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In Topic: Personalised Number Plates

Today, 09:17 PM

So if I had some plates made up with just Focus on them and covered up my reg at Ford fair with them, that should be OK?

As long as they are not used on private land to say avoid parking fines by obstructing the reg...

In Topic: Annoyed To Say The Least!

Today, 08:44 PM

Credit check was done by Ford when you got approval at the point of order.

They won't run another check now, so won't know about the red flag.

In Topic: New Car Ordered, Goodbye Focus... Hello New Mk3.5 Focus!

Today, 08:37 PM

You can take driving lessons without a provisional I believe.

Nope, that is the whole point in the provisional licence.

You can only have off road lessons and that has no minimum age anyway.

In Topic: We Buy Any Car

Today, 06:30 PM

I thought they had already been warned of bait and switch tactics.

Clearly didn't work.

In Topic: Mk7 Speakers ! Are They The Same ?

Today, 06:24 PM

I paid about £80 for all 6/8 premium sony speakers from fordpartsuk for my old Fiesta.

Thought that was pretty reasonable.

They offer good discounts on Ford RRP, but not a great deal they can do if the stuff is expensive in the first place.