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In Topic: Bluetooth??

14 October 2010 - 08:19 AM

Thanks, I'll give it a try tonight, not too sure how to get the phone to pair as when its searching for a bluetooth device it doesnt see the ford audio - will have another go though cheers

In Topic: Bluetooth??

28 September 2010 - 02:36 PM

Anyone know?

In Topic: Mondeo Tdci 130 Temperature Gauge Stops Working P1288 Pending

28 September 2010 - 02:34 PM

Any ideas on the best way to fit this guys - I'm thinking a ring spanner with a slot cut for the wire but is the torque of the sensor critical to the crush of the hollow end sensor part...?
I had a look at the weekend and I think someone has had a go before as the area around the sensor is cleaner than the rest of the engine, but the best bit - the torx bolt that holds the pully onto the end of the camshaft has been rounded off slightly so I cant get much pressure on before my tool slips (which starts making it worse), so I could have an issue - any thoughts of getting that bolt out, will grips work?

In Topic: Engine Rough Running Then Stops After Start When Warm.

28 September 2010 - 02:25 PM


Mine does exaclty the same, I had the EGR off and it was pretty dirty, cleaned it up and the inlet manifold while I was there and its made no difference to the starting issue (did help the fuel economy though)
I was told that there could be a software fix available from Ford...
Let me know what cures yours if you get it sorted soon, I'll be taking mine in next time the temperature gauge stops working and get both problems sorted at once so I'll repost if that happens soon!


In Topic: Mondeo Tdci 130 Temperature Gauge Stops Working P1288 Pending

25 September 2010 - 09:26 PM

Hi all

Picked up the sensor today although worried I have the wrong one (finis 1557880 which seems to come up more often for transits on a google search)
Anyway assuming it is correct(?) is it a pain to fit? Ive read that ford have a special tool as you cant get a socket on because of the large plug etc, but apparently its reccessed so you cant use a spanner?!