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Fitting New Dipped Beam Bulb Connector

12 February 2014 - 01:02 PM

Hi guys, upgraded both my dipped beam (H7) bulbs yesterday but noticed that when i disconnected the black plastic connector (that attaches to the bulb) that the metal inside it had corroded and rusted. I still managed to get it attached to the bulb and it works fine. But i know at some point in the very near future this will fail.


I've found on Eurocarparts the connector i need and its only £1.56 http://www.eurocarpa...AR927&0&cc5_300


But how easy is it to fit??...baring in mind im not great with things like that...is there a guide someone knows of to fitting new connectors? I guess it will involve soldering? Anyone on here done this themselves?



Engaging 1St Gear

13 January 2014 - 01:51 PM

Afternoon all,


Wonder if anyone can shed some light on a slight issue I’m having. Its been happening for about 1-2 months.


When I put thecar into first gear and begin to lift the clutch to engage the gear there is a
slight whine/grind/high pitch type noise just before the gear fully engages,
but only in 1st gear.


So far it hasn’t caused me any trouble, seems to be more noticeable on a slight in climb. If I am very very careful and release the clutch really slowly it doesn’t make a sound (usually). I don’t slam
the car around and 97% of the time am careful with clutch. Is this the DMF on its way out? Or something worse? Car has done 128k..2005 Focus 2.0TDCI Titanium
(6 speed) Saloon.


What do you guys think?


New Fuel Pump Mk2 2.0Tdci

13 November 2013 - 12:00 PM

Morning all,


Anyone here had a new fuel pump for a mk2 2.0tdci fitted recently? How much am i looking at £150-£250?? Will get it done at an indi, no way am i going to ford as im sure it'll be nearer the £400 mark



Mk2 Saloon Rear High Break Light Housing Issue

17 July 2013 - 12:06 PM

Hello people,


Hopefully this is a relatively easy problem to sort out....as my car has been good as gold recently.


I noticed while washing my car the other day that the rear high center break light (the one thats sits inside the back window right at the top) had collected a few dead flies. So i decided to remove the housing around the light to give it a good clean out. Its a bit of a fiddle to get the housing off and on as i have the saloon therefore the back window doesnt lift up with the boot. Anyway once i had reattached it after cleaning i now notice that it vibrates against the window ever so slightly when im driving. I think it had some kind of soft glue which helped keep it in place before i took it off..so now the plastic rim of the housing is just vibrating against the window. What can i do to stop it vibrating......is there a special soft glue i can dab on so it clings to the window? dont really want to wedge something in as it wont look very good from the outside. Any ideas?





Not A Promblem Yet...but Dont Want It To Become A Problem

28 May 2013 - 03:43 PM

Afternoon all,


A quick question...How can i actually tell if my air con needs re-gassing? I have a 2005 titanium saloon 2.0TDCI. Bought the car 2nd hand about 3yrs ago with 88k OTC..and in those 3 years the air con has seemed perfect (have now done around 118k). I hardly use the air con at all apart from on the extremely odd occasion that its really hot....or if I need to de-mist the windscreen quickly. I do make sure i use it at least once a week for a minimum of 10mins (which i read somewhere is a good idea to stop things seizing up).


As i said it seems to be working fine and seems cold enough. But since ive owned it ive never had the air con looked at or topped up...cos have been put off by how much it costs. So is there an easy way to tell if it needs re-gassing?