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cuts out after seconds please help urgent!

23 August 2008 - 02:48 PM

I need help i have exhausted my brain on this one!

I have a L reg MK1 Mondeo 1600cc petrol, A few weeks ago driving down the M6 the engine suddenly stopped, i still had lights and radio so knew it wasn't the battery and had recently filled up the tank so knew i hadn't ran out of fuel, while waiting for the RAC i tried the car and it started for about 10 seconds then cut out again. The RAC guy eventually came and said it was the ECU not delivering fuel through the injectors properly, he then towed me home.

I sent the ECU away to be repaired and was charged 90 to be told it was fine, so then i started looking at other possibilities, by taking out the spark plugs i could see they were sparking but there was no fuel going into the engine but if i left the car alone fr half an hour a small amount seemed to build up to start the car for about 10 seconds then it would run dry. first i thought it could be the fuel filter clogged so i changed that, still no luck.

I noticed that the battery kept draining in minutes, so today i brought a new battery, and success the car started and for about 2 minutes it was fine (longest its ran since breaking down) then it cut out again but i could start it straight away then it would die after about 10 seconds again. I pumped the accelerator to make sure the fuel was getting thought after it had sat so long i though maybe there may have been an air gap in the pipes then i left the car for a few hours, when i started it up it started up fine, become it went to idle i revd the engine and this worked fine for about 5 minutes then i let it go to idle and it stayed working, after another minute i tried reving the engine again but it cut out, now I'm back to it starting ever half hour for 10 seconds, I'm sure if i leave it a few hours i can get it to rev again for a while, but I'm out of ideas as to what the problem is and I'm spending way too much money on my guesses! any one have any ideas?