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In Topic: Focus engine warning light?

04 August 2008 - 01:18 PM

Hi all!

I'm new on here... as i have jus bought (yesterday) a 2003 focus ST170. (66,630 miles)

Thismorning after starting up, the engine warning light came on, and hasn't turned off since then. The car had a service on monday (2 days ago) where no major work was done. (general wear and tear, as far as I am concerned)

Has anyone had this problem so close to a service? Could it have been something that was done on the car in the service that has caused this, or did they miss something major, or should I just put it down to bad luck and accept something has gone wrong at a bad time (just after purchase!)

I have rung round to ford garages, and the cheapest price to do a diagnostic check with a computer is 60 + VAT!!

If I can put it down to the original garages fault maybe they would see what was wrong for free? I bought the car from guildfor (over an hour away) so I can't 'pop' into the garage that did the work on monday too easily...

I appreciate any advice on the matter!!


Hi just joined today,
Have had same problem with my st170 engine managemaent light on after service they had serviced and changed spark plugs,apparently didn't get a lead back on correctly,they reset fault light no charge.
hope you had some luck.