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#145110 Interior Styling / Footwell Lights

Posted by jordan_macgregor on 21 September 2011 - 07:58 PM

I was lucky with both my Focus's. As Lenny said though, if you put LED bulbs in and they dont work, turn them around as they only seem to work one way round.

Cheers guys for the advice, will post a pic up if i get round to doing it! looking forward to seeing the results [well, in the dark anyway]!!

And lenny, i seen your link and i have the same problem in my boot, i noticed a patch similar to the one in yourt post, also, i have a wee patch of rust on the passenger rear wheel arch, might get that looked at, it's just been caused by a stone chip or something!

I'm not really sure what else i can do to the car - not really looking to modify it - just put my stamp on it!