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#182740 Has Anyone Tried Terraclean ?

Posted by Schuey on 15 May 2012 - 08:16 PM


I am curious having seen the Wheeler Dealers programme, regarding the TerraClean product of decarbonising the engine on a car.

I had a look on the net, and I contacted the UK people via the website, I was given a few places where they do this, the closest being in Birmingham and Nottingham. The place in Nottingham Tuna Motorsport will do the procedure for £70 plus vat = £84. It takes one hour apparently.

I am interested as it apparently cleans the engine, engine respone is better, as is economy.

Having just had a full major service on my 03 plate 2.0 petrol Mondeo Mk3 I am interested as to any members on here who have had it done and what their impartial view on it is.

I am not connected with the product, agent or garages that do this so I have no links to it, but I would like to be informed prior to spending the money and having it done, if I indeed opt for it.

Thank you