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In Topic: What process do you have to go through to purchess a private number plate?

28 June 2009 - 08:47 PM

I got one for my dad and it is fairly straight forward and easy. Just remeber that whenever you change your car you will have to inform everyone and pay a fee for doing so.

Great link mintalkin

In Topic: Michael Jackson Dies

28 June 2009 - 08:45 PM

Was an inspiration for millions and did alot for many people, he did have flaws but lets hope he gets remembered for the music and entertaining rather than speculation and rumours.

In Topic: Why do they do it?

28 June 2009 - 08:43 PM

I agree that it is annoying and fustrating having people sit in a lane they shouldnt be when they quite clearly move over and obey the highway code. I do think that getting aggressive and flashing is even more of a foolish method of trying to resolve the matter. It does take your attention and concentration of the rest of the road and can cause an accident.

Lets not victimise anyone on here for there behaviour but everyone should always try to be the better driver and avoid any instances that could cause problems or incidents.

Besides i'd be hacked off if i got stuck in traffic due to an accident :P

In Topic: Latest Fiesta

02 April 2009 - 08:23 PM

Well where do i start........

I was driving down the motorway and my door just fell off...... i thought it was a one off until my other door fell off going round a round about.
I wasnt to concerned as it was a hot day, so it saved me using the air con. I then parked up and found i had a flat tyre so i opened the boot which i noticed had 'made in japan' on it ...... the cheek!

I got out the spare wheel which was from a bmx 8" bmx wheel and continued trying to change the wheel. I got out the jack but he wasnt in the mood so went with jill to fetch a pale of water. I had to lift the car with one hand while changing the wheel with the other, so it was quite handy that i had eaten my spinach just before. I changed the wheel but lost all the bolts to tighten it back up, so i just used a bit of sticky back plastic.

After changing the wheel i realised i was late so jumped in the car which was obviously quicker and easier to enter now it had no doors, started her up and found that the engine was making a strange noise. I jumped out (i was quite energetic with all the jumping, think the spinach was still working) and opened the bonnet. I soon discovered that one of the hamsters in his wheel was not to well so quickly swapped it for another and it was soon back to full power. Mine is the uprated version with 15 whp (wheeled hamster power). After having such a bad day i decided to solve global warming, hunger and provide world peace.

There you go dalester, thats about as accurate as the papers are so it should slot in pretty nicely. If your not a journalist then my apologies but it should at least make you smile.

PS. i have had no problems what so ever with my fiesta, it has been spot on since the day i got it.

In Topic: anyone wanna go paintballing?

02 March 2009 - 08:49 PM

Hello steve when is the paintball day planned for?