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In Topic: New Member Here Thinking Of Buying A Fusion

03 October 2010 - 10:30 AM

FordOnline are owned by the UK's largest dealer group, the closest delivery centre we have to you in West Cornwall is Weston Super Mare! We are happy to take extra pictures of the vehicles we have for sale and for a 350 deposit we will take the car to WSM. Because we are, who we are, check out www.fordretail.com you'll see that we are actually owned by the Ford Motor Company, so we wouldn't risk ruining our reputation by selling rubbish. If you didn't like the car when you saw it in the flesh, then we would give you your deposit back anyway.

I know it's sounds like a bit of a bind but you can tell from the pictures of the car I sent in the link, we could save you some money..

OK thanks for the info and We might wait now and find one through the ford online we have seen a nice one but its a little bit too much on price here locally and 2005 model this is our problem in Cornwall the cars here are over priced for the age and mileage BUT if its a local car you can trust the history a bit better, and also we have just not the volume or choice to buy local. If we get stuck I will give you a ring so many thanks for the help.

In Topic: New Member Here Thinking Of Buying A Fusion

28 September 2010 - 07:59 PM

Glad to see there are more converts to the Fusion and although I work for FordOnline.co.uk my wife picked the Fusion as her prefered mode of transport. We have the Style + 1.4 and I think its more than adequate around town and on the motorway, although it does need winding up a little. If I purchased another one I'd definitely go for the 1.6, especially for overtaking etc, it'd give you me more confidence.

We have a fantastic example of the kind of prices you expect to pay for a Fusion 1.6 - check out this link


If you want anymore help, call me on 0121 748 8514 - otherwise enjoy the car when you get it!!


LEE thanks for the fusion online link thats a nice car shown but how do we here in West cornwall get to see these cars? as just here in cornwall its exhausting going around all day looking at cars! what happenes if you want to purchase? Also I tried the 1.4 petrol today and you are correct the 1.6 would be better for carriageway driving a bit more power is needed.

In Topic: New Member Here Thinking Of Buying A Fusion

27 September 2010 - 06:51 PM

Hi and welcome Phil.

I arrived at my Fusion also by accident, the kids loved the roof mounted DVD !!!

I choose a 1.4tdci @ 30 a year road tax i`m lovin it ( tight old git that i am )

The 1.4Tdci pulls well in gear, not as quick as my old 16v Fiesta but the added space sure makes up for it.

It returns on average 45+mpg and on a run i`ve seen close to 70mpg!

I had the pleasure of driving a 2009 1.4 zetec (petrol) soon after getting mine. The Mk2 has a more solid feel to the dash, and pick up through the gears is better.

Have a good hunt around as there are some real bargins out there as it is an unloved model, and my be hard for dealers to shift.

Skyman thanks for info I have one in mind it is 1.4 petrol zetec 2007 reg and I will check it out this week hopefully I am no mechanic but can do basic stuff with petrol but Deisel is baffling to me so will steer clear of them! but yes road tax and MPG is better. I noticed that many Welsh dealers have Fusions so it seems maybe as Cornwall the Welsh roads suit the Fusion must give a try out on the dual carriageway to see how they handle someone said they are nasty in crosswinds...well here in Cornwall wintertime ALL cars have crosswind problems! whats new? I will let you know how my search goes, alas the one I am viewing has no DVD! Guess my Daughter will just stick to her PSP! lol