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In Topic: ! Guide ! Connecting An Ipod Or Mp3 Player To The Mk7 Fiesta

10 October 2010 - 01:23 PM

...hook the iPod Touch up, it just defaulting to Line In now, even though the iPod is charging so there is obviously a connection via the USB for it to be doing that? I've got into the menu to try and chose USB or iPod, but its greyed out and won't let me select either. Gave up with it yesterday as it was just annoying me, so back in the car this morning to go to work and its still not detecting the iPod and I can only play music via the Aux connection...

I'm using the official iPod cable that came in the box and an old 3.5mm aux lead that I had in my ST.

If it's operating in Line-in mode, the extra functionality of the I-pod controls over usb is not operative.

Through a process of elimination, I discovered that disconnecting the 3.5mm audio lead from the i-pod touch and then reconnecting it brings the sound back in I-pod mode. Curiously, this only seems to work if I disconnect the 3.5mm audio jack from the head-phone socket of the I-pod and not if I disconnect it from the audio-in socket of the car.