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In Topic: Newbie Questions

21 October 2010 - 01:41 PM

This is the topic anyone looking to bye an smax is welcome to pose questions on trims/options/etc.

Hi, I'm new to the site. Due to a faulty bonnet cable (seems to be standard issue on the S-Max!) my battery was disconnected so I now need the radio code. I have seen the helpful links to decoding sites but please could someone let me know how to access the serial code on the radio? I have a 2007 S-Max and the radio is a 6000 CD. Thanks very much. (Having spent 192 on the bonnet cable and 150 on the boot latch which failed on the day we were going on holiday, I can't bring myself to pay the local garage 25 just for the stupid radio code!)

In Topic: Problems, Problems, Problems...

21 October 2010 - 01:16 PM

It's such a shame isn't it - I've got a 2007 S-Max and although it's great to drive, the build quality really doesn't shape up to the VW's I've had previously. I've had to have a new boot latch (man at garage told me it was my fault because "new mums always slam the boot too hard..." and so wouldn't claim on the warranty) and last week, spent 192 on resolving the bonnet cable problem (which stops the bonnet from closing, resulting in a bikechain and padlock repair job) that many seem to have suffered. The handbrake's fallen to pieces and the front parking sensors are useless! VW next time I think (at least I don't have to do 1,000 miles a week - nightmare to have an unreliable car)!