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Finally Part Of Club De-Tango

24 April 2012 - 07:08 PM

So I finally got round to de-tango'ing the tardis - I've had the headlamps out numerous times experimenting with different headlights and sidelights but always ignored the indications - BUT NO LONGER!

Posted Image

No tango!
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Posted Image

Tango be gone!
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The rears weren't much hassle to change, once I figured out how. The fronts however.... If I ever have to change one of those again I shall probably cry. Or buy another car. What a pain. My hands aren't the smallest so getting any leverage on that ridiculous plastic prong is just a nightmare. Someone at Ford needs to be publicly beaten for inflicting that on unsuspecting people.

Also, I did intend to de-tango the side repeaters but couldn't for the life of me figure out how the mirror cap comes off. I tried brute force and ignorance, in the vague directions indicated by the manual but felt like I was going to break the mirror off the hinge before the cap came off!

The day turned out to be quite nice (despite the rain earlier) so decided it also needed a quick seeing too. I clayed it the day before so had a nice surface from which to work.

The results:-

Posted Image

Posted Image

I used Megs Gold Class for soap, Poorboys black hole glaze and natty paste wax, AG fast glass, Megs trim detailer for the plastics and poorboys on the tyres.

Unfortunately the previous owner wasn't too careful and the car has a plethora of swirls, so if anyone knows of a good detailer in the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire area, let me know.


Loose Windscreen Trim

21 April 2012 - 08:17 PM

Done a bit of googling and not really seen any one else with this problem, but hopefully you lot can help.

Basically, both pieces of trim on the side of the windscreen have come loose, mainly from the edge nearest the roof. They flap in the wind and are really starting to bug me. I suspect a plastic clip of some sort has snapped but I haven't been able to find a replacement so if someone knows the part number that would be amazing (The Ford garage I got the car from is useless) and also, if anyone knows how these come off/go back on that would be sterling!



Hello From Suffolk

21 April 2012 - 11:03 AM

HI all!

Been a lurker here for a while, made a couple of small posts but thought it's time I formally introduce myself. I'm Myles, I live in Suffolk but quite close to Cambridge, where I went to uni. (No not THAT Cambridge Uni - Anglia Ruskin.) I have a 58 plate Fiesta 1.4 Zetec in Blazer Blue that was kitted out at the dealer when I bought it at a year old with the dress up kit, a few other things and some 17" Dezent alloys. The Dezents have since been replaced by the 17" Zetec S alloys. (much more betterer) I have my eye on a few other mods so hopefully I'll something interesting to populate a progress thread soon. Pics to follow!


Broken Bluetooth Module

07 February 2012 - 07:28 PM

Hi all!

Had to take my car back to Ford today due to aux in/Bluetooth/voice control no longer working. They have diagnosed the module to be faulty and have quoted 350 to supply and install a replacement. The car is now 9 days out of warranty and they (the dealer and Ford direct!) have decided they will neither cover it under warranty or offer any sort of help.

Anyway I'm not here to !Removed! about that (much lol) my question is:

A) can someone link me to somewhere that could supply me with a replacement module - and is the garage correct in saying each individual module has to be coded to the specific vehicle? I was under the impression that as I already have BT/aux etc that it would be plug and play, no programming required.

B) I'd like stereo Bluetooth (which I know requires the higher level module) if I'm going to have to buy another module anyway , is the higher level one roughly the same price?

The dealer I got my car from was EMG bury St Edmunds. They quoted m a price to fix it, but would not give me a breakdown of costs at all. They said it was impossible, which made me wonder how they could possibly arrive at an accurate quote in the first place. Anyway, just thought I'd ask for a second opinion from you guys!