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Parking Sensor Corrosion

16 September 2010 - 01:25 PM

The parking sensors on my 56 plate 2.5 Titanium packed up around a year ago, the symptoms being a continuous tone for 3 seconds when selecting reverse accompanied with rapidly flashing warning lamp/s in the dash switches.

I asked the dealer to look into this at the 62.5k service and the answer came back that the sensors were corroded. I was astonished at this as the car was less than 3 years old. The dealer quoted around £450 to presumably replace the entire parking sensor system. Of course, it was out of warranty so nothing doing as far as a free repair/replacement goes so needless to say I declined the dealers offer to relieve me of 450 of my hard earned pounds.

The sensors themselves were plastic coated when I first bought the car but the coating soon broke off so perhaps this had something to do with allowing water and dirt to get to the sensors. In any event I suspect these components are of a very poor standard to break down that early. Oddly enough my S-Max is in for its 75k service and I have courtesy 59 plate Fiesta with only 6000 miles on it, and one of the rear parking sensors is also showing signs of corrosion; so not an S-Max problem exclusively it seems.

Anyway, does anyone know where to get hold of replacement sensors, apart from Ford's who only seem to sell the entire sytem?

Any help greatly appreciated.