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In Topic: Stationary noise.

13 August 2008 - 01:48 PM

knocks and taps are hard to diagnose in forums i would check to see that the exhaust is not hitting the body anyware,does the noise dissapear wneh the clutch is depressed?could even be a tappet rattle the best bet would be to pop into a local garage to see if they could shead light on the subject hope this is helpfull

Thank you very much for your reply, had a look under the car today and can't see any sign of contact between the exhaust and the underside of the car, there seems to be very little movement at all while the engine is ticking over. I'll have the car looked at sometime this week.

Thanks again!

Oh before i forget lol, i do have a noisey clutch bearing (i think it's a bearing) when i press the clutch down the engine is alot quiter, when the clutch is up there's a whuring noise, still doesn't seem to affect the tapping noise.