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2003 Ford Mondeo. New Owner

11 October 2010 - 07:53 PM

Hi Guys,

Picked myself up a 2003 mondeo tdci. High miles (168k) but theres definitely a bit of poke left in it. Few questions and looking to see if you have any ideas

Theres a cluster of 3 lights on the far right side of the speedometer on the dash. The middle one is the engine management light. Does anyone know what the light to the left above it is? It doesn't come on when i turn the car on and i'm not sure if its not supposed to come on or.... if the bulbs been taken out. The car had a full years MOT with it and took it to get the wheels balanced and found it needed 3 new tyres so suspect he MOT'd it and changed the wheels. So anythings possible!!!

Also.... when changing gears and taking my foot off the clutch i get a slight squeak intermittently. Sounds like something needs greased. Doesnt happen when the cars switched off and changing gears....... and doesn't happen if you take your foot off the clutch and freewheel. Only after changing gears and when releasing the clutch. No problem with gears and finding them. Hoping its not a fly wheel and clutch.

And lastly.... the 4 main heaters (2front middle and both driver and passenger) in the car don't blow any air (hot or cold) windscreen and side window vents work fine. Its the AC model with the digital controls.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me. :blink:

Radio Code Cd6000

11 October 2010 - 06:47 PM

Hi guys.

Could anyone help with the radio code for cd6000 in my mondeo. Just bought it and thought it would be on the back and cheaper than going to a stealer. Ended up costing me 11 for the radio keys at halfords. (Would probably have just been as cheap goin to the stealer! lol) Obviously there was no code :angry:

serial is m022446

Thanks in advance