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#376005 Guide Additional 12V Power Socket In Boot Focus Mk2.5

Posted by talksy on 18 June 2014 - 02:59 PM

Very nice find. Is the feed constantly live or does it work with ignition?

Ideally, I would like one which runs on ignition so I could fit a rear facing dash cam which would switch on and record only when the car is actually running.



On the right hand side of the boot compartment on the Mk2.5 Focus and possibly the mk2 also,
their is an orange plug which is a positive feed for a 12v power socket,

the only additional items required to connect is a earth cable and a 12v socket,

attach a female spade connector to the earth feed and push it in to the slot next to the positive feed,

then push the orange connector on to the rear of the 12v power socket,

finally choose a location on the panel you would like to mount the socket and drill the hole.

their is power already being fed to the orange plug so their is no further wiring required.

I Purchased Ford 12v Power supply kit Finis Code: 1021887 this kit has since been discontinued by ford,
but if you wish to purchase the 12v Socket with out the earth cable the Finis code is:1333905 and costs less than £5
once you have that part you just need to make up an earth feed using a female spade connector and a ring terminal on the oposite end.

it contained the 12v plug and cap
4metres of positive cable which i didnt need to use for fitting,
1 metre earth cable with female blade connector and ring terminal attached,
and 8 cable ties which i didnt need to use.

but this orange plug will work with any 12v socket that has 2 pins on the rear like this one found on ebay

I have crimped a ring terminal on to the opposite end of the earth feed cable,
and put it on to the screw that holds the panel in place like a washer then screwed the panel back in to place,

i now need to purchase a holesaw bit to fit the diameter of the 12v socket.

When finished
and the panels are back in place,

take care to ensure the rubber boot seal over laps the plastic interior around the boot opening, to avoid any leaks.


#332837 2007 Fiesta Cd6000 Removal Nightmares

Posted by talksy on 15 February 2014 - 11:56 PM

A friend of mine has a Ford Fiesta 2007 with a delightful CD6000 player he would like to remove.

He has two sets of the four required keys. I had a Fiesta like this years back and when he said he had troubles getting it out, thought it would be a doddle when I went over to help him.

The stereo doesn't want to move. From what I can make out, three of the keys unlock (Top L, Bottom L and Top R), but bottom Right just won't work, the key just slides in and out.


We have been at it with screwdrivers to try and get leverage, doesn't seem to help.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could try.

He is not too fussed about the CD6000 as he has a brand new Sony to replace it, he just wants it out!


#291606 Valeting My Focus

Posted by talksy on 21 September 2013 - 07:18 PM


I have owned my 59' Focus for just over 1 year and I have noticed that it does not smell as good inside now. I keep it immaculately clean and it even has its own rechargeable dyson hoover, but I have noticed that the interior just does not have the same fresh smell it once had.


When it went in for some major work (at a Ford dealership), it came back smelling really good and had been valeted.

What do they use when valeting which makes the car interior smell so good? They must coat all of the interior with something which soaks in.


Is it possible to get the same result from a local valeter or will I need to ask Ford next time I take it in for a service?