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In Topic: Clean, Shiny & Mini Photoshoot

Today, 04:41 PM

These are so much easier to clean, the reason I haven't used the poorboys until now is that I just couldn't face applying it to 15 intricate spokes per wheel.


Not the main reason I changed them though although it did make the cost a little easier to swallow, haha.


I didn't realise the chrome exhaust tips were tied to the engine rather than the trim till I look around. I believe they are only on the 1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel, even then it might only be the highest power versions of each.

In Topic: Insurance

Today, 04:38 PM

Normally the insurance asks you to tell them.


The idea being that if some claim against you arises in the future, the insurance knows about it. You only need to declare actual claims for the next 5 years, although I don't know if an insurer would hold a recorded "accident" against you on the insurers database, premium wise that is.


I personally would have all work done by a Ford repair centre/bodyshop. I always make sure my insurer will let me choose to go with Ford, even if I have to pay more for it. That is unless you know a really good independant that you trust :)

In Topic: Alexp999's Focus Titanium X (S?)

Today, 04:24 PM

Finally got round to cleaning it, lol. It got a real treat too, washed, waxed and first time using my Poorboys Wheel Sealant and DoDo trim cleaner:



In Topic: The St Has Been Given A Challenge!

Yesterday, 07:31 AM

Weight won't make a difference for a drag race in this instance with the Audi being a diesel it will have more than enough pulling power. Being a quattro it could get a better start as it can put more power down, that said petrols tend to pick up a bit quicker as they are lighter.

It would also depend how quick you are at gear changes and perfecting a good launch. Being an auto you could just plant your right foot in the Audi and let the car do the rest.

In Topic: Groupon Dash Cam

17 April 2014 - 03:57 PM

You have to watch the cheap ones on ebay,


There are good ones of these (forget the name of the video processor in them) and bad ones. All from china to make it more difficult.


I spent about £40 getting one of these in from China, from a reputable seller, known to sell the good ones, not cheap fakes.


They are only really worth £40 if you are happy to wait for the import though.