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Yuor Previous Cars

24 September 2010 - 08:58 PM

Hi members,
After looking at the poll for average age here I see that i would be over average at 42.
I wanted to start a thread about the last cars you had and whether they were nightmares or great cars.
I got my first car in 1990 but big motorbikes were my main passion.
Car 1--1983 ford fiesta957cc-50k on clock when bought-- Did 55k miles in the year I had it with no trouble.--Great car.
car 2 1988 Toyota corolla saloon 1.3 cc--40 k on clock WB--mechanically sound except for heater ,a lovely spacious car sold also with 100k on clock.
car3--1992 Mazda 323f 1.6cc,22k on clock WB- handsome car (Debatable by some )did 20 k and had to sell as new kitchen was needed. Thirsty on petrol and parts very expensive--Loved this car.
car4--Rover 214 si--1990 reg-39k on clock when bought--very comfortable drive --BUT--bonnet lock broke,windscreen leaked,sunroof leaked,steering rack had to be replaced, rear hatchback hinges broke off,ecu was always giving trouble,clutch went, gearbox blew spilling oil all over new clutch plate so second clutch had to be put in.heated bk window stopped working,wheel bearings went,heater wouldn't work Then The head gasket -. All this in less than a year but after the 3 month warranty.--Nightmare car.
car5--Nissan almera 1996 reg 1.5-60k on clock WB--big ,comfy but wife was learning to drive and hit off evert kerb and gate pillar she went through--too big(for learning) but---great car( For me anyway LOL).
car6 Opel corsa 1997-11k on clock when bought 1.2reg--no PS so a nightmare in town-- zero pick up --ok car.
car7-- jap import 323f gti 1.8-40k on clock when bought--wow -my favourite of them all--1990 reg --electric Everything--serious fast and comfortable--I put over 75 k miles in a year (I worked 8 miles away) loved driving this one. needed shocks -full exhaust and brake discs and pads--too old and not worth putting in the money--awesome /reliable car.

car8--Daewoo--1999 lanos saloon 1.4 SE--45 k on clock when bought--nice comfort for a cheapie. major fuel pump issues. Airbag module goes in most of them (600 euro )--kept this for 7 years--ok car (wouldn't buy one again if things got bad)just ok car.
car 9--(wife's daewoo lanos )--72k on clock when bought--1999 hatchback--comfortable -nice size for shopping and my welding plants/lawnmower etc (lol)never gave much trouble--good workhorse--ok car.
Car9 & 10 --scrapped both Daewoos 2010 fiesta for me(style 86hp)... we test drove everything in this class--I wanted the fiesta after about 1mile down the road on test drive.....she was going for the fiesta as well until she drove the skoda fabia (60hp-I think)and loved it's quirky looks and I bought it for her.
well that's me (At last)...
Whats your good/bad story????? PS--Apologies for type error in thread name :)

New Fiesta

21 September 2010 - 12:40 PM

I have a new Fiesta style a couple of months and something that I spotted a bit ago was the carpet in the passenger side foot well is lifting off on the left hand side.I brought the car back to the dealer and he said its a common problem with Fiestas and focus cars.The solution that i was given is to bring it back and they will put Velcro on it to keep it in place. I am meticulous when cleaning any car and wouldn't have seen it if I didn't lean right in.
Anyone else have this problem and if so what did the dealer say about it.
All replies greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading post :)

Greetings From South Coast Ireland

19 September 2010 - 09:26 PM

Hi to all members,
I just found this wonderful site and cannot wait to read all great posts.
I have recently availed of scrappage scheme and find myself once again owing a fiesta .my first car was a fiesta and (1983) and I had it for a year and it gave me 55k miles of trouble free motoring. I then went to bigger cars but with Irish car tax rates i decided on a compact again. I test drove every manufacture and could not believe how good the fiesta was. I am soooo happy with it.
Thanks for having me on this great forum and I am looking forward to meeting you all ,Kindest of regards ,Katana1.( my user name is name of my fav' motorbike of al time )