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Can You Name That (Ford) Engine?

04 July 2014 - 06:27 PM

Great bit of quick fun, I did better than I thought :D


I scored 9 out of 11 on the Ford Engine Quiz. Can you beat that? http://social.ford.c...at-ford-engine/

Clean, Shiny & Mini Photoshoot

19 April 2014 - 04:23 PM

Finally got round to giving my car a proper clean, touched up a stonechip on the bonnet last weekend and gave the inside a good going over with some Megs Interior Detailer. This weekend I treated it to a wash, wax, wheel seal and trim tart up, then while drying/de-rusting the brakes I pulled up and took some pictures (before it rains tomorrow). This is the first time the car has been clean since fitting the new wheels, I have an excuse though, it's been in and out of Ford about 4 times with a water ingress related problem (which is hopefully all sorted), so I didn't want to wash it, plus having something wrong with the car always make me loose all motivation to titivate, lol.


Anywhoo, here are the pics :)


DSC 0669
DSC 0675
DSC 0655
DSC 0657
DSC 0676


2015 Focus Facelift (Mk 3.5) Unveiled

23 February 2014 - 11:59 PM

Ford have officially unveiled the 2015 facelifted Focus:

Will add pics to this post when I'm at my PC but you can find them at the link above.

Still don't think it suits the Focus as well as the Mondeo and I can't help but still not like the cut and shut look of facelifts. Still it looks better than I feared that aston-esque look could have gone, though I can't help but feel it has gone almost a little generic looking, like the 308 or Cee'd




Lot's of pics here, and info about new tech/features, etc:


Genuine Ford Rs 18'' Alloy Wheel Set Of 4 White 288.00 @ Ford Parts Uk

24 October 2013 - 01:42 PM

Couldn't see this had been posted anywhere else, but I was browsing HUKD and came across this:


GENUINE Ford RS Accessory 18'' Alloy Wheel Set Of 4 White Painted Finish £288.00 @ Ford Parts UK


Seems like a great price to me, from a Ford main dealer (Foray Motor Group) too.

Car Bit Weird After Long Trip, Just Dpf Regen?

23 October 2013 - 08:53 PM

Just got back from a 3.5 hr journey from Cornwall to Dorset, about 170 miles and as I was going round the roads leading up to my house it sounded like the fan was on.

I pulled up to our gate and as I got out, the fan must have been on full blast, I could literally feel a strong draught sucking through to the radiator. The temperature reading on the dash was normal, the needle right in the middle.

The fan on its own wouldn't have particularly bothered me as I had been driving pretty hard on the way back, but then I noticed the exhaust sounded odd, I put my hand behind the exhaust and it felt like the engine was misfiring, with big pops of air, almost spluttering.

After about 10-20s of idle it stopped. Exhaust pressure was perfectly smooth and fan turned off completely.

I have heard of the fan running during a regen, although the car seemed to wait a long while into the journey to do it, but not the spluttering exhaust. I guess if it is that, the car must be somehow creating extra pops of pressure to try and clear the dpf, but I don't want to just assume that is the case.

Any thoughts?