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Im So Stuck Here :( Anyone Know About Focus Engines, Please Help!

24 September 2012 - 12:22 AM

Hi guys, im at my witts end with this problem, no one seems to know much about these 1.6tivct engines, im soooooo stuck!

i own a ford focus 2008 (08 reg) Mk2

it is a 115bhp zetec climate ...

i need a new engine and the problem i have is that everyone sends me a standard 1.6 engine, the root of the problem is that the engine code starts with 4m5g and that is what im after but the engines they send are the wrong ones, there is no solenoids on the cam shaft covers and the exhaust manifolds are in the wrong place .... cut a long story short ...

does anyone know EXACTLY what engine i need? i have found loads of focus cmax and new fiesta engines that look 100% like what i need ... are these ok to put in my car? will it work with no problems?

heres what i found so far __>>






will any of these be ok?

thanks guys, really appreciate any help :)

Pleaassee Expert Advice Needed :)

22 August 2012 - 07:44 PM

Hi everyone, i really need some expert advice as the local ford garage where i bought my car from is full of useless monkeys ..

I own a Ford focus 1.6Tivct which is 4 years and 2 months old from brand new, done 42,000 miles, nothing really for an engine and i have had overheating problems for ages now.

The real problem started about 4 weeks ago, i was driving up a hill and the engine started to lose power, i pulled over and the water reservoir was completely empty and filled with yellow/brown sludge ( i believe this is oil) so i went and filled it back up and as a precaution, dropped the oil and changed the oil.

After a few minutes, the car seemed to be working fine, until i stopped, the car was making a tappy sound when it was revving, but only nearer 1000 - 3000 rpm but under full load, it didn't seem to do it.

I didnt really think this was a problem until i drove it out and the car engine went absolutely scorching, i then stopped and put the car into diagnostic mode ( holding the trip computer button for 5 seconds to access more menus) and went through until i had the engine temperature mode, it was showing 180'c!

I allowed it to cool right down before driving again and the coolant had disappeared again and it smelled of petrol coming though the reservoir, every time i put water back into it, it seemed to shoot straight out of the top and what looks like at the bottom of the water pump, i also noticed that it seemed to smoke a little white when i managed to get water into the reservoir ...

I believe that the head gasket might have gone, which i can probably afford but the ford technician said that because of the tappy sound (which happened before all this overheating) that he would definitely recommened a new engine, had a quote of £5400 + VAT and also would need new hoses everywhere as the oil had contaminated them too!!

As you probably would have guessed, i was really P***** off with this but if a new engine is the only solution, my 1.6TiVct are sods to get hold off .. Does anyone know what other engine could fit into this car without major major work or if anyone has done a project by increasing the cc of the engine like this, could you / they give me a quote?
I wouldnt mind "upgrading" the engine to something bigger bit i certainly aint giving ford another penny of my money for a like-to-like engine swap basis ..

Thanks guys for reading this, really appreciated :) :)

Newbie Here, Hello Im Chris :)

25 July 2012 - 12:12 AM

hey everyone, i say im a newbie, i did register over 2 years ago but never got round to using this site :)
this is the first time im using it so hellooo everyone