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In Topic: Ford Focus Rs Mk3 Teaser Video

03 February 2015 - 11:02 AM

In Topic: Ford Focus Rs Mk3 Teaser Video

22 January 2015 - 11:24 PM

The drifting around in the video is characteristic of AWD. And we know that they couldn't put much more than 300bhp through the front wheels. So I'd predict AWD, 300-325bhp from the 2l ecoboost, a crazy bodykit, some vibrant colours, and hoping they'll do a 3 door version. Also hoping that it'll be as hardcore as the mk2, and not just a tuned up ST

In Topic: Fiesta St Or Titanium X - New Driver

18 December 2014 - 10:53 PM

If it's not much more, go for the ST its worth it, test drive it to check the comfort, and dont worry about the power, its very predictable in the handling department, and I believe you can set a power level with "my key" if you're concerned its too much. You'll grow into it quick though. As others have said, if you want the st and buy the tx, you'll probably end up regretting it.

In Topic: Upgrade Fiesta Or Sell For Focus?

17 December 2014 - 03:55 PM

Personally I couldn't bear the focus over the fiesta - even though it's not much bigger it just felt huge for a small car. That's coming from someone who's owned two mondeos lol
I also didn't like the St, rare opinion but mine, hence why I went for the tx


How big is it going to feel in estate form then? lol.  My dad has a hatchback Mk3 Focus, it does feel a lot bigger than the fiesta considering the physical size difference isn't all that much, And I'm no big fan of the current Focus ST, it's alright. The upcoming face lift seems to address many of the styling cues which ford received a backlash of criticism over, and I think it looks better now, still it'll never be as pretty as a nice fiesta imo.


People change, move on / grow up - the Fiesta is fine for a single guy but not so practical for a couple with dogs etc owning a powerful Focus ST estate will (perhaps more than) help compensate for this and is probably the best way to go for you now


I would imagine you would miss the Fiesta but the Focus ST estate can be a lot of fun as well.


This is exactly how I feel, it's the sensible thing to do, my head says one thing, my heart another. Cheers FOCA.


I voted Focus ST because it sounds like you'll need a bigger car. I would have added another option though, if you're planning to get the Focus on a PCP or something like that, you could get a Fiesta ST as an interim and then trade up to a Focus ST when you need it.


The only problem there is you'll probably love the Fiesta ST too much to trade it in lol, although I'm sure it's the same with your Metal.


Hi Phil, I do like the Fiesta ST, especially with a spec like yours, ST3, Spirit Blue, MP215, that's the combination dreams are made out of. However, this wouldn't really be a feasible option for me, they're just too expensive for not much gained, I realize a Focus ST is more, but depreciation hits the Focus a lot harder than the Fiesta in the 2nd hand market, thus you get a lot more everything for your money. For now, I'm happy with my Metal, the only way I'd trade it for a Fiesta ST was if it were a straight swap, I prefer the looks of the pre-facelift Mk7s, front grill, alloys, headlamps etc, and 134ps isn't too shabby in the real world. Letting go of the Metal is going to be hard, but I think it's going to come to that.