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In Topic: induction kit

15 August 2008 - 08:43 PM

hey all :lol:

im new to this :D

i got a ford fiesta mk4 for my first car and im away to sit my drivin test! *fingers crossed*

but anyway i fancy puttin an induction kit on it but do i need to no anythin important b4 i go and do this?

if anyone has any ideas or knows anythin about this it would be a great help



Fitting an induction kit just makes ur car a guzzeller.
An induction kit is cool when u do up the exhaust as well cause it sounds lovely.
Good luck on ur test!

In Topic: Stationary noise.

15 August 2008 - 08:06 PM

Hi there!
First off hello, i'm new to this forum, there seems to be alot of feedback and posts for what car I have here so thought best thing to do would be to join and start asking some questions! =D

I have a 97 1.25 Ghia 16v Fiesta and i've not had the car that long, about 2 months now, and i've sort of promised my mum and dad i wouldn't find anything to complain about on the car, as i'm abit of a critic when i'm in a car, can't help but listen for noises lol.
Anyway i thought better to ask here then let my parents know i have a problem heh, what it is is i've noticed when sat stationary, for instance waiting at the road side waiting for my friend to get in the car to go to work, i can here a knock (proberly more of a tap compared to some peoples association with a knocking noise) it happens every 3-4 seconds and sounds like it's coming from the lower end of the car nearest the footpedals, it's not loud as such but noticeable, like someone tapping on the top of the car whilst your inside sort of noise if you get what i mean? lol

The car's done 64700 miles, and as far as i know has had all the belts and what not done fairly recently, checked oil level and that's fine, all levels in bottles are fine (power steering fluid etc.)
Reving the engine doesn't seem to make a diffrence, from what i can tell or it's because it's quiter than the engine noise so i can't hear it anymore.

Any idea's would be greatly appretiated!
Thank's in advance! =)

Fiesta's are noisy engine's especially the tappets. Hopefully its not the bottom end.
I would go to a garage and get a mechanic to check it.
I dont think they'll charge you for a diagnosis.

Good luck!

In Topic: Zetec 1.4 - coil pack - is this it ?

15 August 2008 - 07:56 PM

Have problems with rough idling & a lit engine management light. I've changed the plugs & ignition leads but the problem remains & the guy at Ford told me if leads/plugs don't work that its the
"Coil pack" - Ford want 100 but I've found this, part number is identical to the one of the car...

is this what the Dealer meant by "Coil Pack" or is there something else to it ?


Any help much appreciated


That is the coil pack.

Good luck!

In Topic: Ford Fiesta (Died)

15 August 2008 - 07:53 PM

I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta Finesse, 1.3, 8 valve Duratec. I parked it up at 10pm, returned at 10.45pm and car would not start. Turing ignition on I get seat belt light, door open light and oil light and thats all. No engine management, brake or anything else. I noticed at the time that the rev counter needle was flickering and the petrol gauge and speedo were also flickering, with ignition key out. Tried spare key, same. tried new battery, same. Had to call RAC they couldn't find anything and suggested it could be ECU. I don't think it is though. Has anyone any ideas?

It could be a bad earth lead from engine/gearbox to body or a bad connection on the back of the dash.
or your battery terminals could be loose.

Good Luck!

In Topic: stalling!

15 August 2008 - 07:48 PM

Have been back to a main Ford dealer to have a diagnostic run on my P reg Fiesta mk4 1.3.
According to the computer, it's fine, though it had been running a bit lean ( which they sorted out). But despite replacing the air-control valve- (which seemed to work for a while) it stiil cuts out at low speed, and has problems when accelerating- it hesitates for a while- then accelerates like fury as if something has been blocking the fuel.
It has been suggested that the coil packs may need replacing?...or HT leads?...then of course disconecting the air-volume monitoring unit to test if that is interfering some how.

any further tips, info...greatfully received.

I wuld replace the complete throttle body, cause it could be the idle controle valve or throttle spindel, etc.
It might the map sensor. If it were the HT's or coil packs it would misfiring as well.
Good luck!