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Fiesta MK3 Inlet Manifold

23 August 2009 - 06:07 PM

Hey ppl,

So we have just replaced the engine in my feista after the last one spat out a piston. However, then engine that is now in there is a dizzy model (slightly older) than the one that came out which was of the coil pack variety. I have sorted a dizzy and that is working fine.

The problem came today when i tried to bolt the carb and inlet mainfold to the engine. The carb is off the engine that blew up and we did not get one with the replacement (the older engine). Unfortunatly it appears ford has changed the shape of the inlet to allow room for the dizzy as well as changed the bolt hole positions.

1. Modify existing mainfold (the intakes line up, just not the holes :(
2. Find 1 of the older inlet manifold type...

Any ideas?


p.s. i also need a dizzy clamp if you can help me out with that too?!