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25 September 2010 - 09:23 PM

Hi All

I was wondering whether my car has the bluetooth option so I can connect my phone and if so how I go about pairing/activating it?

heres a screenshot from microcat which to me seems to suggest it should?:

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My car has the 6 disc in dash sony player and has a phone button on it which when pressed says something like "audio muted" but I cant get my phone to see the BT so not sure it has it?


Mondeo Tdci 130 Temperature Gauge Stops Working P1288 Pending

23 September 2010 - 09:02 AM

Hi all,

Just bought this Ghia x tdci 130 on Saturday, 05 plate (pre the 2005 facelift) with 98k on the clock, liking it but had a few faults so far, a couple of which are still unresolved.

Firstly when picked up it was stuttering/juddering a bit when cruising, the dealer discounted it enough at this stage for me to take it - on Sunday when I looked at it I found a split in the intercooler pipe under the EGR valve - while sorting that I cleaned the EGR and inlet manifold which seems to have solved that issue for now (waiting to get a pipe from ford but the duck tape is holding up for now)

Then on Monday I noticed that after about 15 miles of normal driving to/from work with the temperature guage around the middle all of a sudden it will go to zero (ie below the 60 mark) and at the same time the car basically turns the turbo off making it very sluggish (usually this happens just before a staggered cross roads near home which crosses a main road and I only find out when the car stalls half way accross the junction due to me not compensating and giving it more throttle!!) Turning the ignition off and restarting it generally fixes it for a couple of miles.
There are no engine lights or flashing glow plug lights etc but if I put my cheapo OBDII reader on I have no stored faults but twice now I have had a "pending fault" of P1288 which according to the ford wiki is "P1288 Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor out of Self-Test Range"

Now before I go and buy the sensor is my cheapo reader (one of these 40 ELM327 ones) likely to be correct? and if so is it just a case of getting the sensor from a Ford dealer or are there cheaper places online (for a good quality sensor as looking at where it is I dont fancy having to do it twice!)

The second unresolved issue I've had ever since I picked it up is that its difficult to start when warm, seems fine when cold but after a run (even a short one of say 2 miles in town) it will start but only run at around 300-400rpm giving a really lumpy tickover, often it will then stall again either instantly or within a couple of seconds. If I try to press the accelerator pedal it doesnt do anything. If I try again sometimes it will start as normal or sometimes it does the same thing - holding the key for a couple of extra seconds after its started seems to help although not sure this can be good for it! is this likely to be tied into the other issue or something different? again no warning lights or flashing glow plug lights etc and dont seem to get any pending faults or anything on my code reader.

I've seen these faults mentioned a few times on the forums but not sure if my symptoms are exactly the same so thought it would be best to post and clarify.