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Anyone You Likes Driving Fast Read This...

30 August 2012 - 07:44 PM

Im sure everyone here knows about track days for people that want to drive the own car round a race track, but they are very expensive and most people can't afford that sort of money

but me and a friend have just finished a something called a taster session which for £25 (£35 if you need to hire a helmet) gives you 20mins hammering it round and having a laugh. It was easily the best £25 ive ever spent so i just wanted to let all others know about them

you can do them at and MSV race track in the country

Uploads Photos To My Gallery

23 August 2012 - 08:29 PM

i am currently trying to upload photos to my personal gallery so i can and a picture in to a post but once ive selected the picture its does nothing and there doesn't seem to be a button i can press to begin the upload. any help would be appreciated

2001 Ka Spares And Repairs

28 July 2012 - 08:28 PM

hey everyone

My girlfriends mk1 Ford KA Collection has recently failed its MOT on some rust on the sills, she has decided rather than repairing it to simply replace it with the new mk2. So as a result i have a KA which im looking to sell for spare parts or as a repair project.

If anyone is interested i can provide more details on the car, just leave me a post with your questions.

Few quick details about the KA:
The KA is currently in Kent near the West Malling area (locked up in my garage)
Its done around 98,000 miles and still drives really well, engine is still going strong
Exterior is in decent shape for a 2001 car
I have just recently fitted 4 brand new tyres on it last month

If you have any interest in this please let me know


New Alloy Wheels

06 July 2012 - 09:18 PM

hi everyone

Im looking at replacing my alloys on fiesta metal, still like the standard wheels but i fancy something a bit different but i wanna try and save bit of money.
Im just looking for bare wheels as i can get tyres very cheap from work

if anyone out there can recommend some good value places to go buy some wheel it would be much appreciated

thanks in advance


! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Grill Removal

05 July 2012 - 08:13 PM

Hi everyone

I know a few people including myself have been asking about how to remove the front radiator grill of the MK7 fiesta, so when i got my asian spec grill i decided to make one :) hope it helps everyone

First thing first this is a really easy job, took me no longer than 15 minutes and i didn't need any tools, just my hands and a bit of carful persuasion.

Attached File  IMG_0488.JPG   1.54MB   199 downloads

If possible get the car to a comfortable working height, i had access to a ramp but it really isn't needed, this grill is only held in by clips so no hidden screws to worry about :)

Attached File  IMG_0489.JPG   1.76MB   203 downloads

Best technique i found was start in a corner, i chose bottom left (no real reason for that) then with hand pressed firmly on the bumper and one hand holding the grill give it a short sharp tug, there will be a bit of resistance but if there is to much don't try and force it out cause you may end up breaking something, just move on to a different part of the grill

Attached File  IMG_0490.JPG   1.58MB   257 downloads

Once you have one side of the grill out start working your way to the other end pulling the top and bottom alternately all the time keeping one hand on the bumper as you pull the grill, as a little tip try and keep the grill parallel to the bumper as this stops you stressing the clips and makes it easier to remove. By the time you get to the other end it should just pull out nice and easy, once again don't try and force it if it seems stuck, just move on to a different section of the grill.

Attached File  IMG_0492.JPG   1.66MB   367 downloads

Once the grill is removed your left with a toothless looking fiesta lol, reinstalling the grill is pretty simple whether your just putting the old one back in or like me putting in the Asian spec unit.
One thing i would say about the reinstallation is there are little locating points all around the grill ( if you look at the picture above you can seem them pretty clearly) make sure when you put the grill back in you slide the lip of the grill under these locating points or you'll have a very messy grill fitment.

Attached File  IMG_0494.JPG   1.68MB   384 downloads
Attached File  IMG_0496.JPG   3.03MB   302 downloads

Once its all in the car should look good as new :) in my opinion with the Asian grill better than new :D

Hope this guides helps, any question please to hesitate to post on this guide and answer as best i can