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Today, 08:16 PM

Yeah, mines just started doing this twaanggg too!! only on shutting boot or rear door (exhaust side). Its Been bugging me for weeks. I need to get a trolley jack under it and take a look. Dont seem to have any rattles whilst driving.

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Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Hi, there are various threads on here for your bluetooth question....not that easy I seem to recall but has been done.

Regarding your global closing, because you disconnected battery, they need resetting, have you a handbook with the card, it explains how to do it in there...
Its something like this

Hold the switch down until the window is all the way down
Release the switch then hold down again for 5 seconds
Press the switch so the window goes all the way up
Release the switch and press it up, again for 5 seconds
The window will now be set for one touch and global opening/closing.
Repeat this procedure for each individual window...

In Topic: P2008 Fix Worked!

09 January 2015 - 10:42 PM

Yeah that's it, the air the intake manifold assemby control part.


How long has your light been on? the EML tend to re-set themselves and go out after so many ignition turns! but the ECU will still store the related fault code which triggered the light when read with a code reader.

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09 January 2015 - 10:35 PM

I did encounter some really viscous sludge around the throttle plate and just inside the throttle body, so i do think it needs cleaning.
Just to be clear is the air intake manifold assembly the part and part number you posted in the tread you referred me too? The one pictured below.
I have priced it up probably going to cost around £75 which ain't bad if it solves the issues and turns that B****** light off!
I h1.jpg

In Topic: P2008 Fix Worked!

09 January 2015 - 08:45 PM

Hi Gregg,
Thanks for link to thread really helpful  :).
It sounds like the exact same problem, low fuel economy almost 24 mpg which is shocking never mind expensive to run, Idles at a higher rpm around 1250 and when light comes on (EML) the car lacks power at low revs then just seems to take a kick up the !Removed! and is running like a stallion. I tried something the other day Decarbonizing the engine with water. Basically you get the engine up to temp then spay water directly over the throttle body. Theory is as the spray vaporizes, water expands, becomes steam and dislodges carbon deposits. It has actually had a really positive effect, engine is running smoother and idling at around 800 rpm but light is still on, so i think i will still order part and change it.
You say you had your throttle body cleaned, did you carry this out yourself? if so how? and what product did you use?. I was thinking of doing it myself just with some carb cleaner, any thoughts?

I didnt fit it due to not having the time so can't really advise sorry. I had the guy who usually services my car fit the part and at the same time asked him to clean throttle body, he actually said that although he did clean throttle body, it wasn't actually that bad, he said had seen worse! He use to work for fords and did say throttle bodys have been a major issue on the focus! I would recommend buying and fitting a new air intake manifold control assembly, the car has never run/driven so well!I the power is now phenomanal.

Btw my car is,a 2008 facelift and the throttle body isnt even the original one, as I actually had a new throttle body installed by ford 2 yrs ago, this being a year after they also gave me a brand new engine due to a major f*** they caused on a routine service.