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05 January 2013 - 04:58 AM

I personally have repaired my fiesta, this involved repairing all the parts you have mentioned- including the roof.

Search for my "fiesta mk7 restored"

Straight to figures:

If the airbags have deployed thats nearly a thousand itself for dashboard/ airbags and ecu and seatbelts

Roof- is the worst panel to damage, the entire skin must be removed which is very ardous and time consuming, the interior lining and glass must be removed also for this
This is well over a thousand also.
On top spraying is making this around 1300 at best

The wings are a pain to remove- this also needs a specialist to remove the triangular glass above the wings to allow full access to bolts to remove the wings-
The bonnet and bumper and lights are easy enough- however the parts alone are expensive and labour for this is not cheap as it is hours of work to remove and replace the front end. Parts plus spraying here is around another thousand-

Chances are it will need the chassis legs straightening on a jig this is a specialist job and is not cheap.

Unfortunatley with these kind of jobs not only parts and the spraying add to the hefty bill its the bits that are not expected like:
glass removal,
ecu resetting,
and removal of other parts to access otherwise inaccessible areas of the car that will hike an already incredible bill to near eye watering costs.

If i can give any more information i would be happy to do so