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In Topic: Escort Brake Problems

21 September 2010 - 04:42 PM

Here's wishing you luck! :unsure:

In Topic: Escort Brake Problems

11 September 2010 - 01:44 PM

Hey folks got a 98 escort with 1.6 zetec and front disc brakes. Having problems with the brake system basically binding. I have progressively replaced 1 x flexible hose (thought it might be culprit and only offside wheel getting hot although braking was even) then 2 x front callipers (which were in bad shape with failed brittle seals) and now the master cylinder. Now while my brakes are much better they are still slightly binding - not enough to overheat or effect braking effort but noticeable when slowly coming to a stop or releasing brakes on a slope etc (slow to release). However sometimes they seem fine.
Sometimes they are worse than others and I am wondering if temperature has an effect? I am pretty sure I purged all the old fluid out when changing the cylinder too, so ruled out moisture as a culprit..

Would appreciate and further ideas...


Have you checked all surfaces pads are in contact with and that it is not just the pads which are failing to release cleanly? Sounds obvious but the first time it happened to me I was looking at the same things as you have. Some times other makes of pads are just a fraction bigger or poorer finished and the backplate needs a dress with a file along the edges.