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In Topic: Interior Tool Remover

Today, 03:20 PM

I gote these - Cheaper still and very fast delivery :-)

In Topic: Help Hard-Wiring Dashcam

Yesterday, 04:22 PM


I forget what slot number mine was connected to, but it is the rear wiper fuse which is 15 amp. Here's the photo of my fuse box again so you can see how the fuse piggyback is connected:




With the wire from the piggyback going up, the original fuse goes in the slot closest to the fuse box (on the piggyback itself), and the fuse for your new circuit goes in the other slot. You don't have to connect the piggyback to the rear wiper slot but that works for me, and an advantage of this is that a rear wiper failure is not that serious, but something else failing like the instrument cluster could cause real problems lol.


Edit: be sure to check your manual because your fuse box might not be laid out the same as mine.


Good advice :-)

How easy is it to find a solid earth near the fusebox?

I plan to have a go at wiring my Nextbase 402G in at the weekend if the weather is dry.

In Topic: Checking 1.0 Ecoboost Oil Level

Yesterday, 04:18 PM

I tend to leave mine overnight and check it first thing in the morning (assuming you don't park on a slope)

The 5w20 Magnatec Ecoboost oil is very thin and therefore can be tricky to see when its new.

In Topic: Checking 1.0 Ecoboost Oil Level

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

This may be a silly question but is the engine totally cold when you check it??

In Topic: Auto Lights Again

20 February 2015 - 02:06 PM

My current Titanium dash lights do dim according to exterior light level.
The headlight (green) light is most noticeable. Its not a fault its by design.

This did not happen on my previous 2009 Titanium.