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Calling 1.5tdci Owners!

18 August 2015 - 01:14 PM

I have a 1.5TDCi.
I have a software issue where the EGR stays open too long and sometimes when you go to accelerate the car bogs down or cuts out before it starts to pull.

It's an extremely annoying fault that among other issues mixed with extremely poor customer service from Ford Customer Relations has insured this will be my last ever Ford.

However I'm wondering if anyone else on here is experiencing the same issues I am? Have you reported it to Ford?
Ford have told me they need 50 reports before they will take action but it's still in single figures.


1.5Tdci Running Issues

21 March 2015 - 07:56 AM

So I purchased a brand new Focus Titanium 1.5TDCi end of last month.

I have a few issues with it.

When driving at a constant speed with very little load from a few miles
and then push the accelerator a bit the car jerks harshly as if the
engine cuts out for a split second before it picks up and starts to


Sometimes (mainly when pulling off a roundabout) when you press the
accelerator the car seems to hesitate and almost start to slow down
before it pulls.

Also the engine revs jump up 250rpm when changing gear as if my foot is still on the accelerator.

The car has been back 3 times in 3 weeks and the dealer admits that it's
not right but we took another 2 brand new 1.5TDCi's out and they were
doing the same thing.


The mechanics seem to think the first two issues are down to the
programming of the EGR but there is no PCM update available right now
and they've told me to live with it.

The second issue is a bit of an unknown, but again I'm being told I
have to wait for a PCM update. The car should hold it's revs for a
second before letting them drop and then holds them where the engine
would be in the next gear making the gear changes smoother but it seems
to be over compensating and revving itself when you put your foot on the


I really down know what to do now. The car annoys the hell out of me as I know it's not right.

The dealer doesn't want to know, and I got totally fobbed off when I asked them if they'd replace the car with a 1.6TDCi.

I seem to have spent £21,500 on a car that is still in development.



New Focus 1.5Tdci

12 March 2015 - 10:29 AM

I sent my trusty MK4 Mondeo in for a new DMF and flywheel. Even with 149k on the clock I was always convinced it was on the original flywheel and clutch. I was quite smitten with my Mondeo. It went well, was awesome on fuel and I always trusted it to get me where I needed to go. I never worried that it wouldn't make it anywhere! Infact I've been all over europe in it.

I should have known the DMF and clutch couldn't possibly be the original. It done a track day, many hill climbs and had a remap at 122k. I had no paperwork off the lease company that owned it prior related to a replacment DMF so I can only assume it was done under warrenty.

I had a phonecall 7pm one evening when the mechanic stayed on to work on the car telling me there was an issue. The flywheel had been replaced previously (was Sachs not FoMoCo) and whoever had fitted it as badly cross threaded two of the bolts.


Our options being to tap and thread the hole which had very little metal left, pop some threadlock on it and hope for the best or fit a new crank.

Being that the car was only worth £2500 at most I decided to cut my losses and sell it spares or repair. It had been a good workhorse and always got me where I wanted to go, I never had to worry about it and if I started bodging things now I'd be constantly worried that the bolt would come loose.


So it was time to find a new car!

My plan was to get something old, run it for 18 months and buy my Fathers F30 320d when the lease was up but I decided against that. I do 25k a year so running an old car wasn't practical. It was a shame as I had a 5 or 6 cylinder itch that required scratching.

I went to a Ford dealer first and was amazed at how nice the new MK3 Focus' are! Not just by how well they are built and look but the amount of spec on them.

There was a few availible in different colours and spec's and I went for this one!

So after a week with the focus I thought it was time I got some better pictures up.
So it's a...
2015 Ford Focus Titanium
1.5TDCi (120ps)
Appearence Pack
Sat Nav with SYNC2
Spare Wheel


I'm actually really impressed with it. I was expecting it to feel like a downgrade from the Mondeo but it really doesn't.
The Sat Nav with SYNC is a great bit of kit and really easy to use! The only confusing bit is the fact you can control the climate with it even though there is a separate heating control panel? I feel they done it just to fill a corner on the screen!
Only gripe with it is the fingerprints!

One of the handiest features is the two USB ports and the Line In.
One USB port located under the climate control panel...
And the rest of the connections in the armrest...

It's also got a small colour display in the instrument cluster where you will find two separate trip computers and a verity of different setting and information about the car such as tyre pressures etc.

The engine?
Well it's based on the old PSA derived DV6. It's has a shorter stroke which reduces the cylinder capacity to 1.5 litres.
It's actually the quietest and smoothest diesel I've ever driven. No sign of turbo lag and It has a lovely power band from 1200rpm all the way to 5000rpm with a nice smooth and even pull right through the rev range. I'm impressed with how quick it actually feels!

I do have a few niggles as you expect with a new car.
Sometimes when changing gear the revs hold for a bit too long or increase slightly even though my foot is off the accelerator. Also when you're doing a constant speed around 1750-2000rpm and you put your foot down a bit the car can hesitate and sometimes jerks before it starts to pull. I suspect both issues simply require a PCM update with some newer software for the ECU. I was expecting this sort of thing as it's a brand new engine for ford.
Other issue is there's a little dirt under the paint on the bonnet. I'm unsure if it's even worth mentioning to ford? Afraid it'll come back from Fords bodyshop with even more issues. I don't think anyone would even see it without being shown it.

And there's a bit of etching on the grille. It will come off with some polish but none to happy about it!

But all in all I'm very happy with the car, and so is the missus which is a bonus!  :cheesy: