scrapped. 


In April 2013 we bought the 2000 Ford Focus LX 1.8 which is still running and despite looking like it belongs in a scrapyard it has never once broken down.  A true Ford, what can I say.


Anyway, the point of this thread is that we, or rather I, have purchased a Ford...  Since last year I've had my provisional licence but never really had the money to invest in lessons so of course a car was the last thing on my mind, but yesterday a listing appeared on Gumtree with no photos, simply advertising a 2001 Ford Fiesta that needed brakes and an exhaust for sale for £100.  Needless to say within an hour I'd secured the sale and last night we picked it up, but me being me I didn't pay the full price (although it was a bargain), but rather handed over £90 for the vehicle. 


As I am still only on a provisional licence (although that will hopefully change in the next couple of months) my mother drove it home with me as a passenger and believe me, the brakes are shot.  Only the offside seemed to be operating (the car pulls violently to the right when braking) and even at full pressure the car barely slows down. 


Secondly, he also very accurately said that the exhaust needed replaced as the mid-to-rear pipe has completely detached from the rear silencer due to corrosion which results in the 1.3 Endura-E engine sounding like a mixture between a tractor and a boy-racer whilst ideling, and under even slight acceleration it is deafening.  That isn't helped of course by the fact that the pipe is resting on the rear axel so of course it is reverberating through the chassis.


Once we got home and after I'd cleaned out all the discarded drinks cans and cigarette packets I did something that I really should have done at his house and opened the bonnet.  Fortunately there was no visible corrosion in sight, but it is obvious that the car has not been cared for.  The dipstick was completely dry except for a DROP on the very bottom and what a surprise - the brake fluid reservoir is almost completely empty!! 


Nevertheless, the engine runs and the clutch and transmission (5 speed manual) are in good order so all is not bad.


I have had a look after it being parked overnight and cannot see any obvious brake line leakages so I'm not sure how the level got so low and thereby the brakes are barely usable.  That said, there has to be a leak somewhere but for the purposes of testing the system I will top up the fluid this week and see if the brakes return to normal (albeit with obvious air in the lines), in which case it is just a simple leak somewhere that needs to be resolved.  If with a full reservoir the brakes are still non-existant I may have more serious problems on my hands.


Before I do anything mechanically though I had to clean up the interior which I did when I got home from work this afternoon as it was complete and utter filth.  The ash-tray alone was stuffed full of cigarette butts and when that was full it seems that the previous owner decided to just throw them on the floor.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a smoker too and will smoke in the car, but is emptying the ash-tray every now and again really that hard?


The bottom line is though that for £90 I've bought myself a 2001 Ford Fiesta Flight with the 1.3 Endura-E engine and 90,000 miles on the odometer.  It needs work both mechanically (which I will regrettably leave up to a mechanic as I have no off-road space to work on it) and also some bodywork repairs to be done which I will work on this summer.  One big positive is that aside from the rust on the rear arches and a few spots along the bottom of the doors, there are NO scratches or dents anywhere, which is very rare for a Fiesta which usually has scuffs and bumps all over the place.


Right, I know that I've rattled on for a long time and I'll be surprised if you've made it this far!  If so, then I'll leave you with some pictures of the car and although it may just be a 14 year old Fiesta, to me it is both a project and once I get my drivers licence it'll be my means of travel back and forth to work, also meaning I'll be able to accommodate longer hours and thereby earn more money!!  And of course, being a Fiesta it'll easily attain 40MPG when driven at 50-55MPH in 5th gear.