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#288577 Titanium X19" Wheel Noise

Posted by scudney on 07 September 2013 - 06:37 PM

what do you hope to get from complaining?as long as they are not defective chances are you will get nowhere,different tyres have different levels of noise and furthermore the lower the profile the less the rubber between the wheel and the road sadly equals more noise.

#145132 Brighter Day Light Running Lights

Posted by scudney on 21 September 2011 - 09:33 PM

Just taken delivery of a new S-Max Titanium

I was looking forward to having the day light running lights but they dont seem too bright compared with other cars - does anyone know of any (easy) way of making these brighter?

Also - expected the rear lights to come on with the day running lights to warn people behind but mine dont - is something wrong?


Hi they are there to serve a purpose and not toys to be played with,sadly beats me why people think otherwise