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focus 1.6 ti-vct

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In Topic: Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

24 June 2013 - 01:22 AM

All FIxed now guys, thanks for the help :)
Ill upload some photos here of the new engine :D

http://cardiffelectrician.org.uk /newengine.jpg

In Topic: Im So Stuck Here :( Anyone Know About Focus Engines, Please Help!

24 September 2012 - 06:09 PM

Hi haz93 thank you for that :) i remember before actually speaking to mountune performance about 2 years ago for an upgrade to my engine, but exactly what you said, the fiesta and focus engines are not compatable, even tho there both 1.6TiVCTs :( shame because it seems that theres alot of interest in upgrades for these ...

Hi artscot79:) you can prob remember me about a month ago on my old post asking about an engine, well, update .. i bought one of those showed to me on ebay, unfortunately the engine that i received was completely different from shown! the cheek! !Removed! garages! haha :)

Ebay listing picture ->http://sinewavesound....uk/ebaypic.JPG

What i received-> http://sinewavesound...uk/received.jpg

My actual engine i need ->http://sinewavesound...uk/IMAG0589.jpg

After speaking to some idiot for an hour, he finally realized the wrong engine was sent and was asking if i knew what one was compatable .... urmmmm, thats why im on here again asking for advice because atleast you guys know :)

So artscot79, your saying that the cmax and fiestas engines are no good?
shame, theres loads of them! :)

i really dont want to go down the road of repairing my old engine, it was cursed with bad luck and hadnt been playing fair for a while now thinking about it, i think new engine swappy will just do the trick (if i can !Removed! find one!) :D

cheers guys

In Topic: Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

04 September 2012 - 07:47 PM

Thought id share this now were on about engine temperatures :)
this read 180'c, the car nearly caught fire haha :) even the lcd display is starting to condensate, to say i was scared is an understatement!! :D and i was waiting for the fan to kick in ... nothing :(


In Topic: Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

04 September 2012 - 07:36 PM

artscot79 _ Really :( i hope i haven't been had :( - thanks for bringing this to my attention ..
i don't know alot about engines, i bet these buggers have taken me for a ride!
i was a bit surprised when i was told all of that, especially when they only had the car for a few hours and it was virtually impossible to do all of that in a few hours?
i got a new engine, and it was going to be delivered to the same guys that done all of these "diagnostics" but after what i have read, i think ill have it delivered elsewhere for someone else to do!
The frigging cheek of some people! im tempted to name and shame the b*****s!
thanks so much for asking your mate, you have probably saved me alot of time, money and effort :)
il buy you a pint if i ever see you haha :D
right, time to get on that blower and sort this out, ill keep you posted, thanks again :)

In Topic: Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

29 August 2012 - 08:03 PM

Thank you soo much artscot79 for helping :) i forgot to tell what the mechanic said last week (its reeallly bad!)

Ok here goes :)

Head gasket gone
Head warped (failing some compression test too i believe???)
Water pump broke
Crank slipped (huge problem???)
and ...... Also the tappets?

I nearly cried when i was told! soooo new engine joobbyy me thinks :(