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What A Day! - Mondeo - Key Fob Replacement

21 April 2015 - 07:48 PM

I'm hoping someone can help me.

I generously spent all day in the hot sun cutting down some trees in my elderly parents garden. For someone with a dodgy back I did quite a good job and the garden is now full of branches, trunks etc!

So, I'm about to go home and I put my hand in my pocket to get my car key out.
Guess what. Yes, no key and the accompanying stomach wrenching that goes with that.

Of course my dad would have taken me home to get the spare but the Mondeo was blocking him in! A £18 return taxi journey was therefore needed

So, somewhere in that big garden is my car key and I'm not sure if will ever turn up. Bearing in mind that I've just proved that I can lose a key I definitely don't want to lose the other. I'm therefore looking for the best option to get another key.

If anyone can advise me I'd be very grateful, especially if it doesn't involve being fleeced by the local Ford dealer.

Thanks in advance.