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In Topic: Idle Speed/Air Control Valve

14 October 2008 - 07:10 PM

Hey i have had similar problems with my 1.3i endura engine, cutting out that is. i didnt have a clue where it was even looking at my haynes manual but then i found it staring right back at me up by the injectors at the top of the engine.
Heres a link of what you are looking for and i would post pics of my one but i dont know how to.


Just hope the link works fine. if not let me know and i can email pics of mines on the engine.

a theory i have on this problem is getting more air into the air filter. i have a K&N induction kit and when i place the ducting behind the grill inbetween the lights i tihnk i get a better air flow and thus less stalling and cut outs from this rather irritating problem, but im no mechanic nor am i an engineer on these kind of things but it seems to work well for me.

In Topic: stalling!

12 August 2008 - 09:10 PM

I have the exact same problem. I have a mk4 p reg fiesta 1.3i with the endura-e engine (efi).

i got the car 2nd hand about a year ago and noticed after a while of having it that the idle was a bit dodgy. im no expert but i knew something was up with idle or timing from experience with motorbikes and nitro cars.

the problem has a tendancy to go away at times but its seriously annoying and my mates slag the hell out of me for it (some dont even drive yet).
a couple of months ago i actually sorted the stalling problem when moving about the ducting for my induction kit. worked absolutely fine minus the idle still being all wrong but with out stalling. a few days ago i was servicing the car and moved the ducting (yet again) and now the problem has come back!!! :(

read some forums starting with this one and came upon a link suggesting it may be the iacv. is their any other things i can try before deciding to fork out 90 for a new one. At that price i could get a zetec engine and have it fitted by my cousin lol.

Any help would be great muchos gracias