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#149700 Zetec Hid Covertion Kit

Posted by MRC89 on 23 October 2011 - 07:15 PM

They're illegal and can be unsafe.

The only legal way to fit aftermarket HID's is to buy the entire HID light unit (bulbs, ballasts, housing, optics the lot), a headlamp washer system, and auto levelling. The light unit must have been designed from scratch for HID usage and not halogen, and fully 'e' marked with lots of other legislation and tests passed. Headlamp washers + self levelling is easy enough, but no company has designed and supplies the HID compliant housing.

As above aftermarket HID's will be picked up on the 2012 onwards MOT tests with other VOSA changes, and will result in a fail. HID's would also have to be insured, which insurers should refuse as the only way to do it currently is illegally. A police car will also have the right to pull you for it, and possibly fine you.

There are steps you can take to make a HID conversion safer. Stay below the 6000 Kelvin Mark. Above 6000K there is a blue tint in the light, this causes a glare that eyes are VERY sensitive too, when exposed to blue wavelengths of light the retina's open up, letting more light in, this gives the receiver a perception of brighter light. 5000K is a nice cold white, without blue and therefore is a much safer colour, although it's actually brighter in lumens.
I'd also advise 35w in dipped beams rather than 55w, they're a bit dimmer and aggravate eyes less. Full beam/Fog lights shouldn't ever hit people in the eyes so do what you want here.
Make sure you have the projector housing! (chrome headlamps, standard on Zetec and above) Although it's still not completely "safe" it is safer than using reflector dishes.
Fit and adjust them properly.
Keep them dipped low enough to avoid the light entering windscreens of oncoming traffic.

At the end of the day though it's up to you, I thought about it, but felt it was too much hassle. I'm neither for or against really, I don't think they're too bad when done properly, and the lights sit pretty low on the fiesta anyway. It's HID's on 4x4's we should be complaining about!

More info:
http://store.candlep.../trabhidki.html - Independent review of HID conversion kits and warnings from the largest online light community. Very informative.
http://www2.dft.gov....dheadlamps.html - Department for Transports view on aftermarket HID conversion kits & the law.
http://www.fordowner...12-mot-changes/ - Some of the 2012 MOT changes discussed.

Good luck, hope this helps, sorry it's a long winded post.

you think HID's are dangerous? In ten year's we'll be using lasers as headlamps (I'm not joking).

#147940 Exterior Styling

Posted by MRC89 on 11 October 2011 - 05:55 AM

eBay or aftermarket is probably your cheapest bet. but if you wanted new official Ford part's:

Front & Rear Mud flap set for Mk6 Fiesta: Ford Parts UK ~£54 incl. VAT
Front Mud flaps for Mk6 Ford Online Parts £24 incl. VAT
Rear Mud flaps for Mk6 Ford Online Parts £24 incl. VAT

Mk6 Rear Accessory Spoiler for 3 Door ONLY - Primed. Ford Parts UK ~£192 incl. VAT
Mk6 Rear Accessory Spoiler for 3 Door ONLY - Primed. Ford Online Parts ~£199 incl. VAT
Mk6 Rear Accessory Spoiler for 5 Door ONLY - Primed. Ford Online Parts ~£165 incl. VAT
Mk6 Ford Fiesta ST Spoiler for 3 Door ONLY - Primed Ford Parts UK ~£170 incl VAT

Not really sure why the ST spoiler is cheaper than the normal ones, but if you got a 3 door the ST spoiler looks nicer imo!
You should keep in mind you'll have to pay to have it sprayed the cars colour, again, you might find better/cheaper parts through aftermarket/ebay/second hand/scrapyard. Also I'm not sure what the postage charges are of the above 2 companies, so I linked both, as their prices are similar.
Good luck!

#147322 ! Guide ! Mk7 Fog Lamp Change

Posted by MRC89 on 06 October 2011 - 06:22 PM

There's very little on the web about changing a fog lamp, and the handbook just tells you to consult your dealer. My fog lamp was damaged after hitting a stone at speed, I know this has happened to other fellow members of the forum, and will likely affect others in time to come. I changed mine today, here's how:

Posted Image

Purchase links & Info:

I purchased a fog lamp housing from Amazon.co.uk you can get these parts through Ford, however I've heard quotes of £70-£110+ to have it replaced. This one is £23 and although it's not the official Ford part, it is matching OEM quality. (please note the link is drivers side only)

I then purchased a 55w H11 bulb from Autobulbsdirect.co.uk I went for the cheapest to match my other fog lamp.

All in after postage & packaging it came to £40, and two days later they turned up:
Posted Image

Tools you'll need:

You will need:
A flat head screwdriver
A T25 Torx, preferably with a 1/4" socket ratchet
A Torch (helpful, not necessary)

Step #1: Removing headlamp to access fog lamp

Firstly remove the main headlamp unit, there's a comprehensive guide here for those who aren't familiar.
Posted Image

Close up of the fog:

Posted Image

Step #2: Removing fog lamp housing from mount

The fog lamp housing is held to a mount with 2 Torx screws, and 2 locating pins.
The screws are on the top left and bottom right as you look down on it. It's a bit of a fiddle getting them loose.
The bulb just twists and pulls out of the housing.
Once the screws and bulb are out the housing will just pull out.
If you need to change the bulb there is a small clip on the side to take the bulb from it's holder.

Fog lamp mount: (fog housing removed)
Posted Image

Step #3: Replacing everything

Replace the new fog housing, fitting the bulb first.
Use the locating pins to line up the two torx screws, and tighten.
Quick test, then replace your headlamp and job done.

Posted Image
Posted Image

If you have any questions, just ask, I know the guide doesn't go into great detail but hopefully this guide will help someone, sometime.

#143797 Yet Another New Car...

Posted by MRC89 on 12 September 2011 - 12:06 AM

It's a bit like that "Evans Halshaw Ford Fiesta GTR" that was a 1.25l with black vinyl roof, black alloys and zetec s body kit. Sheep in wolfs clothing :)
I too am not a massive fan of the Corsa, though the recent facelift looks a lot better than the pre-facelift imo. My friend has a 1.2 Corsa and my 1.6 Zetec S is far quicker and far more efficient, though her's is an auto which hinders her in both ways somewhat.

Still, seems like you've got yourself a decent deal, I pay 190 a month for 3.5 years (2,000 deposit) on my second hand fiesta (6,000 miles when bought)
Hope you enjoy your car!

#139221 Mk6 Headlights: Full Beams

Posted by MRC89 on 09 August 2011 - 12:46 AM

Hi all,

Just bought my first fiesta; an 08 MK6 I believe; it's a brilliant car and I love it! Just one "problem" though...

When using the full beam, is it usual for the dipped beam bulb to go out when the full beam is used? I can pull the stalk all the way back and get both beams at once, but when I let it go, I only get the main beam bulb, and it's just annoying that I'm getting less light around the front of my car; when you're driving down lanes, you want to be able to see what's potentially going under your front bumper!

If this is normal, is there any way of getting round it?


It's normal.
It's a dual filament bulb (H4), the one lower power filament(55w) provides dipped beam, and the 60w filament provides the high beam, to change the beam pattern the whole reflector dish moves(?), The full beam filament turns off, followed by the dipped turning off, If you hold the stalk back you can have both on at the same time as this is a safety overlap to make sure the lights are never all off between switching, but I wouldn't of thought doing this for prolonged periods of time will be good for the bulbs, or your finger.

I don't see many ways you can get around it other than wiring in a separate H7(dipped) and H1(full) bulbs instead of having the H4(combined).
Maybe you could wire H7's into the sidelights that stay dimmed under normal conditions (acting as sidelights), then full power when full beam is active. Or modify the dish and put 2 sets of bulbs in each. There's no real plug & play options here.
Another option would be to look at aftermarket headlamp units, that are perhaps better thought out, there's several out there.

If your car has front fogs, they're good for short range. Shouldn't really use them when there's no fog, but if you're only using them in conjunction with full beams, then neither should be seen by other cars.

#137504 Fuel Ecconomy

Posted by MRC89 on 27 July 2011 - 01:48 PM

Know and anticipate the roads you reguarly drive on, so you cvan plan in advance slowing down for corners, junctions, lights, whatever, this makes the biggest difference, and takes the most practise, Doing this correctly will mean you keep momentum and not have to brake so much.

General tips: Gentle acceleration, limit yourself to 2000rpm until top gear, try to stay below 60, Coast upto junctions where you know you will need to stop. Take an alternate route on routine journeys, dual carriageways and motorways are better than conventional town roads even if it's slightly longer.

Remove unnecessary weight; This could be, Emptying the boot, driving with less fuel on shorter journeys, taking out unecessary parts of the car if you were extreme. Or even losing a few lbs yourself, and telling the passengers they'll have to catch a bus!

Make sure you car is fully maintained, and the tyres are kept to they're (max) recommended setting. You could also think about some low rolling resistance tyres when next come to replace them.

What sort of driving do you do? 37.8MPG seems to suggest short, town journeys to me, in which case it's not all that bad!

#137134 Down Under Zetec

Posted by MRC89 on 24 July 2011 - 02:29 AM

This is the top of the line Fiesta over here and thats the way it come off the showroom floor and as for mods, a set of lowering springs might be the go. :)

Dont think many of you guys get the under seat storage draw???......

Nope, we don;t get the under-seat tray over here, which is a shame, can never have enough storage space in a car! The netted part in the passenger foot well is something we don't see either, though I can live without that.

Your car looks like what we'd call a Fiesta Titanium, with full dress up kit (- the side skirts) Standard 16" Zetec S Alloys, and Zetec S sports seats, and standard black headlamps. What's the specs/options on it?

#135337 Want To Improve Your Ws Fiesta Engine

Posted by MRC89 on 10 July 2011 - 10:08 PM

Does anyone know the link to this piece?
It definitely seems a good mod (especially in conjunction with a good air induction kit like the j1 automotive), I wouldn't of thought it costs too much either?

#135272 Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

Posted by MRC89 on 10 July 2011 - 03:01 PM

Okay, I've replaced the spark plugs & leads today, as a last attempt before taking it to Ford. After a 10 mile test drive, I'm pleased to report everything is back to normal, no loss of power, no shuddering, car idle's and drives smoothly now, consistent speed through traffic. These faults had become a daily occurrence affecting every trip I made, so I'm glad to see the back of them!

Also worth mentioning the car was only 13,000 miles in, I didn't think it'd need new plugs/leads but they've definitely made a huge difference to the feel of the whole car. Good as new, so now I think it's time to give it a wash and fall in love again :)


#130818 16 Vs 17

Posted by MRC89 on 07 June 2011 - 07:28 PM

I'd say the 17s are the perfect size on the fiesta as far as aesthetics go, 16s and below I feel look too small.
The 17s with the low profile wider tyre will provide more grip on the bends.
15/16s will give a smoother/quieter ride. The reason for this is the overall wheel circumference is the same, when fitted with higher profile tyres. Therefore, more rubber and air than metal when compared to 17s with low profiles. The extra rubber absorbs more vibration (and therefore sound) before transferring it to the cabin.

I sacrificed the noise and softness to get the gorgeous 17" alloys because:

it was one of the reasons I loved the Fiesta ZS

#124204 Fiesta Driving Position ?

Posted by MRC89 on 24 April 2011 - 11:24 PM

The back is comfortable for 2 adults, as long as the front seats aren't stupidly far back. It's a bit of a cramp for 3 adults, but is bearable for short journeys

#124171 Led Tail Lights

Posted by MRC89 on 24 April 2011 - 06:52 PM

These kind of mod's are very slow to coming out, considering how popular the fiesta is.
Keep an eye out, something will be released eventually. Almost everything was better on the verve concept, I particularly liked the head/tail lights

#124073 Led Tail Lights

Posted by MRC89 on 24 April 2011 - 01:41 AM

Are you just looking for bulbs?
http://www.dealextre...light-bulbs-712 <- cheap

Make sure you read any reviews and see customer pictures/videos! DX is renowned for it's inaccurate figures.