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In Topic: 3Rd Year Service

11 September 2014 - 10:18 PM

I have mine coming up this month, you do get a years breakdown cover with it.

In Topic: Dealer Or Independent Service?

06 October 2013 - 06:11 PM

I have just paid my main dealer £215 for a two year old minor service. Realy it is no more than a oil change. Parts Oil and filter were £21.98, £157.19 was the labour cost the rest was the V.A.T. You do get a free years Roadside assistance through the AA and if you have a necter card you get 2 points for every pound spent. Next year it will be due a main service costing £315, they offered me to have this years service for £175 if I signed up to their service plan, £293.68 paid over 8 months which would of saved overall £66.32 . I did not want to tie my money up so I said no. For cars over 3 years old and out of waranty they do cheeper services of £99 and £150 so why do they have to charge the high prices for the newer cars, it's a rip off.