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01 September 2015 - 12:41 PM

Unfortunately I've had loads of issues with it, one issue is the engine
intermittently bogs down and/or cuts out for a split second when you go
to accelerate Ford admit they currently have no way of repairing but
won't offer me a replacement car or a refund. bigcry.gif

It always happens when you've used little to no throttle for a bit and then start to feed in some more throttle.

Sometimes the engine bogs down and feels like someone is applying the
brakes before it picks up, sometimes nothing happens for a few seconds
before it shoots off (almost feels like turbo lag) and sometimes the
engine cuts out quite harshly for a split second before it starts to go.
The latter almost feels like you hit something in the road.

The fault is intermittent, most of the time the car drives fine but I
hate having anything wrong with my car and this really frustrates me.

The car has been returned to Ford 13 times, the last time it was
returned I was advised by the tech at the dealer that there was a few
others complaining of the same thing and it is a programming glitch with
the EGR valve. As so few people were complaining of it there was
nothing they could do and no repair available.

I have recorded live data of the fault happening.


The graph shows in order of top to bottom...

Throttle Position (%) in RED

Engine Speed (RPM) in GREEN

Road Speed (KPH) in LIGHT BLUE

Fuel Delivery/Flow (L/H) in PINK

Fuel Desired (MM³) in YELLOW

Fuel Rail Pressure (Volts) in BLUE

Inlet Manifold Pressure (kpa) in PINK

Mass Airflow (g/sec) in ORANGE

EGR Position (Volts) in RED

ECU Volts in GREEN.

At 1549.06s (about a third of the way across from the left) you can see
on the top red line I have increased my throttle position. At which
point the fuel delivery (PINK) and the Fuel Desired (YELLOW) have
both nosedived to nearly zero before they start to increase. You can
also see where my RPM (GREEN) dropped slightly as a result.

This is the cutting out/bogging down/hesitation I'm feeling.

I'm now 100% sure this is a calibration issue as all the sensors are still reporting perfectly acceptable readings.

And again at 1850.58 and at 1858.88 (half way)...


But yet where I accelerate just before 1880.39 the car pulls absolutely fine with no hesitation what so ever.

I've finally decided to stop getting stressed about it and to just live
with it. Constantly chasing it up with Ford Customer Relations (who are a
complete waste of time should I add) to be let down or fobbed off was
making me more and more angry.

The paint was always dull, hazy, full of imperfections and there was dirt in the paint all over the car.

I was told by Bridgend Ford that there was nothing wrong with it, it
would be unreasonable for me to expect the paintwork to be perfect and
that I was just being picky.









The car covered in masking tape...




In the end Newport Ford flatted the paint back and polished it up and it
came up an absolute treat. Couldn't believe the difference. It had a
few buffer trails and swirls so I run over it today with a finishing
polish with a DA and tidied up the tarnished chrome.



Tarnished Grill...




Tarnished chrome around the fog lights...





And my cat...


So I've given up caring about the hesitation issue now. It's obvious
Ford aren't in any rush to fix it. I can hope it gets fixed within the
next 2.5 years but I'm not convinced. My main issue now is getting a
goodwill gesture out of them for the lost earnings, courtesy car costs
and stress the car has caused me the past 6 months during the 14 times
it's had to be returned. This means lots of slagging them off on their
Facebook page and a few bad reviews here and there.

As soon as the car is out of warranty it will be having DPF & EGR
removal with a Stage 1 remap. It should be around 150bhp with 380nm,
enough to keep me amused for a few years. To be fair, it goes well now!

Ford have agreed a repair for my broken heated windscreen and some loose
trim in the boot so I need to get the car booked in soon to sort that.

Handy that I'm getting a new windscreen, saves my excess getting it replaced since I already have 6 chips in it! icon_rolleyes.gif

So now I'm pretty convinced I'm going to be keeping it I thought I'd start doing a few things.

I stuck my Missus personal plate on the car because, why not? It can't
go on her lease car and it was a waste just having it on retention.



And I bought some silver lamps to tidy things up.







Unfortunately while I was changing the lamp in the O/S mirror unit I was
a bit too rough on the mirror housing, the back popped off and landed
on the floor. There is very little damage but I can see it from the
drivers seat which is !Removed! annoying. I'll have to paint it soon.

It had an oil change a month or two ago at 6500miles. It'll be having
it's first service soon at 12,500miles. Currently showing just shy of

I bought a roof rack and two bike racks at a cost of... £272 for genuine
Ford items. :shock: To be fair even the Halfords aero units were
coming in at £257. I decided to pay the little bit extra.


And que a ride up the Afan forest on the weekend.


I need to get a list together of what I want to do to the car in order of priority and what is warranty friendly and what isn't.

Warranty Friendly

- Towbar with car specific module which talks to the ESP to stabilise the trailer during snaking. £470inc VAT.

- Zetec S front bumper £318 + Painting & Fitting

- Zetec S Side Skirts £306 + Painting & Fitting

- Zetec S Rear Bumper £293 + Painting & Fitting

- Zetec S Rear Spoiler £282.99 + Painting & Fitting

- Zetec S Fog Lights £102

- Ford Accessories Illuminated Gear Knob £121.38

- Ford Illuminated Scuff Plates £228.99

- Eibach Lowering Kit 35mm £170.38

- Ford Umbrella Holder £24

- Climair Load Protection Pack (a bit of plastic to cover the bumper just before the boot) £97.71

- Climair Wind Deflectors £77.62

- Wheels. I want 18" alloys of some sort. It will be a case of whatever I can find for a good price.

Those prices are Ford RRP. I'm hoping some parts can be purchased much
cheaper second hand or even with big discounts through Ford. I certainly
won't pay RRP for any of them.

The towbar is from Bank Farm Trailers. I won't be able to get that any cheaper.

Out of warranty it'll be the usual intake, intercooler, DPF & EGR
removal, custom exhaust and a stage one remap. Just like I did with my

I fancy a decent sound system again, haven't had anything other than
standard systems since my last Focus. I will keep the standard Ford SYNC
head unit but fit a 5/6 channel amplifier with high level inputs
powering a set of door components front & rear and one 10" or two 8"
subwoofers. I think I will have to strip the interior and sound deaden
everything. The amount of rattles for a 6 month old car is unreal! I've
had the passengers door card off twice already.

I do fancy a Focus ST interior too. It would have to be a full leather one though.

In Topic: 1.5Tdci Running Issues

22 March 2015 - 07:29 AM

Is your neighbours a 1.5TDCi also?

My bogging down isn't so much when I'm pulling away but when I'm already moving and try to accelerate.