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In Topic: Faulty Sony Radio / Gps Unit? Fiesta St2

02 March 2015 - 05:51 PM

Hi Richard


Unfortunately, I'm not here to help but, as I am due to collect my new Titanium X this Wednesday, I've seen this message reported a few times recently and I was just wondering if this 'No GPS' message has been resolved on the latest models?

In Topic: *** Fiesta Mk7 - Damaged Driver Door Mirror Cost?

23 February 2015 - 08:47 PM

Hi Willy


Update!  I called a local breakers yard to day and they don't have a mk7 drivers htd/elec/fold mirror but they have the non folding drivers mirror complete for £50 plus VAT.


Although it's non folding, I can hopefully get the 'black trim' that surrounds the mirror, off it, the indicator lens and the back cover but, I'll have to spray that up to Colorado red.


Do you think that's a good price for a used unit?


Thanks for your input.


The part I'm talking about is separate from the body - as you look towards at a normal undamaged mirror, the black trim that surrounds the complete mirror, pushes over the mirror body and the coloured back cover and keep them together.


I'm happy to take a photo of the damaged part but I don't know how to upload it but I'll give it a go.


Well, photo uploaded, that was easy enough!  :)


As stated, the mirror, the mirror body which is secured to the door and includes the part that the mirror snaps onto, is ok.  The remote mirror operation works fine.  So far, we have not found the indicator lense.

In Topic: *** Fiesta Mk7 - Damaged Driver Door Mirror Cost?

23 February 2015 - 06:48 PM

HI Mark


I've had a chance to inspect it this afternoon and the body is fine and the mirror glass snaps back onto motor and it can still be adjusted up/down, left/right so that's good.


The colour coded cover cap is 99.9% ok but, has is very small 5mm part missing from the lip that fits under the 'black trim' mention below but, you would not see that once it's pushed onto the body.


It's the black trim that is the same shape as the mirror and surrounds the mirror and fits (with the mirror in the normal driving position) over the whole of the body and keeps the cover cap and lower body parts together.


Hope that makes sense?


I've actually checked the part now and it actually broken across it's width with a bit missing.


Can you buy that part separately?

In Topic: *** Fiesta Mk7 - Damaged Driver Door Mirror Cost?

21 February 2015 - 06:59 PM

UPDATE!  Ok guys, update on the mirror; I've still not had a chance to check the mirror myself but the damage does not appear to be as bad as I thought it was going to be and, my daughter has now given me the following information:


> The mirror glass is not damaged but was hanging down from the body with the wires still attached to the back of it.

   (She cannot get the mirror to stay/fix into place and keeps dropping out and is held on by the wires)?


> The colour coded back cover was found on the pavement but is not damaged.


> The black plastic trim that is fitted around the plastic body of the mirror has a hair line crack across it's width.


> The mirror still folds in when she locks the car.


Q:  Is the mirror supposed to snap back into place inside the body?


Q:  If I remember correctly, the colour coded back cover should just snap back into place?


Q:  Can you buy separately, the 'black plastic trim' that fits around the plastic body? 

In Topic: * New Fiesta Query's?

04 February 2015 - 08:03 PM

Hi Willy


Thanks for all of the ETIS info, I'll have a look later and pm you.


BTW, I've tried to copy and paste info to the Fiesta Forums, from websites, other threads and emails but, when I right click to copy and then, when I try and paste that info into a post in these forums, nothing appears.  How is it done?