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In Topic: Starting Problem

21 September 2010 - 05:01 AM

The problem might be due to poor connection of fuel pressure sensor.Replace the tin connector with a gold electrical connector. Most likely its the fuel or fuel filter problem. The gas tank might also be the problem.

In Topic: Where Does Everyone Source Parts From?

21 September 2010 - 04:58 AM

Everything is almost available online that is why most of the customers are not having problems sourcing auto parts.

In Topic: Help Lights

21 September 2010 - 04:55 AM

This should not be a problem. You can purchase everything online if you try to visit the internet.

In Topic: Current favourite game.

21 September 2010 - 03:48 AM

My current favorite game is still Final Fantasy 13. I've been a fan of Final Fantasy ever since and played almost all of issued version.

In Topic: PS3 or Xbox?

21 September 2010 - 03:46 AM

I still go for PS3 because it is more reliable. PS3 lifespan is around 7-10 years while Xbox 360 is around 3-5 years. You'll also encounter some problems with Xbox 360 and Microsoft Technical Support are not helpful.